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Well, Josh Mandel is back, four years later as Trump ll. Older, but probably not much wiser from his first failed challenge to Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown in 2012.

Mandel, the one-time Boy Wonder who will be all the way aged to 38 in the 2018, mid-terms, patriotically described himself in his official announcement on twitter, as an ex-Marine “America first” guy ” who is the “first to fight” while rising two years before the mast of the mid-term election. It seems like yesterday that Josh, now in his second term as state treasurer, boasted to an Akron Press Club […]

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Paul Ryan OK With Trump Lies

On December 6, 2016 By

As we plod on America’s dark journey into the Theater of the Absurd we find House Speaker Rep. Paul Ryan shrugging that lies mean nothing to him. Especially, Donald Trump’s tweeted lies. As Ryan explained on “60 Minutes,” “it doesn’t matter to me.’’

Here we have the third highest ranking elected official in the new administration (behind Herr Trump and What’s-his-name) saying that orange lies don’t matter. That was during a tussle with anchor Scott Pelley when asked about the Trump tweet that voter fraud prevented him from winning the popular vote in a “landslide”.

“I don’t know,” Ryan peeped. […]

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In Rep. Jim Renacci’s latest online “Week in Review”, he continued to  bash Hillary Clinton, who, as you may have heard,   “lost” the election.   The Wadsworth Republican, a strong supporter of Donald   Trump. said that although  he found Trump’s notorious sex tape appalling, we couldn’t can’t afford  “four more years of status quo” with Hillary .

Not only that has been factored into his steadfast endorsement of the billionaire.  As one of the wealthiest congressmen  on the Hill, Renacci is doubtless savoring the big income tax cuts Trump has promised.  He also mentioned in his review that he  had “robust” […]

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A Lie Is A Lie Is A Lie

On December 2, 2016 By

There are lies.

There are Plato’s noble lies.

There are Hitler’s horrific lies.

There are the half-truths of toothpaste ads and political campaigns.

And there is George Costanza’s version on “Seinfeld” that “it’s not a lie if you believe it”.

And then there are Donald Trump’s reckless in-your-face lies that don’t need a professional fact-checker to prove them false.

This week, Trump, in need of another outburst of applause for his ego, returned to his campaign mode on his absurd victory lap that he has humbly cast as a “thank you” to the voters . In Cincinnati, the most conservative […]

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Ohio Lawmakers Going To The Dogs

On November 30, 2016 By

Ohio has never been considered a progressive state. Now that the Republicans – the Hoofbeaters, I mean – are firmly in control of everything from the Statehouse troughs to the Ohio River and the Lake Erie shores, it may be impossible to convince them of the absurdities of their fantasies. Whether it be the shallow excuses of, say, Secretary of State Jon Husted, an operative who has charmed the pens of editorial writers with his eternal war on non -existent voter fraud, or Attorney General Mike DeWine, who seriously believes that there is a special place in Heaven – and […]

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Herr Trump is causing another stir in his wobbly end run to the White House by dismissing  intelligence briefings  as useless busywork for a creature of his towering presence.  That isn’t surprising for one who has boasted that he knows more about ISIS than all of the generals and once praised Scotland for joining Brexit, which it didn’t.  Putin?   Don’t get me started. Details, right?

He also is so above the madding crowd that he’s now suggesting that he might bar the “failing” New York Times and other unworthy  nuisances of unfair coverage of his campaign.  The idea quickly caught […]

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Trump’s Badly Drained Swamp

On November 20, 2016 By

You may have noticed that in making good on his promise to drain the swamp, Donald Trump channeled some of the acrid run-off into his emerging cabinet. For example, his attorney general nominee, Jefferson Beauregard Sessions, is an Alabama Republican senator ( born in Selma, that land of horrific dreams), who has been blistered by civil rights groups for his record on immigration, gays, blacks, and whatever else fit into his bigoted vision of the American dream. He has famously accused the NAACP and ACLU of being “communist inspired” but later explained that it was ”probably not something I would […]

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For the first 18 years of my life I lived in Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania,  a tiny  coal mining place about 45 miles southeast of Pittsburgh.  I played on the American Legion baseball team and my happiest moment was when we were given a blue jacket with a red stripe on the sleeves. I wore it everywhere.   My father was an auto mechanic working with his brother in a modest garage built by their  mother, a Syrian immigrant.  Dad also sold a few cars, old and new, mainly to Polish miners and priests from Transfiguration Church just up the road.  When […]

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For the second time in modern political history a Republican will be seated in the Oval Office after his rival Democrat won the popular vote.  That  was the fate  of Al Gore in 2000 that gave us George W. Bush.  And now, Donald Trump, the unhinged billionaire developer having lost the popular vote to Hillary Clinton.  Have we all had a good cry, not for our own choice but for the stained reputation of a nation as  the  preferred choice of immigrants who sought more freedom and promise than what they had in their homelands.

With grandparents on both sides […]

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Giuliani Playing For Big Dollars

On November 8, 2016 By

One of the repugnant sideshows of Donald  Trump’s campaign has been the reappearance of Rudy Giuliani as the Madman-in-Waiting. Ordinary folks like me couldn’t figure out why he emerged to vigorously say the dumbest of things on behalf of Trump while committing his own dishonor to the archives.

If money talks, then with Giuliani it howls, screeches and barks with threats that Hillary should be locked up.   According to several reports, the former New York City mayor’s law  firm has received nearly a half-million dollars from  hedge fund goliath Robert Mercer, a Trump supporter.

You have to hand it to […]

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Merry Christmas Eric Trump

On November 4, 2016 By

When Eric Trump arrived at a Fairlawn church  this week as the ghost of Christians past, he struck  a nerve that assured him of a friendly audience.  Speaking at the Presentation of  Our Lord Romanian Orthodox Church as the certain crowd pleaser for the Summit County Republican Party’s annual Oktoberfest fund raiser, Trump lamented that religion is besieged in America and that when his father is president we will be able to say “Merry Christmas” again. Cool.  As you are well aware, that wouldn’t happen if that woman  became president.

“Religion in this country is under attack, and that’s going […]

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