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Circle the calendar. Tuesday was the day that the President of the United States called a female U.S. Senator a “whore.”

He didn’t exactly use that word. Worse: He tweeted that  Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, a New York Democrat, was a “total flunky” for U.S. Sen. Chuck Schumer and “would do anything” for money. The President of the United States said that.

That was Trump’s tweeted response after Gillibrand called for his resignation.

It was left to battle-weary White House press secretary Sarah Sanders to spin it that people in politics often criticize  each other. But “whore”?  Implied, or otherwise?

Others […]

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Let It Snow

On December 12, 2017 By

’Tis the  season:

When a reporter asked Donald Trump about all of the vacancies at the Department of State he batted away any notion that it would harm the U.S. in an increasingly troubled world, asserting:

“I’m the only one who matters.”

That earned him, without challenge, my Grumpy Abe  Linguistic Lunacy (GALL) Award of the year.

* * * * *

After igniting grave protests around the globe with his insufferably dangerous decision to move the U.S. embassy  to  Jerusalem, Trump headed south to campaign for Roy Moore, the Republican candidate for the Senate who is so disreputable that […]

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The Pathetic RNC Supports Moore

On December 11, 2017 By

Now that the Republican National Committee has thrown it’s financial and moral support to electing Roy Moore to the U.S. Senate, it gave us a whiff of what the RNC is all about – at whatever cost. Mostly, I believe, it offers its members the ceremonial responsibility of naming the site of the next presidential convention and drafting a porous platform that gives its members a sense of political value. For some, it will provide opportunities to be invited as speakers for local Lincoln Day dinners.

But with Roy Moore menacingly hanging overhead, the RNC has not only endorsed him […]

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The GOP And Portman’s Big Con

On December 4, 2017 By

Ohio Sen. Rob Portman, Esq., reappeared briefly to add his timid voice to the Republican’s corrupt tax reform plan early Saturday morning that would layer more icing on the one percenters in the gallery who would benefit the most. His vote further guaranteed his status as a member in good standing of his party’s white-guy club, an image that  you might find lurking in cave art.

Portman, as we’ve painfully witnessed, has managed to sustain the fakery of his reputation as a “moderate common-sense conservative” thanks to huge support from folks like the Koch brothers who chipped in $10 million to his […]

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Time To Fire Scott Pruitt

On November 30, 2017 By

After lunch therapy with friends to escape the pompous theatrics of Donald Trump, I returned home to be greeted by the forever cartoonish TV figure of… Donald Trump. 

In  Missouri – campaigning, of course – he had some advice for parents: “Our investments in children are the most important we can make, right?” With that he waved his right arm to emphasize his profound insight. Before you could process a few words, he was on to citing all of his good deeds since he landed in the Oval Office.

Investments in kids? On the same day a solemn warning had appeared […]

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Trump: When Words Don’t Matter

On November 29, 2017 By

Have you noticed how many times Donald Trump refers to things he doesn’t like as a “disaster”?

For example, Democrat Doug Jones, Roy Moore’s Senate opponent  in Alabama. Or Obamacare. Or the U.S. Military. Etc.

By now we’ve all learned that the President has a grade school vocabulary punctuated by a lot of “greats” and “incredibles” in which he has now added “beautiful.” See: “big beautiful tax cuts.”

It would have been nearly as effective if he had replaced the opaque Navajo code with his tweets during

So to conclude this linguistic whimsey I will offer the quote […]

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It must be awful to be a Republican these days when many of the experts, even the conservative ones, are calling your former party the Trump Party.

That is especially true in Alabama and Ohio, where the latter state has been swallowed whole by the medieval Trumpites whose first exclamations by new chair Jane Timken proudly described the president as “great,” and where the party’s candidate for the U.S. Senate, Josh Mandel, began his journey by saying he wanted to join  Trump in “draining the swamp.”

Then there is the Roy Moore thing. Without a hint of shame, Trump has […]

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How else can I react to the torrent of campaign fliers from state Sen. Frank LaRose, the Hudson Republican who has his career clock set on being Ohio’s next secretary of state?

Although the election is still a year away, it seems that the 38-year-old conservative with strong leanings to  President Trump has been on the stump ever since the days of William McKinley. (Actually, at least since he was elected to the legislature in 2010.) The press releases go on forever about the intensity of his candidacy.

I got my first hint to his behavior in the legislature […]

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Trump Returns During Turkey Season

On November 16, 2017 By

In case you hadn’t noticed  in the sea  of turkeys that emerged for the Thanksgiving season, Donald  Trump returned from Asia. Yes, that Donald Trump! In no time, with Shakespearean grandeur he reported that our money was well invested in sending him off to save the world.

His extraordinarily puffed TV account of his singular magic, relieved only by two swigs from his water bottle, could hardly have been more reassuring to Americans who have grown quite fearful of nuclear power in the hands of a couple of unhinged madmen. Even U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, who was roundly ridiculed by Trump for […]

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Trump: Insulting the Insulters

On November 13, 2017 By

In the final days of his grandly scaled Asian tour, Donald Trump raised America’s stakes in the high level meetings by turning the talk to “insults.” The President, who is sensitive to any mention of his personal imperfection, was clearly offended by North Korea’s 33-year-old supreme leader Kim Jong-un, who referred to our chief of state as “old.”

Trump said that was insulting by a nuclear enemy whom we have to come to know simply as “Rocket Man.” Ha. Ha.

After all, Trump retorted, “I didn’t call him short and fat.”

That much, we must concede, was the model of […]

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A Rare Time Of Gloat

On November 10, 2017 By

OK. Bear with me. I’m euphoric. It’s not a feeling that I’ve enjoyed ever since that man pranced into the Oval Office nearly a year ago. It may not last. But then, it may.

While Donald Trump was addressing a polite audience of South Korea’s National Assembly, gushing praise for that  country’s golf team at his prized course in New Jersey, and finishing with bombastic threats against neighboring  North Korea, a funny funny thing was happening back home: A Republican candidate for governor in Virginia, a wannabe with Trump’s best wishes, was being crushed in a landslide.

The election was […]

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