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On the average, the cost of administration for public schools in Ohio is in the range of 13%. Charter schools, on the average, spend in the range of 26%.

The Education Research Alliance issued a January 17, 2017 Policy Brief by Christian Buerger and Douglas N. Harris, Tulane University, which indicates that charter school administration costs in New Orleans have increased 66% relative to a public school comparison group. New Orleans charter expenditures for instruction declined 10% relative to the comparison group.

For at least five decades, policymakers in Ohio have called for reduction in the cost of school […]

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Zorba Got It Right

On January 17, 2017 By

As we draw menacingly closer to the odd prenuptial agreement between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin for their arrival at   the White House, there is little left for the national media but to  repeat the names of the  boycotters. Trump says it will be a great spectacle to watch him enthroned with, of all things, his hand on a Bible as his apologists swear their loyalty to whatever appears in his  tweets. His straight man, Mike Pence, found it “disappointing”  that Rep. John Lewis described our next president (!) as “illegitimate” as the top American spokesman in leading the free […]

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Trump: The Nightmare Continues

On January 14, 2017 By

Weekend chip shots:

As Donald Trump continues to insist that as president he is free of conflicts of interest, he should be aware that there is a gorilla-like conflict of public interest when he arrives as president: It is him.

* * * * *

If only 25 per cent of the FBI scandal is true – no, less than 10 percent – that should be enough to send the befuddled director, James Comey, on his way to private life.

* * * * *

The media buzz in Washington is about the secret contents of all of the files […]

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Will Pence Require Penance?

On January 14, 2017 By

As I watch Mike Pence standing aside Donald Trump with a teasing Mona Lisa smile I can only wonder whether he has managed to suppress the pain of the moment.  Pence, after all, is a sworn born again Hoosier, deeply into his faith as an evangelical which, as you might suspect, requires an instant prayer for everything disagreeable and immoral act  in our midst.

Trump qualifies.   That’s a matter that requires his careful consideration.  The vice presidency is temporal;  salvation is preached  to be  eternal.  So is damnation. You can see, I don’t understand how a guy like Pence […]

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The Ohio Trump Party Moves In

On January 12, 2017 By

On January 20, inauguration Day, the official name of the Ohio Republican Party will become the Ohio Trump Party. It will be in the hands of Trump surrogate Jane Timken as the new chairman who replaced Matt Borges in a tightly contested vote by the the state central committee. It will mark the first time in modern Ohio political history that the party chairman was not under the influence of a sitting Republican governor.

But Trump prevailed by putting his own ally in the chairmanship with a number of phone calls to committeemen to support Timken, a political activist who […]

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There were a number of issues that could be taken away from Donald Trump’s first news conference in many months. But let’s focus on just one: his slippery ability to lie with no concern about its consequences. It was the moment to consider , say, his five big whoppers that he will honor in the Oval Office along with his growing collection of proud possessions for every occasion.

Here goes his skill in making America great:

(1) During the campaign, he insisted that he would release his tax returns after an audit was completed. But at the non-news session, he […]

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Streep, Olbermann Nail Trump

On January 10, 2017 By

Two voices broke through the crowded field of the many Trump critics to nail down the essence of the man. Keith Olbermann, the host of the GQ TV show, “Resistance,” sized up the president-elect’s presence as a reality star-turned-politician in a sane low-pitched conversational tone. After wondering how Trump could act as he does in so my destructive ways, Olbermann finally concludes, softly and calmly, that Trump ‘’is not well“. That diagnosis, rather than scorching him as the madman that he is, was effectively all that needed to be said. I recommend that you hear him say it online on […]

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Sourly, Mitch Hands Out Sour Grapes

On January 10, 2017 By

Sen. Mitch McConnell, of Kentucky, who has impatiently simmered for eight years to retaliate against President Obama and congressional Democrats, finally got his chance for a clean break from his nightmarish past by accusing the other party of ”sour grapes”. The occasion for his dyspepsia was the rollout of Senate hearings on president-elect Donald Trump’s cabinet nominees that includes his wife Elaine Chao as Transportation Secretary. He blames Democrats for not playing fair by threatening delays on approving the new cast of characters. You always learn something when McConnell speaks.

The Republican senator, whose home state boasts of lung-rotting coal […]

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Rick Scott’s Confused Memory

On January 8, 2017 By

Shortly after the carnage at the Ft. Lauderdale airport, Florida Republican Gov. Rick Scott, with full-chested bravado, stepped before the news cameras to assure the citizenry that he would not tolerate such bloody acts. A political cliche, of course, since in the instance there was not a damn thing he or anybody else could do about it.

But to prove his worth as the man in charge, he also said he had quickly reached out to President-elect Donald Trump and sideman Mike Pence. When a reporter asked Scott whether he had also called President Obama, Scott said he hadn’t . […]

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If you happened to witness the New Year’s Eve hilarities at Mar-a-Lago, Donald Trump’s luxurious frat house, you saw the landlord whooping it up with a guy at his side effecting the same arms-waving body language with wide-open howling in joyous ecstasy.

He was later identified as Joey “No Socks”  Cinque, a reputed New York mobster from way back  – a “scam artist” and “art fence” (in the theft of classic paintings ) as described in New York Magazine who existed in Trump’s vast business world. Various mainstream media reports have raised issues about Cinque’s dealings with Mafia boss John […]

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WSJ: Trump Doesn’t Lie Anymore

On January 3, 2017 By

When are Donald Trump’s lies not lies?

When they arrive at the news desk of the Wall Street Journal.

The august paper’s  Editor-in-Chief, Gerald Baker, said on “Meet the Press” that the word implies too much for an…um… untruth.

Wading into the etymology of deception, Baker says the word will not again appear in any WSJ account of  Trump’s misleading views.   “Lie,’ he tried to explain,  “implies much more than just saying something that’s false.  It implies a deliberate intent to mislead.”  (Oh?)  And if you assign “lie:” to our next president’s  comments, Baker said, “you run the risk […]

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