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High on the list of historic optics for President Trump’s Middle East escape route was the gleeful smile-and-hug embrace by Benjamin Natanyahu, Israel’s prime minister. From all of the evidence Bibi was still in his ecstatic glow over Trump’s victory in November. I mean, a world without Hillary? Without Obama? How could any right-wing thinking soul not appreciate the fate that had been dealt to the planet by the oddball American?

For Trump, it was all about optics to disguise his inner grief over the mess he temporarily left behind with the mice continuing to play while he’s sojourning in […]

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At some point in President Trump’s furiously pious commencement speech at Liberty University it was easy to imagine Hollywood film clips from the Roman colosseum projected on a screen behind his pulpit for the special day. Read: Beasts mauling Christians to the delight of spectators seeking a diversion from their otherwise boring lives.

It also was an escape for Trump from the terrible real world around him to remind his appreciative audience of adulatory evangelicals to be intensely aware of the persecution of Christians whenever two or more of the faithless had joined for coffee. Chaos in the White […]

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State Sen. Frank LaRose, the Hudson Republican, has sent out a press release commending himself for taking a hard stand on voter fraud.

OK. It’s not unusual for lawmakers to issue selfies bragging to their constituents that they are feverishly at work in the interest of protecting democracy, even when LaRose does not hesitate to concede that voter fraud is “rare”. But senator, did you really have to begin your prepared statement by applauding President Trump for “his leadership establishing a commission on election integrity”?

By now, it’s been clearly established that Trump lied when he complained that he lost […]

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If you have spent 60 seconds following the political career of Rep. Jim Renacci of Wadsworth you must be aware that the wealthy Republican is deeply rooted in the conservative depths of his party. You can figure him for two bedtime stories: America’s survival depends on (1) reductions in taxes and (2) ending the regulatory oppression of the federal government.

An early Trump surrogate, Renacci has now decided to upgrade his career by running for Ohio governor in 2018 in a field that promises to be clogged with GOP officeholders. That could take a lot more effort than running for […]

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I first met Dennis Kucinich in the early days of his Cleveland mayoral campaign in 1977. He had invited me on the phone to spend a day on the trail in his improbable quest to dump Ralph Perk as the beleaguered city’s chief executive. I pecked through the city’s west side in uncertainty before finding his modest home. A few taps on the door and it swung open . A diminutive figure greeted me: “You’re late!” he scolded. (five minutes or so). Little did I realize that it would be the beginning of an epic challenge to a political reporter’s […]

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Trump History Lesson, Not

On May 4, 2017 By

President Trump says that if Andrew Jackson had still been around, there might not have been a Civil War. I won’t count this as one of his lies. Rather, he just doesn’t know any better.

When you elevate Jackson to a hero’s throne, it’s possible that you may not have heard that Old Hickory also presided over the removal of 16,000 Cherokees from their homes in the south, driving them at bayonet’s point to Oklahoma.

It was one of the most merciless federal actions in the nation’s history, and an estimated 4,000 Native Americans, including children, perished along the 1,200-mile […]

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Two Big Trump Selfies

On April 30, 2017 By

Well, somehow we made it through the first 100 days. Sort of. President Trump gave himself an “A” for his performance but complained that the job wasn’t as easy as he had figured when he was ruling an oligarchy with a trophy wife and a daughter who had converted to Judaism to satisfy her Harvard-educated husband. If you’re going to square the family circle, long range dynastic planning is so basic. Still he wistfully complained that he missed driving his own car and of being accused of being called a liar everywhere that he goes. Life is unfair.

Relinquishing the […]

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Ryan’s Folly

On April 28, 2017 By

From the latest TIME magazine came its “100 most influential people” ranging from Putin and Trump to Paul Ryan.

An arbitrary and generally mythical  list of mixed achievers, of course,  led me to wonder who didn’t make the cut. And why some did. All of the survivors were hailed with brief adulatory  comments by their admirers, none more so than House Speaker Paul Ryan’s icky  tribute  to Trump.  Technically the third most powerful politician on Capitol Hill (Trump and the other guy in the photo-ops ahead of him in the pecking order) , we have come to know Ryan as […]

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When the 1962 New York Mets trotted onto the field giving the fans their first look at the expansion team, the crowd roared its welcome for the new hometown nine. The freshly uniformed aggregate was an odd assemblage of faded yester-season stars like Richie Ashburn, Gene Woodling and Roger Craig, each dispatched by their former teams for whatever benefit that might provide for the Mets. The manager was Casey Stengel, nicknamed the Old Professor for his 10 American League titles with the Yankees.

Surely his wisdom, experience and colorful vocabulary would enhance the play of the old castoffs with reasonably […]

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Donald Trump likes to boast that he thinks “BIG”. As he has bellowed , “The time for small thinking is over”.

True to his fantasies, he declared he will stage a “BIG” (his caps) rally in Harrisburg, Pa., Saturday night to counter the annual White House Correspondents bash that he has vengefully refused to attend. But even as one gifted in the smallness of his incoherent tweets, his decision to assemble his followers to show up the media is one of the smallest acts a U.S. President could ever conceive as a personal show window.

It would serve us nicely […]

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Trump’s War On Science

On April 22, 2017 By

It was somewhat fortunate that the date for this year’s celebration of Earth Day drew so much attention around the world on Saturday with the March for Science et al.

And not a moment too soon, arriving as it did shorly after Donald Trump’s executive order that was another burst of his medieval fix on destroying our environment.

Purely opaque flat-earth stuff from the Oval Office.

New Yorker magazine’s terse headline neatly captured the narrative in its April 10 issue:


Considering the number of ways the president has decided to foul the air we breathe and […]

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