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We still must wonder why University of Akron President Scott Scarborough chose to deliver his standard denial of a churning campus before the Faculty Senate, in a near unanimous vote, convincingly pointed him to the gallows. I’ve been told there was nothing new in the one-hour talk when even he must have known that his fate was sealed in a 50-2 no-confidence resolution. Was it no more than an act of damage control?

Since then, several days have passed so quietly that you could have heard a diploma drop. When I checked UA spokesman Wayne Hill, he emailed that the […]

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One of the memorable comments from the latest Republican debate – aka Grim Fairy Tales — was uttered by Gov. Kasich when he was asked about the poisoned water calamity in Flint. A Houdini in slipping nooses, Kasich said he didn’t know enough about the details to comment on what most school children probably know. But he did assure his audience as the absentee landlord of the Buckeye state, he was proud to hire good people who would be “on top of any problems that arose in Ohio.” (Sebring is still a work in progress.)

Yep, the pick of the […]

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It’s getting spooky. That constant starry-eyed Kasich grin, I mean.  His rapturous  references on the stump  to  his partnership that has  peaced-him-up with the Lord. Headlines refer to him now as the Happy Warrior..  The national media, having sought in vain to change the subject from their own partnership with all things Trump, have bought into the idea that the Ohio governor is gleefully standing at the Pearly Gates these days.  It’s not the guy we have come to know back in Ohio.  But here comes another story  from New Hampshire that the voters have a Happy Warrior moving around […]

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Have you been following the transition of John Kasich from crabby governor to mild and mannered presidential candidate to hardscrabble evangelical preacher to a boastful human ode to the common man?

Probably not. I haven’t noticed that the hometown papers nor the national pundits have picked up on his slick morphing to gain ground as a blessedly good white guy in the wilds of New Hampshire.

All things being relative, Kasich is now being heralded by some writers as the lone civilized carom away from Donald Trump and some other guy named
Cruz. In the modern media-driven age hurriedly […]

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I hope you witnessed the red carpet return of Sarah Palin from the baggage  compartment to endorse Donald Trump the other night. Appearing for a role in a rerun of the War of the Worlds, she excitedly exclaimed:  “This is going to be so much fun!” with a dead-panned Trump at her side for the next 20 minutes.  Who else but America’s fading Drama Queen could have shut him up for so long?  I guess there is some good in everything.

Palin’s histrionic schtick remains Sarah doing Sarah.   Demonizing in the higher octaves,   she recounted  America’s sins with acid-pointed daggers to […]

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Given the fact that it’s a presidential election year and Republicans have gagged over President Obama since Day One seven years ago, it wasn’t surprising that they had nothing good to say about his State of the Union message. But the most curious response came from Gov. Kasich, who chose the occasion to promote his own candidacy with a prepared campaign statement that cast him as …well, a futurist. It was a perfect airball. Here it is:

“Eight years from now I look forward to giving a State of the Union that describes a stronger, safer and more united America. […]

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Cruz Wants To Paddle ISIS. Honest

On January 11, 2016 By

If you are looking for some fresh paths into the Republican presidential field Ted Cruz is your guy.

He has offered a new open-carry weapon to put ISIS in its place. Complaining, as usual, that President Obama is totally out of the loop in meeting the ISIS threat, the forever whining Texas senator said on TV he could handle the whole thing with a …paddle.

That, he explained in a leap of logic, is how he handles misbehavior back home when his five-year-old son tells a lie. “He is paddled,” Cruz declares with the authority of a sagebrush father. ”And […]

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Is Sen. Portman getting some linguistic pointers for his reelection campaign against former Democratic Gov. Ted Strickland. His campaign ads are now showing up in an online zone called HowJSay, which wants to help you pronounce things correctly.

A standout in this instance is not Dostoevsky nor Savanarola. Rather, it’s his opponent’s name that caught my eye.

Senator, I can help. Its Strick, as in Stickland, and Land, as in in Strickland. Have I just saved you some campaign money?

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PD Likes John Kasich For VP

On December 30, 2015 By

A curious thing happened to Gov. Kasich as his indomitable narcissistic second quest for the Oval Office led him to the precincts of New Hampshire: one of his major Ohio cheerleaders unofficially endorsed him – for vice president.

You could read today’s Plain Dealer editorial several ways, portentously that he’s tilting windmills for the Republican nomination, or flatteringly that he rises above all of his brethren for the veep’s office and deserves to be recognized for a distinguished career
as the son of a blue collar mailman that would put him on the path of making his state great […]

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As Gov. Kasich takes a deep breath and another gulp of he-man supplements for his 2016 stretch run to the New Hampshire primary, the reports arriving from the front tell us that he’s preparing to wind up his $11.5 million TV ad campaign in the Granite State with a $5 million blitz from his piggy bank.

Kasich gleefully told ABC’s This Week ”I”m surging, as you know.” But like so many of his claims that we didn’t know, it’s the exhuberant side of him that leaves us wondering what his political fortune-telling is all about as the polls tell us […]

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Trump: 25 Years Ago In PLAYBOY

On December 17, 2015 By

The one on the right is Donald Trump, who was already  trying to make America great on the cover of a March 1990 PLAYBOY. He sat for a interview in which he revealed the full self-satisfied  human catastrophe that is the blustering 2015 version:.

On presidential ambition?  “I don’t want the presidency.  But if I ever ran for office, I’d do better as a Democrat than  as  a  Republican – and that’s not because I’d be more liberal, I’m conservative.  But the working guy would elect me. He likes me.   When I walk  down the street those […]

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