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The old white guys lost!  The ones trying to run  the White House these days down through Congress.  Tweet Trump, Paul Ryan,  Mitch McConnell , Steve Bannon, Mike Pence,  the No-can-do Republican congressmen who have been dead-set on repealing Obamacare for seven years;  the loyal, head-bobbing soldiers who were solidly  committed to Trumpcare.    They all lost.

Oh, I  know.  Trump singled out Democrats Sen. Charlie Schumer  and Rep. Nancy Pelosi as the big losers.   But as is usually true of Trump, he can only communicate with people who put him in the White House.  Obamacare, he asserted over and […]

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Although New York Times columnist Tom Friedman has referred to Donald Trump’s cabinet as a “pickup basketball team,” I have come to believe that the new regime has been performing more like a bunch of 19th round draft picks. The latest evidence is that when Mexican foreign minister Luis Videgaray arrived in Washington for some formal discussions, the State Department swore ignorance of his visit. When the Department’s acting spokesman Mark Toner was asked about it, he said it was news to him..

He said he would check it out. Yippee! Problem solved.

Actually, the official visitor was there to […]

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When Is Wiretap Not Wiretap?

On March 16, 2017 By

It’s been a stupendous year for politicians making asses of themselves with dumb comments.

We’re thinking of White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer telling reporters at a press briefing that the Trump Administration is dumping some people because they don’t rise to the president’s “high standards “. Before this nightmare is over, that one should be bronzed in the corridors of history.

And how should we respond when Rep.Steve King of Iowa, who lives in the closeted corner of his state where even emails from the East Coast can’t easily reach It. This was the congressman who gave us, “We […]

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Growing pains.

So that’s how it is among beleaguered Republican congressmen.

Growing pains! That, at least, is the remarkable explanation of House Speaker Paul Ryan of the chaos his caucus has created in the party’’s nearly decade-long attempt to repeal Obamacare. He explains it with a giddy tight-lipped smile as if there were worse things for the House to be concerned about these days than the millions of Americans who would be denied health care insurance because of the prescribed Trump “fix’.

You would think that by now the Republican grudge against Barack Obama would have found a way to […]

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As I watch Trump barging forward in a draping black funereal coat and fixed defiant expression, I must keep reminding myself that this bizarre hulk is our president. Even his long necktie is an original White House expression that serves as a fashion statement and an early warrior’s codpiece to protect his manhood.

Soldiering on with alternative lies, Trump tried to bury the fallout of the Sessions chaos by offering the public the unique ruse that President Obama ordered the wiretap of the new guy’s Manhattan hideaway in Trump Tower. That sleight-of-delusion came directly from Steve Bannon who has earned […]

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Renacci Cares Both Ways

On March 8, 2017 By

There has been so much attention driven by D. Trump to immigration that I turned to the words of Wadsworth congressman Jim Renacci, a Republican and right-wing surrogate of the president. He assures us in each breath that he wants to cut taxes. And who can blame a man of his wealth who would benefit so mightily from the proposed cuts? Anyway, here’s what he had to say about refugees and such:

“While I strongly encourage the Administration to examine more closely whether it is effectual and necessary to subject green card holders from these nations to this temporary order, […]

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Cleveland’s Role In Putingate

On March 8, 2017 By

It would have been an insightful guess if you had predicted that Cleveland would eventually turn up in the dark epic of the Russian hackers and other Putinesque plots. Thank you, Gail Collins.

In her New York Times column on Saturday, she wrote about Carter Page, a shadowy figure on Trump’s campaign foreign policy team. He had said on MSNBC that he had never met Russian ambassador Sergey Kislyak “out of Cleveland”. Although the tete a tete was during the Republican convention, Collins was so impressed by Page’s evasion that she advised other Trump apparatchiks to apply it when […]

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Trump’s Never-Never Land

On February 28, 2017 By

As President Trump leads America into the never-never  land of an Altered State of the Union speech with the promise of making America safe, it’s best to keep in mind that he wants to do that by increasing the defense budget by at least 10 pct. while his hired hands are working vigorously to endanger the public by  fouling the air we breathe,  the  water we drink and the rivers and streams that sustain our fish. Who, they ask, needs the Environmental Protection Agency anyway?

Oh, talk about the perils :  the Congressional Republicans have already said it’s OK […]

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LaRose, Spicer, The Odd Couple?

On February 27, 2017 By

State Sen. Frank LaRose, Hudson Republican running for secretary of state, has what he calls an “exciting announcement” on Facebook: “My 4th annual D. C. event [read fundraiser] will feature special guest Sean Spicer. There is still time to join our host committee.”

Sean Spicer? The same guy who is in the midst of shaking down his staff for leaks and ordering them to turn in their telephones for spot checks? The same guy who repeats President Trump’s lies at the press briefings from which the New York Times, CNN and other news agencies are now barred? Yep, Exciting, […]

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The So-Called Dishonest Media

On February 25, 2017 By

There’s a classic scene in the movie “A Few Good Men” in which a prosecutor is demanding the truth from a frantic Col. Nathan R. Jessup, played by Jack Nicholson, seated in the witness stand. Erupting in defiance, Nicholson shouts a couple of times, “You want the truth? You want the truth?…You can’t handle the truth!”

How appropriate that scene would be in D. Trump’s daily slams at the “dishonest media” that has now led to his ban on the New York Times, CNN and some other media from Sean Spicer’s fudging news briefings. By his standards, the modern […]

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