What’s wrong with this picture?

In New York, President Trump is selling off the world at the United Nations on why America must be first. About everything.

In Washington, Republican white guys on the Judiciary Committee who are too many years beyond retirement age are trying to set the stage to install another white guy – Brett Kavanaugh by name – on the U.S. Supreme Court regardless of the male-female optics of interrogating a woman who has accused Kavanaugh for being terribly full of predatory sexual mischief as a teenager.

But why is it taking so long?  Particularly after the capo di tutti capi Trump’s incredibly hyperbolic judgment that Kavanaugh was “born to be a supreme court justice”, a mighty leap of faith from the cradle to the nation’s highest court.

How would he know when he wasn’t even present at the moment of creation? (At least I don’t think he was!)

Small wonder that the accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, has warily agreed to testify at the hearing under certain conditions.

On the other hand, there are now signs that the Senate panel chaired by Chuck Grassley, the farm bred ancient from Iowa, as well as others on the committee are concerned that they might have to employ stand-ins for them so that Republican members won’t seem to be picking on a woman before the onlookers.   They should worry.   There are protests around the country to defend Ford.  And there shouldn’t be any question that gender has worked itself into the issue. (Remember that Grassley’s staunch sidekick from Utah, Sen. Orrin Hatch, once proposed a constitutional amendment barring abortion right.)

There are reports that leaders of the Religious Right, which hopes to preserve Kavanaugh as the legal guardian of a theocratic America (Trump in the Oval Office is God’s will) for generations to come, have warned the president that Republicans will suffer if Kavanaugh doesn’t survive.  These are the evangelical heavies who uplifted Trump to the altar of deceit on his word that the Supremes would be fully in charge of defending their values over all others.

What’s wrong with this picture?


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