From the daily archives: Friday, September 8, 2017

What does it mean to see every day that Nazis have made the news yet again in 2017 America? Often people will say something to the effect that they can’t believe something racist and horrible and fascistic and nationalistic is happening today, adding the exclamation, “It’s 2017!”

I understand the impulse. We often believe we’ve made more progress than we have as a society, and when we are confronted with stark and horrifying evidence that the reactionary right still has a strong foothold dragging us back toward a despicable past, it’s a bit of a shock. Progress is slow, and […]

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Just before Labor Day weekend, The Guardian dropped one helluva piece about a right wing alliance of so-called think tanks who have banded together to launch an all-out assault to “defund and defang” unions representing teachers, police, firefighters, civil servants, and all other government employees at every level.

It’s no secret and no surprise that networks of reactionary private interests are continuing their assault on public sector unions and collective bargaining. Nevertheless, the jaw-dropping report from The Guardian pulls the sheets back on a new, massive, 50-state effort to destroy public unions and cripple the progressive politicians who fight to […]

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On his weekly Wednesday call with reporters when the U.S. Senate is in session, I asked Ohio’s senior U.S. senator this question: “Are you satisfied with the four current declared Democratic candidates for governor, and do you think adding Richard Cordray or Jerry Springer to the field helps or hurts?”

U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown is running for his third 6-year term next year and has avoided answering similar questions in the past. So when he responded this way, “My answer will be shorter than your question,” I knew the question was out of bounds for today’s call that centered on […]

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