Did you hear the latest breaking news? Ohio Gov. John Kasich was caught on camera, on TV, begging for his next job – and he did it on taxpayer time. Getting away with phony baloney rhetoric is easy because today’s media doesn’t give a hoot what trained politicos like Kasich do back home, just as long as they say the right stuff on air.

National media’s sticky web only sticks to national issues. When a sitting governor like Ohio’s petulant CEO boasts that he runs the nation’s seventh largest state, when he’s mostly out of that state and has little influence in it when he’s back home, and abuses taxpayers who foot his bills while he’s out shamelessly auditioning for his next high-paying media job, that, apparently, is alright for media that normally knitpicks over small matters, but let’s him blather on as if he’s some national leader when he’s just angling for his next gig.

Kasich, The Consummate Politician

Kasich likes to think he’s presidential timber, but he’s shown twice he isn’t – once as a young, ambitious Republican buck and once as a mature, rich Republican huckster. Why running roughshod over taxpayers isn’t important news attests to the myopia, laziness and bias of these same media stars, who seem to not know that he’s been playing Robin Hood gone bad for Ohio, stealing from the poor to pay the rich. Who else would approve of immoral policy like this  but the Sheriff of Nottingham?

Trump cabinet members like Treasury Sec. Steve Mnuchin or Health and Human Services Sec. Tom Price have come under fire for using private or government aircraft to whisk them away to various locales, domestic and foreign, when the costs of flying commercial  is a fraction of the cost. They changed their behavior when social media postings embarrassed them for doing so. But not Kasich, whose wanton behavior goes unchecked and unchallenged. The total costs for his salary, benefits, travel and protection are hefty for sure, but no one cares. Were Kasich to suddenly have an attack of conscience and want to reimburse the public, his taxpayer tab is easily in the millions.

Begs for Job

Nicole Wallace, the former Republican communication operative for George W. Bush, John McCain, and Sarah Palin, had fellow GOP establishment lane Kasich on her new show on MSNBC, “Deadline.” Unlike Fox News, where Kasich worked as a TV pundit before becoming governor, MSNBC is luring political operatives like Wallace and Fox news superstars like Megyn Kelly so it can better compete with Fox’s current lineup to attract independent and fallen Fox viewers to their updated brand.

Now a favorite Republican to have on their national shows because he’s talks out of both sides of his mouth, especially on defending Medicaid even though he repeatedly crows about how flawed and in need of reform Obamacare allegedly is, Kasich actually begged Wallace for a job co-hosting her show.

He loves it when commentators like Wallace ask him if he’s going to run for president, again, then ask again when he hems and haws, a totally calculated strategy to tease by evading an answer. His answer to Wallace now is the same line of coy tripe he offered up in 2014, when he ran for governor, and Ohio media wanted to know if he had plans to run for president. He had plans to run for president in 2016 when he first his first term in 2010. Then, like now, he played his coy game of “I don’t know.”

“Unlikely,” he toyed with Wallace. “Who knows? I don’t know what I’m going to be doing,” Kasich said, knowing exactly what he’s doing.

“I mean – could I co-host with you?” Kasich then shameless asked. Wallace swallowed his shtick whole. “You’re doing so great… You are absolutely – you are hired… You hear so much you’re fired. You’re hired! Start tomorrow.”

And while he bilks taxpayers as he traipses around the country selling his book or pushing his decades-old belief systems that cannot work in the future because they have not worked in the past, he’s also raising money to keep his phoney philandering going. What media thinks running two shows, one on the public’s dime and a second one on donor’s dimes is fair or ethical?

Regularly messaging his fan base, as he does these day, the quirky politico who angers easily when questions he doesn’t want to answer are asked, he knows how to schmooze national media types with attention-grabbing statements. He asked his fans recently to pony up bucks again, as he did in his latest missive called “We can do better.”
“We have a critical fundraising deadline at the end of this month and could use your help. Please consider chipping in $10, $25, $100 or whatever you can right now to help us keep fighting for bipartisan solutions to America’s challenges. Thank you for all that you’re doing to help us get this important message out. America can do better!”

Kasich’s brazen behavior in office ought to be proof enough that reforming Ohio’s constitution, to put prohibitions on what an elected governor can do, especially if they are using their office as a stepping stone to higher office or to land big-paycheck gig like Kasich wants to do to remain in the public’s eye when he leaves office, might be a good idea after the great reformer ends his CEOdom next year.

Kasich’s chutzpah knows few bounds, going so far as to pretend he’s not a politician, when he’s been nothing but the perfect  politician for virtually all his adult life. Kasich is so much like Donald Trump in so many ways, if what the really stand for is analyzed in degree.

Kasich adores CEOs, so it’s only natural that he wants government to take its marching orders from private sector leaders. Maybe that’s why this article about a senior managing director at BlackRock donating $2,700 to Kasich’s presidential campaign last year isn’t as shocking as it seems.

According to Bloomberg News, Kasich said “Executives shouldn’t pay ‘lip service to these politicians,’ and should instead play hardball with them more often. If a politician can’t get something done that an executive wants done, executives should tell them they are going to support another politician. ‘Don’t be afraid,’ Kasich said. ‘Tell them the truth and hold them accountable.'”

Ohio voters have no more cracks at him, and maybe national voters, too, since come 2020 he’ll have been out of public office for two years and won’t have the state resources a governor can command at his beck and call. He’ll be just another two-time loser looking for a comeback, like a has-been boxer begging for another title shot.

In a new poll by Public Policy Polling that matches Donald Trump against future competitors, Democrat and Republican, the contest between Kasich and Trump has Trump slamming Kasich by 50 points, 68/18.

For smart media types like Wallace or Kasich’s TV buddy Chris Matthews, another political windbag who hosts his show “Hardball ” on MSNBC, they could nail him to a cross of his own making in rodeo bronk-busting time, if they wanted to challenge him on his own patented issues – a balanced federal budget, tax cuts create jobs, CEOs are gods, Planned Parenthood is bad and sells baby parts, Toe v Wade should be overturned, and the list goes on.

When Ohio media write supplicating articles saying “Kasich talks” about this or that issue, they fall into his trap by playing his game of fool the media.

But today’s media stars are light years away from the traditions and industry standards set by Edward R. Murrow and Walter Cronkite, two 20th century journalists who pioneered news reporting on radio and television, after decades of training as print journalists.

Their histories and reputations have enshrined them in the broadcasters hall of fame because they challenged flimflam artists like Kasich, and dishonest presidents like Donald Trump.