I’ve been having a terrible time trying to erase from my memory the so-called confirmation hearing for Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court.  That soaring appointment was assured when President Trumpalooka chose him as the pick of the right-wing litter – an appellate judge who wasn’t even on the original list of the conservative  Federalist Society’s array of recommended space fillers to replace Justice Kennedy.

But with Trumpalooka bossing the Oval Office these troubled days, do we really need another hint of how it all came about to satisfy a base of pro-lifers?

He will be confirmed and contrary to his non-answers he will set out to rid the nation of Roe v. Wade. Earlier,  Senate leader  Mitch McConnell, a Blue Grass thug with a thin-lipped maniacal smile, blocked a hearing on President  Obama’s choice of Merrick Garland to replace the late Anthony Scalia.  McConnell said it was a presidential year and the American people should have the choice in filling the vacancy. House Speaker Paul
Ryan said the decision was not based on politics but on principle. That was another indication that GOP leaders on Capitol Hill think the average American voter is dumber than his or her representative. Maybe so.

We know so little about Kavanaugh because thousands of pages of his past work have been withheld.   If the forces behind that drastic maneuver are overly worried about his judicial history, it suggests there is some negative stuff in the documents about Kavanaugh, who answered few of the Democrats’  questions clearly during the proceedings.

The only suspense was whether Utah Sen.  Orrin Hatch, a committee member who seemed to be deeply into meditation and fighting off sleep, could make it to the final bell.

The only lively moment was when the forever malleable Sen. Lindsey Graham screeched that Kavanaugh, a hard right conservative’s conservative,  was the finest choice that Trump could have made.  Unfortunately for Lindsey, he wasn’t in the Roman Senate to vote for Caligula.

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