The Wizard of Us, the one who claims unique powers to fix anything, barreled into Alabama for what was billed as an endorsement rally for Republican primary runoff candidate Luther Strange. But to no one’s surprise, President Donald Trump used the occasion to speak less than five minutes about his chosen candidate in his 90-minute selfie and commanded the Huntsville audience to hear about his many remarkable accomplishments and complaints.

When the tortured monologue with fanciful body language that revealed both joy and sarcasm finally ended he was knee-deep on stage in his own raw sewage.

In those moments when he again obsessed about crowd size, he declared that the dishonest media would never report that thousands of loyalists were outside the building without access to thousands more in the building. The Birmingham News said they amounted to a couple of hundred persons and ran a photo refuting his lie. He returned to his campaign mode with more attacks on “crooked Hillary’” to the delight of the chanting “lock her up” crowd. Tiresome, right?

The Russia probe, he insisted, was nothing more than a “hoax.” You’ve heard it all before, and will hear it again as he continues to lead America into a nervous breakdown.

But he did add a new theme to rattle the sports world, those NFL players who kneeled during the National Anthem. He called them “sons of bitches” who should be fired for dishonoring the flag, to say nothing about how he had dishonored the players’ mothers.

Finally, he took no chances of hurting the feelings of anyone in the crowd who support Luther Strange’s opponent, a defrocked judge named Roy Moore. Moore is a right-wing religious nut who believes gays should be jailed, that terrorist attacks spring from godlessness, and was a leader in the birtherism movement against President Obama.

Trump promised that if Moore wins the primary he will return to Alabama to campaign for Moore, who is leading in the polls.

For the sake of America’s honor, I would only hope that the presidential seal be removed from the lectern wherever he speaks.