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Here at Plunderbund we pride ourselves on not being your typical “blog” and 2012 certainly saw us continuing this trend.  We believe one of the keys to that success has been our original reporting.   Not only have we beat the major media outlets to a good many stories this year, we’ve also lead the way with many investigative pieces.   As we head into the new year, we thought we’d highlight some of the work that has helped us become one of the most influential and widely-read political blogs in Ohio.

Superintendent of Schools

In May 2011, Greg revealed that then-Interim […]

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When Kasich unveiled his first biennium budget in March 2011, he called for selling five State prisons to “save money” by privatization.  By the time the budgetary legislative sausage making process was completed, the Kasich Administration reversed course and instead sold only one prison, privatized the operation (but not ownership) of another and took one privately operated prison back under State control.

At the time, the Kasich Administration claimed that only the bid by Corrections Corporation of America (the former employer of Gary Mohr, Kasich’s Rehabilitation and Corrections Director) for the Lake Erie Correctional Institution made sense for the […]

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Comedy Break: Gingrich on Ali G

On December 29, 2012 By

As we not-so-patiently wait for the country to go over the fiscal cliff, I thought we could all use something to brighten the mood. Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich was glad to help.

Yesterday Gingrich sent a Tweet complementing Sacha Baron Cohen on his part in Les Miserables. “He handles the comedic role brilliantly” says Gingrich.

After a little research, it turns out Baron Cohen actually IS in the movie version of Les Mis. But we’re absolutely sure this “comedic role” no where compares to Mr. Baron Cohen’s interview with my “main man Newt Ging-ga-rich” during his […]

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Calls for arming our state’s teachers and school administrators in the wake of the Sandy Hook shootings continue. Police officers think this is a horrible idea. So do the teachers themselves.  And the dangers to children should be obvious.

The big problem, of course, is that teachers are not cops.  And we shouldn’t expect them to be.

Teachers don’t just lack the training given to law enforcement officers, but also the authority to make arrests and enforce laws, as well as the legal protections afforded to officers.

Under federal law, officers have qualified immunity as long as […]

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On September 15th, 2012 Plunderbund Media LLC filed a complaint with the Ohio Supreme Court against Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel for failing to respond to a public record request.   The case was settled this month when Mandel agreed to turn over the requested records and to pay our court costs, attorney’s fees and damages.

According to the final agreement, Mandel will pay a total settlement amount of $5,250, the bulk of which will go to pay our excellent attorney Victoria Ullmann.

The record request in question was filed on March 15, 2012 and asked simply for a list of other […]

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In a couple of days – Dec. 31 – the newspaper business will arrive at the 27-year anniversary of when Columbus, the capital city of Ohio, was reduced to a single daily newspaper.   The Columbus Citizen-Journal, once the Columbus Citizen, turned off the lights on the mezzanine of the Columbus Dispatch, leaving the latter as the sole arbiter of published daily news and opinion..

The end came for the CJ in 1985 when the Dispatch’s owners informed the CJ’s parents, Scripps-Howard, that it would not renew the joint-operating agreement carved out in 1959 that placed advertising and circulation  in the […]

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Reading a article this week titled “Question John Kerry Long and Hard!”, I thought I had magically been transported back to 2004 and some fantastically ridiculous episode of Lost where Ken Blackwell, the author, is re-swiftboating John Kerry on his military experience.

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised Ken wants to relive that year. 2004 was probably the last good one he had as a politician or political figure.

Back then, Blackwell was serving as the G.W. Bush re-election campaign co-chair in Ohio, the Ohio Secretary of State AND “the most prominent backer of a ballot measure […]

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Lunch with Ted: The Winners!

On December 25, 2012 By

Nearly 300 people entered our “Lunch with Ted” contest and the results are in!  We’re thrilled with such a good response and hope to do another contest lunch soon.  Thanks to all who shared the contest with friends and who spread the word generally about the site.

1st Prize

Lunch with Ted Strickland for you and a friend
2 Signed copies of “30-Second Politics”
2 Plunderbund T shirts
2 Plunderbund bumper sticker 5 pack

Winner:  John Gatiss

2nd Prize

Signed copies of “30-Second Politics”
Plunderbund T shirt
Plunderbund bumper sticker

Winners: Karen Hufenbach, Joe Cook, Debra […]

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Guest Post by Seth Bringman

In the wake of the tragedy in Newtown, many including myself have called for a nationwide conversation about our mental health care system and the role that mental health issues plays in gun violence. We absolutely need to improve access to quality, mental health care and combat the societal stigma that prevents individuals from seeking mental health care.

Some including the NRA, however, have called for a national database of the so-called “mentally ill.” At first blush, it seems simple: Keep a list of crazy people and don’t sell them guns. But the idea of such a database […]

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In a speech responding to the massacre of 20 elementary school children and six teachers in Connecticut last Friday, the NRA called for armed police officers to be stationed in schools across the country.

I’ll be honest here: of all the ideas I’ve heard over the past week that involved putting more guns into schools to prevent gun violence (e.g. arming teachers), this is probably the least ridiculous.

The jury is still out on whether this is a good or bad idea, and whether this would actually stop another Sandy Hook or at least limit the damage, but if […]

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The notion of putting guns in the hands of teachers and other school personnel as a means to fight gun violence is quickly gaining traction across the country.  The idea of fighting the danger of guns in schools by putting even more guns in schools by arming the staff members provides a blueprint that we can use to work to solve all of the problems plaguing American schools today.

Teen Sex/Pregnancy

Many different methods have been tried in schools to try to battle the dilemma of teenagers engaging in sex and and young girls getting pregnant as a result.  Increasing […]

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