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Did you notice that D. Trump has recommended  another Wall Street  billionaire for his crusade to make America great again?  Yep, in this instance the plutocrat’s name is Stephen  A. Feinberg, the co-founder of a cash cow name Cerberus Capital Management and reported to be quite friendly with Steve Bannon (here we go again!),  the president’s thought-meister.

Trump wants him to  head  an investigation of the American  intelligence agency.  As you already know, Herr Trump has not  been pleased with the agency that is supposed to inform him of anything not in lockstep with his and America’s interests.  So now […]

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The Chops Of Trump’s Dark Epic

On February 16, 2017 By

Another day. Another scandal in the dark epic of Trump world. The president’s ex-national security advisor, Mike Flynn, who apparently was giving as much advice to Russian intelligence as he was during the campaign to the looming occupants of the White House.

Oh, a vice president who wasn’t in the loop when bad things were taking place.

The president at his royal Floridian resort on the public dime while doing open-air foreign policy, documents and all, as fancy people who paid $200,000 annual memberships gawked and took pictures. No surprise. The White House oarsmen are now saying the real problem […]

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When Delusion Creates Fumes

On February 11, 2017 By

Considering how badly things have been going for D. Trump these days – from the failed mission in Yemen that he approved from his dinner table to his failed prediction that he would win his immigration case “easily” in the appellate court – we should all wonder about the health of his altered state. And I didn’t ’t even mention the part about Kellyanne Conway’s foolish retailing appeals and Sean Spicer’s beleaguered efforts to force the tattered genie back into his thimble. Just today, NY Times Columnist Gail Collins observed that Spicer was the “Most Miserable Man on Earth” […]

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I Want My Country Back

On February 6, 2017 By

There’s much that I don’t understand about the new president, but most of all,  I don’t  understand how he got here. Consider: He is the same  super hawk who managed to dodge the draft with five deferments.  Right! FIVE.  One-two-three-four… FIVE! Despite his avowed fondness for the evangelical Christian culture, he unblushingly boasted that he  groped a female’s “pussy”, and he wasn’t talking about the neighbor’s cat. His staunch defense of his role model Vladimir Putin, the powerful dictator who doubtless engineered the cyber attack on Hillary Clinton’s emails. His refusal to release his income tax records, then and now. […]

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A Renacci-Trump Moment

On February 6, 2017 By

We noticed a brief interview of Rep. Jim Renacci on WKYC-TV in which the reporter quite naturally asked the northern Ohio Republican for an assessment of Donald Trump. For the viewer it was not a learning moment. The former Wadsworth mayor, and millionaire Trump surrogate didn’t find it a good fit for his fusion to the new administration and he wasn’t going there despite some mild prodding.

“He’s moving very quickly” Renacci said, uncomfortably repeating his lean answer and telling us what we already know.

The congressman, like many Trumpeters these days, doesn’t need further schooling to maintain his equilibrium […]

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For Trump, Time To Punt

On February 6, 2017 By

In an instant, our so-called president Donald Trump Twitterboarded James Robart as the “so- called’ federal judge who blocked the travel ban as ‘“outrageous” . His anger spread quickly throughout his so- called realm. Kellyanne Conway, a so-called leading presidential advisor and first responder, promptly turned up on Fox News to denounce the court action as “alternative lies” while Sean Spicer, the so-called White House press secretary, tried to explain that the court had no more authenticity than a weather report.

On Sunday so-called Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell told Jake Tapper that he had no interest in replying to […]

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Twitterboarding Trump’s Nasty Week

On February 4, 2017 By

Well, were you seized by a severe bout of vertigo last week as President Trump stumbled his way through his red (state) white (guy) and boo (everybody else) playbook to make America great?

We witnessed a spectacle of managerial incompetence. At best, it shocked allies around the world – and worse – that the land of the free and the home of the depraved could disrupt the lives of thousands upon thousands (immigrants? travelers? it isn’t clear) with valid passage to set foot in America because of a vengeful blowhard with no idea of how humanity works. Trump, I mean.


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Summit County council President John Schmidt, County Executive Ilene Shapiro and their Democratic allies deserve a salute for erecting their own wall against President Trump’s botched anti-immigration order that has turned America’s values upside down. The council Democrats unanimously supported a resolution to that effect co-sponsored by councilwoman Elizabeth Walters 10-2 with the two dissenting Republican members, Gloria Rodgers and Ron Koehler, now in line with the Summit County Trump Party.

Schmidt said “diversity in our country should be celebrated. We hope this resolution will send a message that Summit County welcomes and supports our immigrant community.”

Good. We need […]

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Checks And Balances: NOT

On January 30, 2017 By

THEY told us in grade school that America was a country with checks and balances. But with the sinister emergence of Donald Trump as the hideous face of the land, checks and balances are no longer part of the conversation. The “ balances” have been displaced by the clumsy cheapening of the Constitution by Trumpians who crossed the Rubicon with him to the Oval Office. Court orders ignored; (Gateway treason?) haphazard foreign policy tweets; laws and protocol broken every day; a clownish refusal to release his income tax records; a bond between the president and the leader of a dictatorship […]

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Didn’t Trump Get The Memo?

On January 29, 2017 By

Sunday news headline:

Donald Trump Says His Order To Bar Refugees And Travelers Is ‘Working Out Very Nicely

* * * * *



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The Torture Of Twitterboarding

On January 24, 2017 By

Our new president continues to live in unpresidential style with his reliance on Twitterboarding us with whatever comes to mind. If we think he factually errs, he dispatches Kellyanne Conway with grade school rulers to slap our fingers with “alternative facts”.

On his first full day in office he has already perfected George Orwell’s lexicon of new words with extraordinary convenience. My favorite from Orwell’s “newspeak” collection is “blackwhite” – defined as “a “contradiction of plain fact…a loyal willingness to say that black is white when discipline demands it.”

So Kelly isn’t really breaking new ground with alternative facts, which […]

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