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With the conventions behind us, Hillary Clinton & Co.   left us  with a rising spirit about America after the four-day dirge staged by her funereal opponents at the dark and dismal  “Republican” thing in Cleveland.  And Donald Trump, a dreadful person adrift  in his own parallel universe, could only respond  that Democrats don’t know the “real world”.  He also sounded  more than usually peckish from Michael Bloomberg’s pro-Hillary remarks at the DNC.

Huffed Genghis Trump:  “I was going to hit one guy in particular, a very little guy.  I was going to hit this guy so hard his head […]

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The commotion at the Democratic convention’s curtain raiser distracted  from a possible Trumpian subplot that is of major concern to U.S. intelligence officials.  From all appearances the Russians hacked the DNC to expose an email cache that would make Hillary Clinton’s email troubles seem like no more than the hidden hole card in a penny ante game.

There’s now strong suspicion at the highest levels  of the FBI  that Russian president Vladimir Putin was behind the hacking because he wants his buddy-buddy Donald Trump to win.    Even the timing of the  disclosure on convention eve pointed to a Russian […]

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Day 3 In Cleveland

On July 21, 2016 By

Some  takeaways  from that thing  up in Cleveland:

While  Chris Christie, New Jersey’s intellectually challenged governor, was smugly trashing Hillary Clinton  as the RNC’s piñata in his speech to a bloodthirsty audience that shouted “lock her up!!!”, his state was in a stranglehold by his ordered shutdown of billions of dollars of road projects frozen in a legislative deadlock on funding. Meantime,  Christie’s pal, David Samson, has pleaded guilty for his nefarious role as the chairman  of the Port Authority of New  York in the Bridgegate scandal. Christie said he will look into the situation when he returns from Cleveland. […]

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Forgive me, but I’ve never experienced schadenfreude to the extent that I did today on the morning-after of the Trump National Convention in Cleveland. There was more than enough misery to go around for Team Trump and his apologists that it cast a huge shadow over Trump’s boastful ability that he can make America great again.

We’re referring to the media’s erupted response to the discovery that Melania’s speech contained plagiarized passages from a 2008 speech by Michelle Obama.

There were reflexive responses by alleged adult politicians that will most certainly appear in a book by an author writing the […]

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Trump’s white-guy delegates arrive  for yesterday’s  curtain-raiser of the TNC (Trump National Convention):

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Here we are. The historic moment has arrived!

For the next several days The Q arena will be the site of the RNC encampment where the grapes of wrath are stored. Get out your pencils. The Q will stand for quackery. A sceptered Donald Trump will leave Cleveland as the smirking face of the Republican Party. The coronation will be in all of the papers and clog TV, which enabled his surge to the top of the GOP. Great audience -builder the white -gloved prophets of the networks exclaimed.

And The Donald didn’t even say thank you. .

There have […]

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Trump’s VP Charade

On July 14, 2016 By

The breathless charade, otherwise known as Donald Trump’s search for a veep, is a perfect setting for his need  to prevail over others  in his realm.  Even staid CNN described the theatrics as  “drama” and  “intrigue”.  Trump could have written those words himself.  In short order, he has created a group of celebrity supplicants who are prepared to give up their souls to be on Trump’s team.  He’s  a control freak whose ego swells with every photo-op as he rises to deliver America from evil.

By mid-week, his A-list had included ex-House Speaker Newt Gingrich, a tattered hitchhiker these days […]

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We may get more than a hint of  Donald Trump’s plan to make  America great as the former Republican Party’s ringmaster.  Promising the greatest  convention ever, the billionaire developer, former TV host and the overbearing life of his own  party is said to be assembling a cast of celebrities , stunts, world-wide echo chamber and dog whistles to  promote his perverse version of human endeavor.

As we all now live in a time when the globe stops spinning to honor  achievements on unnatural grass, ice or hardwood floors, Team Trump is recruiting sports  figures to fill in the blanks normally […]

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Back  in the heyday of Gov. James Rhodes, if he vanished  from the sight of Statehouse reporters to avoid answering a sticky question, we assumed he was hiding in a weed patch.  The word became a staple of those of us in the press room, so much so that when I moved from Columbus, my colleague, Rick Zimmerman of the Plain Dealer sketched the cartoon shown here for my exit.  Enclosed in the balloon above the weeds was the farewell  message “Good-bye Abe! [signed] James A. Rhodes) For today’s bizarre Republican debacle,  we’re back to the weed patches of timid GOP congressmen […]

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(Third in a series of inside reports from the Trump National Convention program committee in Cleveland)

In a  spectacular photo-op scorning pollution regulations, the Republican nominee, acting as Don the Baptist, will personally baptize thousands of angry old white guys in Lake Erie to prepare them for post-convention service to make America great again.  Dozens  will drown, but Trump  will shrug off the fatalities as the effectiveness of water boarding by a dunking machine. (For readers under the age of 100, I should explain that Will Rogers once quipped that  evangelist Aimee Semple McPherson, founder of the Foursquare Church,   used […]

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Leaks from the Trump National Convention program committee have been guardedly sent to me by my disgruntled GOP friend.

Read carefully to be well ahead off the curve:

House Speaker Paul Ryan will lead the delegates in the Pledge of Allegiance  as a reminder that he is strongly supporting a unified party.  He will then be sent directly  home.
Donald Trump  himself will give the keynote speech as the only worldly philosopher king in the hall.

Trump also will place his name in  nomination. “I do what I do,” he will tell the delegates.  “There is none […]

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