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Want to expose your brand, campaign, or business to thousands of politically active Ohioans?  Plunderbund is your best option, hands down!  We’ve built a very active base of readers since 2005 and are widely considered one of the best sources of political information in Ohio – including more established political news outlets like regional newspapers.

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Quick note on Google Ads:  We run ads from the Google network when there are not direct placement ads available for a given banner ad spot.  This allows us to still generate revenue while seeking qualified progressive advertisers.  We often hear feedback from our readers that they don’t like an ad that Google places there.  These are contextual ads and Google does not consider whether ideologies match a particular site.  We can block specific ads, but it is a tedious process and also limits our ability to generate revenue.  The easiest way to prevent ads you don’t agree with from appearing on the site is to encourage progressive campaigns, businesses, and organizations to support Plunderbund by advertising!

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On Site Advertising

Plunderbund is an essential information source for Ohio politicos that leverages the latest web technologies to report, provoke discussion, and inform.  Your sponsorship of the site enables us to continue to engage our growing audience in more meaningful ways and provide the kind of political coverage that traditional media outlets are less and less willing to engage in.

We have 3 types of ads available:  Banners, Blogads, and Adverposts.  Traditional banners are graphics that are displayed on the site.  Blogads are graphics combined with text in the sidebar of the blog.  Adverposts are also powered by Blogads and are displayed on the home page between the latest post and secondary posts.

Banner Ad Dimensions offered

Blogad Dimensions offered
150×600 Hi Rise
150×200 Standard
150×100 Mini

400×400 Large
200×400 Classic

Site Takeover

We also offer a site takeover campaign.  These replace the grey background on the site with a custom, clickable graphic and is combined with a 728×90 and 300×250 ad to create a can’t miss campaign on Plunderbund!

These campaigns are limited to a week in duration and we only allow one of these campaigns to be run in a given month.  We recommend these for big launches or as a way to begin a longer standard ad campaign with a splash!  Standard ad placement positions and a mock up of a site takeover campaign:

Standard Ad Placements on Plunderbund

Site Takeover Mock-up (Click for full size)






























Plunderbund has the most reach of any independent political blog in Ohio.  We are frequently picked up by national blogs and relied upon for Ohio-centric political news by those in the Columbus statehouse and pundits and players in Washington, D.C. as well.

According to our advertising partner blogads, Plunderbund has had the highest pageviews of any political blog listed in Ohio on their site and we consistently fall among the top 25-30 nationally.

As of August 23, 2011:

Among Ohio blogs on the Blogad network. is a music blog.  Buckeye State Blog and OhioDaily are both political












Plunderbund sees the most traffic of any other independent political blog in Ohio.  Since 2005 we’ve been a solid voice for progressive causes and candidates, held both Republicans and Democrats accountable, and built a solid base of traffic both in-state and nationally.

Starting in 2010, we added key writers to the site and began an effort to focus on breaking stories and becoming an indispensable source for political news in Ohio.  Our efforts paid off as 2010 saw our biggest growth in traffic to date, raising the bar again for in-state political blogs.  During this year we welcomed over 350,000 unique visitors and served up over 530,000 pageviews.  Visitors spent an average of nearly 3 minutes on the site.

Our traffic trends with election seasons, but we’ve built a solid base and continue to move our bottom line upward.  So far in 2011, we’ve welcomed 1,038,372 unique visitors and served up 1,812,852 pageviews.  This is an increase of 350% over the entire 2010 period.  Average time on the site has been nearly 4 minutes and our bounce rate average during this period is a very low 31%.  Our audience engagement has never been higher.


The Plunderbund brand is very strong in Ohio.  Most who are activists, politicos, and government officials are aware of the site.  The unique name and fist logotype has set us apart from others in this space.  Our fans have strong positive feelings about the site and we hear anecdotal evidence of the strength of our brand all the time.

Our community is very active and participates in comments on the site and on our very popular Facebook page.  We are closing in on 4,000 followers there.

We use the Disqus comment engine and so far in 2011 have seen over 9,000 comments and 26,000 “likes” of comments and posts.  Our readers are highly active and very engaged with us.

Readers also pay attention to our advertisers.  On the occasion when an unfriendly Google Ad appears on our site, readers let us know about it.  They obviously care who is advertising and they see these messages.  They are very eager to hear progressive messages and see progressive ads on Plunderbund.


We’d love to have you advertise on the site.  To start a discussion, please contact us.




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