From the monthly archives: November 2012

Earlier this year Doug Preisse lead the effort to oust Kevin DeWine as head of the Ohio Republican Party.  The plan was to replace DeWine with a Kasich-friendly Chairman and Preisse was at the top of list.

News that Preisse, who currently leads the Franklin County Republican Party, was being considered did not sit well with small-town Republicans.  Sadly, the Ohio Republican Party just wasn’t ready for a guy like Doug to take the helm.

Instead, Kasich chose the previous chairman Bob Bennett to help calm the waters after quell the base.

Back in April, Preisse told the AP that […]

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Kasich’s reelection campaign has already kicked off and right now he has one big goal: to make it difficult for any serious, viable Democratic challengers to get into the race.  This requires that he seriously improve his poll numbers and start raising a crap load of money.    To accomplish this, Team Kasich appears to be focused on three primary targets:  claim credit for improving economy, get one-time cash to fund local transportation projects and cut state income taxes.

JobsOhio and the Economy

Despite the fact that Ohio’s economic recovery started 13 months before Kasich even took office, John is still determined to […]

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As his legislative career winds down, Senate President Tom Niehaus did the right thing:  He decided NOT to pass legislation to defund Planned Parenthood AND not to allow the extremists in his party to pass an unconstitutional bill intended to ban all abortions.

It didn’t stop there. According to the Toledo Blade, Niehaus went on to actually defend Planned Parenthood:  “I think you have to look at the entirety of the work that’s done by Planned Parenthood, and I believe that they offer much needed services that are not available other places, so I chose not to take up […]

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Last month we found out Diebold would not be building a new Corporate Headquarters despite receiving tax incentives from the Kasich Administration for exactly that purpose.   The massive package of $55 million in tax incentives was touted as one of Kasich’s crowning economic development achievements.  Master negotiator John agreed to give them everything they wanted, and all Diebold had to do in return was construct their new HQ campus and agree not to lay off more than 20% of its Ohio workforce.   The company failed to do both.

This week,  Kasich saw another jewel of his economic development […]

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In the middle of a very good New York Review of Books article about the 2012 elections I discovered this very interesting sentence:

My own selection for pin-up boy of the vote-suppressing camp of 2012 is Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted, a baby-faced forty-five-year-old who has ambitions to run for governor in 2014.

I’ll admit I have doubts about the accuracy of this statement. But I’m sincerely hoping the author – Elizabeth Drew – has some special, super-secret, inside knowledge that we here at Ohio’s most influential political blog don’t have.

Husted for Governor, 2014?

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Republican Senate President Tom Niehaus introduced what he calls an “Ethics Reform Bill” in the lame duck session of the Ohio Legislature.

Here is what you need to know:

The bill does essentially nothing. The bill ignores some long-needed ethics reforms in state government.

What does the bill do?

Mostly, the bill makes some minor tweaks in the definition of a lobbyist and changes the amount of benefit a public official can receive from lobbyists.  Per the Cincinnati Enquirer:

The legislation redefines who is a lobbyist and how much that person can spend on a public official, generally […]

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Here we are, just a few days away from the 2014 primaries in Ohio – or so it always seems with the political class – and there are more eager and ready wannabes in the field than you might find in the annual NFL draft.  For the sake of brevity, let’s ferret out of the list just three well-known Republican candidates who, if reelected, could continue to malform another four years of life in Ohio.

But first, there was more than a little conjecture – on those  evenings when TV offered no equally fetching  sitcoms –   about how a […]

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Back in January Kasich announced an initiative to ”coordinate, align, and in some cases eliminate the state’s 77 worker training programs currently spread among 13 different government agencies.” In his State of the State speech Kasich proudly proclaimed Rich Frederick would be heading up the program and “reporting directly to me.”

Frederick was supposed to “change the whole thing” – but instead we heard nearly nothing about workforce development until Frederick quit and/or was fired on October 19th after making nearly $7,000 a month for close to a year.

Now, eleven months after announcing his workforce development […]

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14 votes.

That’s how close Democrats are to avoiding something just shy of the worst-case-scenario in the Ohio statehouse.

Republicans currently control the 99-member Ohio House of Representatives with a 59 member majority. That’s plenty to pass legislation into law, as we’ve seen since 2010. But if the GOP had 60 votes, their powers increase.

With a 60-vote “super majority,” legislative Republicans add to their powers in two key ways:

1. With 60 votes, the GOP can unilaterally put measures on the ballot. Typically, because of the 60-vote requirement, measures placed on the ballot legislatively are popular, bipartisan proposals like […]

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The deadline is quickly approaching for Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted to certify the final vote counts of the 2012 election, and while the extra votes won’t have an impact on the big races like President Obama and Senator Brown, it could impact some down-ticket races including two important state house races  – Matt Patten and Joshua O’Farrell – that will determine if Republicans gain a super majority in the Ohio House.

Not unexpectedly, Jon Husted continues to do everything in his power to prevent potential Democratic votes from being counted in these, and is likely breaking federal law in […]

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The Ohio Inspector General’s Office released a report this week that attempts to clear members of Kasich’s staff of accusations that arose during Kasich’s battle with Kevin DeWine for control of the Ohio Republican Party. The very narrowly focused investigation excludes many important source of information that are vital to understanding the facts in this case, while focusing exclusively on Governor’s Office regional liaisons Sherri Carbo, Nicholas Gatz and Nicole Kostura and the hours they spent helping to get Kasich’s candidates on the ballot for Central Committee.

The IG’s office concluded they could find no evidence the three Kasich […]

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