I hope all of you survived the past week’ s further degrading of Congress with the rigged Republican seating of Brett Kavanaugh to, allegedly, the highest and wisest court in the land.

With Donald Trump’s howling wind at their backs, the minions were left with no other options for servility.  Clearly, the decision was locked before the Senate Judiciary Committee had voted. “Nobody,” Trump once bragged, “knows the system better than I do.  That’s why I alone can fix it.” (Have you yet noticed the president’s heroic way with words?”)

The fix began a year ago when the president’s caddies in Congress stepped up to choreograph the seating of right-wing justices on the Supreme Court. Majority leader Mitch McConnell argued that it would be best to leave a vacancy unfilled until a new president took over in 2017. It was the dictatorial command that only incompetent and weak Republicans in Congress could understand since some of their jobs might be at stake. In the annals of raw villainy, McConnell succeeded before our very eyes to demonically steal the seat from Merrick Garland, President Obama’s choice who was accepted on both sides of the aisle as a competent jurist. But McConnell is from Kentucky, which gave us bourbon, rifles and…McConnell. 

But wait.  In the rush to have the preordained confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh, the all-white GOP judiciary committee rose to defend the rule of law, the Constitution and whatever else might have fallen to the floor.

You know the rest of this sordid story.  in short, Christine Blasey Ford never had a chance. In their hurry-up mode, her opponents aborted the debate without the benefit of many of her corroborators.

So, we had to put up with the yelps of an out-of-control whining Lindsey Graham, hopeful of getting the attorney general’s job after Trump fires Jeff sessions, and – Lord help me to get through this – Sen. Susan Collins – Maine’s modern version of Joan of Arc.  Have you ever heard a longer non-mea culpa to explain her dithering as she expected us to be fools?  Remember she was the same lady who was betrayed by McConnell in a scrape over Obamacare.

And Sen. Flake justified his name.

Meanwhile, Trump puffed up for a victory lap in satisfying his (and Kavanaugh’s) sponsors, the Federalists and evangelicals.  He called Democrats many foul names in his two-year Dogpatch Reelection campaign while taxpayers picked up the tab.

My only question in the wake of the New York Times thorough investigation into the “self- made” Trump fortune on the backs of so many others:   When are his blind advocates on Capitol Hill going to show their own commitment to the rule of law by admitting that Trump is a crook?  That would include Ohio’s Republican Sen Rob Portman.  And senatorial candidate Jim Renacci.

Yea, team.