From the daily archives: Thursday, December 20, 2012

Kasich has been working hard to revive his image after the huge loss of his anti-union SB5 bill.  You won’t hear Kasich throw his support behind any Right-To-Work proposals and, more than likely, you’ll find his people actively working behind the scenes to keep it off the ballot until after 2014 so he doesn’t have to take a public position.

But this doesn’t mean Kasich has changed his tune on the rights of Ohio’s workers. Instead, he and the rest of Ohio’s Republicans have turn to taking smaller, more winnable shots at their rights.

One such example is HB380, which […]

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During a speech announcing his plans to use the Ohio Turnpike to help fund ODOT, the Governor claimed he was stunned to find out no one had done something similar in the past 25 years.

Funny story: Strickland proposed a plan to use turnpike revenue to help fund roads four years ago.

As part of his 2008 jobs bill, Governor Strickland worked on a plan, with legislative leaders from both parties, to shift some Turnpike Revenue to ODOT to help fund road construction projects.   The plan did not require the Turnpike to take on debt to fund ODOT. […]

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Four months ago, two NYC police officers faced down an armed man in Midtown Manhattan.  They fired a total of 16 shots – seven struck and killed the assailant before he was able to fire his weapon.

In the process, nine bystanders were also wounded.

Keep in mind here: these were trained, experienced, on-duty law enforcement officers who were firing less than eight feet from their target. And nine people were wounded directly or indirectly from their gunfire.

Also keep this in mind: Range training for an Ohio Concealed Carry permit typically requires hitting a target at somewhere between […]

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Columbus City Schools teacher Daria DeNoia discusses her recent Plunderbund guest post and gun violence in schools as part of a panel on HuffPost Live.

Daria, by the way, is the level headed teacher.  Not the one who wants to “hug it out” with school shooters.

Great job, Daria!

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