From the daily archives: Monday, September 25, 2017

The Wizard of Us, the one who claims unique powers to fix anything, barreled into Alabama for what was billed as an endorsement rally for Republican primary runoff candidate Luther Strange. But to no one’s surprise, President Donald Trump used the occasion to speak less than five minutes about his chosen candidate in his 90-minute selfie and commanded the Huntsville audience to hear about his many remarkable accomplishments and complaints.

When the tortured monologue with fanciful body language that revealed both joy and sarcasm finally ended he was knee-deep on stage in his own raw sewage.

In those moments when […]

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Ohio’s junior U.S. senator in Washington, Rob Portman, has voted once, and might do so again, to cast more than 700,000 Ohioans who depend on Medicaid into healthcare purgatory by backing a bill so incompetent, deceitful, and draconian that it defies real commonsense.

It bears reminding Plunderbund readers that most Buckeye newspapers used the flimsiest of arguments, which have now proven to be false, to endorse Portman in 2016 over Ted Strickland, Ohio’s governor through the worst recession since the Great Depression who put it back on the road to recovery.

Instead of toasting Strickland for saving the state from […]

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