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ATHENS – In Ohio’s 2018 election, everything’s at stake, Ohio Democratic Party Chair David Pepper told Plunderbund in an exclusive interview earlier this month.

After seven years under the administration of John Kasich as governor and a Republican-controlled General Assembly, Ohio has suffered another long lesson in the failure of trickle-down economics, Pepper said.

“Take from local, raise taxes on those who can afford it least, and do that to give money to people on the high end,” he said. “It’s absolutely failing.”

This is proved by all the metrics, he noted, from 57 months of lagging job growth, wages […]

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Washington watchers are waiting with great anticipation to hear what career Republican politicians bent on lowering taxes have to say now about President Donald Trump’s latest plan to slash tax rates, creating more economic inequality, slowing growth, and ballooning the nation’s debt.

During Barack Obama’s two terms as president, Republicans howled at the moon about deficits and debt. When Ronald Reagan or George W. Bush spent trillions on tax cuts, and put it unpaid on the national credit, so-called deficit hawk conservatives enjoyed the sounds of silence. Like crickets in a forest suddenly going silent at the […]

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So now the conversation turns to taxes.  How absolutely boring.

But here comes President Trump, relieved of his other duties, with an endless list of applause lines to  encourage you to forget that he described Roy Moore of Alabama as destined to become a “great senator and I’m very happy with him.”

Birthers and anti-gays, unite!  God now has your back in Birmingham with a crossroads pistol-packing preacher representing you in the Senate.

For Trump, he finally owns the center ring to show us how with tax reform, four plus four can add up to nine or whatever, with cuts […]

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Did you hear the latest breaking news? Ohio Gov. John Kasich was caught on camera, on TV, begging for his next job – and he did it on taxpayer time. Getting away with phony baloney rhetoric is easy because today’s media doesn’t give a hoot what trained politicos like Kasich do back home, just as long as they say the right stuff on air.

National media’s sticky web only sticks to national issues. When a sitting governor like Ohio’s petulant CEO boasts that he runs the nation’s seventh largest state, when he’s mostly out of that state and has little […]

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With his criticism of NFL players who refuse to stand for the National Anthem, Donald Trump has indisputably proven that he is morally unfit to be President of the United States. Democrats’ responsibility to restore our country’s greatness has become a moral imperative. We must start with the working class whites who are Trump’s most enthusiastic supporters.

Democrats are overanalyzing Trump. The reality is that he became president by playing to peoples’ fears instead of their hopes because he knows angry people don’t think. The majority of Trump voters want positive changes because the everyday people who make America work […]

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Ohio Democratic governor candidate Betty Sutton called on the legislature Wednesday to enact an emergency measure requiring the Ohio Department of Education to take responsibility for evaluating and verifying the accuracy of all components of any charter school’s application to be designated a dropout prevention and recovery school, including the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow (ECOT).

Under Sutton’s measure, a press release announced, the legislature would also establish clear standards for the dropout prevention and recovery school designation, including setting a firm percentage of students who must be at-risk and what constitutes an at-risk student.

Sutton said the legislation is necessary because […]

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In order to make the Trump Administration’s claims that the Affordable Care Act is failing a reality, the president continues to sabotage the program in every way possible.

These efforts were successful in Ohio this week, as the state’s Association of Foodbanks was forced to shutter its navigator program because of a 71 percent budget cut from the Trump Administration.

From the Associated Press:

Officials say they are shutting down a service that helps Ohio residents enroll in Medicaid.

The Plain Dealer reports the Ohio Association of Foodbanks decided to shut down its Navigator program last Thursday […]

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News broke Monday, via Twitter, that U.S. Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, has announced she’s voting no on Graham-Cassidy, the latest Frankenstein bill to repeal and replace Obamacare that Republicans are trying pass before the federal fiscal year ends on Sept. 30.

When the sun rises on Oct. 1, the first day of the next fiscal year in Washington, reconciliation rules that only required a simple majority to pass a spending bill will have expired, forcing Republicans to corral 60 votes instead of just 50.

After the Congressional Budget Office confirmed that “millions” would lose […]

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Ohio U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown and U.S. Rep. Tim Ryan each slammed the Graham-Cassidy “health care” proposal for the damage it would do to state’s fighting the country’s rampaging opioid epidemic.

Ohio leads the nation in opioid overdoses and is particularly vulnerable to any legislation that rips away resources for addiction treatment.

With U.S. Sens. John McCain, R-Arizona, Susan Collins, R-Maine, and Rand Paul, R-Kentucky, saying they will vote no on the proposal, it appears U.S. Senate Republicans don’t have the 50 votes to push the bill to Vice President Mike Pence for a tie-breaker.

Nevertheless, anything could happen and […]

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The Wizard of Us, the one who claims unique powers to fix anything, barreled into Alabama for what was billed as an endorsement rally for Republican primary runoff candidate Luther Strange. But to no one’s surprise, President Donald Trump used the occasion to speak less than five minutes about his chosen candidate in his 90-minute selfie and commanded the Huntsville audience to hear about his many remarkable accomplishments and complaints.

When the tortured monologue with fanciful body language that revealed both joy and sarcasm finally ended he was knee-deep on stage in his own raw sewage.

In those moments when […]

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Ohio’s junior U.S. senator in Washington, Rob Portman, has voted once, and might do so again, to cast more than 700,000 Ohioans who depend on Medicaid into healthcare purgatory by backing a bill so incompetent, deceitful, and draconian that it defies real commonsense.

It bears reminding Plunderbund readers that most Buckeye newspapers used the flimsiest of arguments, which have now proven to be false, to endorse Portman in 2016 over Ted Strickland, Ohio’s governor through the worst recession since the Great Depression who put it back on the road to recovery.

Instead of toasting Strickland for saving the state from […]

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