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With Halloween just around the pumpkin, I”ve noticed how the mall stores are well stocked with apparel  that will frighten or otherwise entertain us for trick-or-treating.

A predatory  Donald Trump, of course , will knock on our doors dressed as a predatory Donald Trump.   You may want to quickly hand him a  bag of Hershey kisses and slam the door before it’s too late to deny an entitled star.

Closer to home, I’m curious about the costume that Sen. Rob Portman will choose Halloween night with Election Day a week away.  I think an appropriate guise would be that of […]

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Jon Husted’s Trump Multi-Choice

On October 18, 2016 By

Ohioans are fortunate to have a multiple-choice secretary of state who , like so many other Republican officials these days, can lead you down conflicting paths in defining his choice for the next U.S.  president.  On one path, Jon Husted was widely  featured on the national media as a leading critic of Donald Trump’s unhinged  warnings that the election will be “rigged”.

Husted, who is already running for governor in 2018 , accused Trump of “irresponsible” sky-is-falling  campaign rhetoric who ought to shut up because the voting system is secure. He feels safe in assuring you of a clean election […]

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No Tic Tac For Tacky Trump

On October 9, 2016 By

Rob Portman, who is continuing to grope for  a subliminal moment with the Trump crowd, is now saying that he will write in Mike Pence’s name on the November ballot.  Yippee!  That’s one way to save face  for his long delayed disavowal of  Donald Trump.

At least the theocratic Indiana governor said he could not put up with Trump’s adolescent sexual trash talk and promised to pray for him. And Rudy Giuliani, who sees a possible fat appointment to a Trump cabinet vanishing,  is defending him now as an imperfect human being since Jesus is the only perfect one. Can […]

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The Beacon Journal’s Doug Livingston  led us down some questionable off-ramps in his front- page report on Hillary Clinton’s appearance in Akron Monday night. Among the standout eyebrow raisers was his  observation that Hillary is “white knuckling a shrinking lead in the polls”.

C’mon man.  Does anybody really believe that this battle-tested woman is campaigning with white knuckles?   Or is that a weakness in the instance of a female often derided by her thuggish  opponent, Donald Trump,  who claims she is weak and has no stamina?

And about those shrinking leads in the polls.  Quite the opposite of late and […]

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Pence: All Warm Milk And Cookies

On October 6, 2016 By

Not that it mattered, but I dozed through some of the vice presidential candidate debate.   It had a dark mausoleum effect on me, particularly when poor Mike Pence was  being forced by Tim Kaine to own up to the lies of Herr Trump .  The Indiana governor merely responded with faked innocence by shaking his head while offering up a Mona Lisa smile in denial.

It was the sort of warm milk and cookies approach that attends Pence on his chosen path to the Pearly Gates. He lives unwittingly by Yogi Berra’s idea that “I didn’t  really say everything I […]

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An Incendiary Police Nod To Trump

On October 6, 2016 By

Cleveland has never produced a shortage of up-and-down news.  But the   politically stupid and incendiary endorsement of Donald Trump  by the Cleveland Police Patrolmen’s  Association ranks as a stop-the-presses assault on continuing efforts to dissolve the division between the badges and minorities.

Quite the contrary:  It has only made matters worse since  President Steve Loomis  of the Cleveland Police Patrolmen’s Association announced the incredible move. When protests erupted, Loomis took the next poisonous (vindictive?) step by calling  such critics as Black Lives Matter, Black Shield  Association,  NAACP, the mayor and council nothing  more than hypocrites for criticizing his right of […]

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Is Nazism Awaiting The U.S.?

On October 1, 2016 By

The evidence of a deranged Donald Trump inspired by the ghost of Hitler continues to grow. The latest avalanche of damning material arrived in the review of a volume examining the Nazi leader’s malignant words and actions jn a new book of nearly 1,000 pages in the New York Times. Titled “Hitler Ascent,1889-1939”, Vol. One, by German historian Volker Ullrich, the bio provides a matrix that easily invites a horrific comparision with the Republican nominee.

The reviewer, Michiko Kakutani, draws many elements of Hitler’s brutal rise to power without mentioning Trump – it was translated from a German text – […]

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The Weed Patch GOP Ohio Elite

On September 29, 2016 By

In  the brief  pause after the first debate,  I want to  recognize a special group of Republican Ohio politicians that I will continue to do  up to election day.

It’s  the shadowy group that endorsed Donald Trump and then took the first covered wagon out of town.  Now you see ‘em and now you don’t.   Profiles in courage they aren’t. That’s an attribute that only shows up in their yard signs.

Allow me  to share the list with you:   Sen. Rob  Portman,  U.S. Rep. Renacci,  Atty. Gen. Mike DeWine, Secretary of State Jon Husted, Treasurer Josh  Mandel, Ohio House Speaker […]

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The Debate

On September 27, 2016 By

OK. It’s behind us. The historic first debate between Donald and Hillary, I mean. Considering the media hype, I hung on to the end hoping to see the Martians land. lnstead, it was Donald the Mud Wrestler being Donald the Mud Wrestler and Hillary the Calm Diplomat being Hillary the Calm Diplomat. Sorry if I gave away the ending.

Obviously, even Roger Ailes, the predatory media exile who was Trump’s advisor for the debate, didn’t do much good. You discovered that much when Trump credited himself with being smart about not paying taxes. And despite volumes that recorded his approval […]

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The Submissive Ohio GOP Pols

On September 27, 2016 By

From the party whose foul-mouthed leader says that he knows more about ISIS  than all of the generals, who insists that Mexico will pay for his wall, who asked Putin to hack Hillary’s emails,   who built his favorite tower on the backs of undocumented Polish workers, whose career has moved from one bankruptcy to another, who lives each  day with a vision of his name added to the U.S. Constitution and his face on Mount Rushmore, I am ashamed to admit as an Ohioan that the GOP political class in Columbus has  endorsed him.  Gov. Kasich is the only one […]

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Renacci Endorses Trump Then Hides

On September 26, 2016 By

As some of you may not know, nor need to know, Rep. Jim Renacci, a Republican, posts a weekly report online  reeking  with goodness.  That would include the absence, week after week, of  any mention of his safely embedded endorsement of Donald Trump.

Renacci, it can be reported,  is among the GOP’s  winkers  who are trying to survive the Trump horror as a candy ass .

Ah, but otherwise there is good news in his reports, as with the latest one that begins in grand style  by telling us that he had a “very productive and successful” week in  Washington.  […]

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