A little more than twenty years ago, the buzz among cinephiles was that there was something about Mary. Today, the buzz heard not so much among moviegoers but by knowledgeable politophobes seems to be that, without a doubt, there’s something about Andy.

Sen. Andrew Brenner Photo: Ohio Senate

Big time.

And that something? How can you be even more radioactive than a transmitter of Covid-19?

The big difference in that observation is that people who have fallen victim to the coronavirus did not choose that status. But there is one Ohio politician who, consistent with his political and other personal beliefs, has chosen self-detonation and, now, quarantine as a result of those actions.

So when the subject is the ever-radioactive and fallout-producing Ohio State Senator Andrew Brenner, some of us want to channel Ronald Reagan and say …

There you go again.

And he did.

Yes, the ever-radioactive Andrew Brenner who with his meanness and bountiful bile is capable of producing Strontium-90 by the megaton, set off yet another chain reaction through his defense of his wife Sara Marie Brenner and her comments about state policies intended to deal with the pandemic.

It was only fitting that Brenner, whose use of social media to heap scorn on his opponents and ridicule those not of the lunatic fringe, set off a barrage from critics when he responded to a posting by his wife:

This actually feels like Hitler’s Germany,” Sara Marie posted on her Facebook page.

Sen. Brenner responded: “We will never allow that to happen in Ohio.”

Brenner’s targeting of Ohio Governor Mike DeWine and state health director Dr. Amy Acton generated this retort from Darrel Rowland of the Columbus Dispatch.

That the comments came on Holocaust Remembrance Day and that Acton is Jewish ensured their enshrinement in the crowded hall of fame for political stupidity.

With Brenner, the half-life of his tone deafness, aka political stupidity, is another measure of his increasing radioactivity among Ohio voters.

Lest we forget about Brenner’s serial bad behavior, let’s examine a few milestones in his less than illustrious history as a member of the Ohio General Assembly.

In 2014, as part of a blog post, Brenner made national headlines when he wrote that “Public education in America is socialism… Privatize everything and the results will speak for themselves.” He must have forgotten about other public functions, including our socialist public safety departments, socialist public libraries, socialist highway department, and the socialist state health department headed by Dr. Acton.

In 2015, Brenner compared Planned Parenthood to Nazis. (There’s something about Andy and Nazis, isn’t there?)

Also in 2015, and in the very same week, Brenner co-sponsored two bills, one which called for the elimination of all required certification and training for persons carrying concealed firearms, and another that mandated the teaching of cursive writing. One astute observer made this observation:

If both bills pass, we’re assured, about 20 years from now, of being able to decipher coroners’ signatures on the death certificates of those killed by guns.

Or, wait, what about this: Family members of victims killed by “accidental gunfire” will find solace in the beautifully scripted notes of condolence perpetrators will write.

Abandon all common sense with guns but mandate (that is, compel by imprimatur of the state) the teaching of cursive handwriting?

But wait, there’s more.


In 2018, Brenner denied receiving money directly from ECOT, the notorious and now closed online charter school, when records showed that William Lager, the school’s founder, was his largest campaign contributor. The Columbus Dispatch charitably characterized his nuanced denial as “disingenuous.”

Hmm. In addition to being radioactive and disingenuous, Brenner must also be afflicted by projection, the same progressive (pun) disease that is rapidly consuming his hero, Donald Trump.

When confronted by the fact that Louise Valentine, his 2018 Ohio Senate opponent, informed voters that ECOT’s William Lager was in fact his largest campaign contributor, Brenner labeled her #LyinLouise on social media.

It was the 2018 election that constituent opposition to Brenner, in reaction to his radioactive state, went to critical mass.  A group of residents in his district, appalled by the Second Amendment champion’s actions to suppress their First Amendment rights to convey fair comment and criticism on his Twitter account, formed a Facebook group in early 2018 called Blocked Constituents of Andrew Brenner. The group, being true to its description, is open only to those who are residents in his senatorial district. The group has given this summary to explain its purpose:

Is Andrew Brenner your Representative? Have you engaged in civil dialogue with him on Facebook, only to have him or his wife block you because they disagree? Typically following it up with a nasty response not allowing you to reply? Then this is a community designed to continue those discussions off his page. Your voice matters even if he tries to take it away!

How ironic that Second Amendment advocates like Brenner, who are not shy in reminding others of their constitutional right to keep and bear arms, are so aggressive in blocking comments from constituents who are trying to express their First Amendment, constitutionally protected rights and convey fair comment and criticism to their elected representative. The jury is out on this issue, as a number of court cases have been filed around the country in objecting to similar actions by politicians who decorate their websites with American flags but otherwise abuse the constitutional rights of their constituents.

But it was Brenner’s last flap before the current Nazi imbroglio that still stands as testament to his total lack of meaningful accomplishment in public policy development.

In an apparent attempt to deflect from the implosion of the scandal-plagued ECOT, Brenner once again introduced a bill in the last election cycle to mandate the teaching of cursive writing in those state socialist schools which he abhors.

This comment is especially revealing for his antipathy to public education, as the Dispatch pointed out recently:

Sen. Brenner long has been extremist in his hostility to public education in Ohio; as vice chairman of the House Education Committee in 2014, he called it “socialism” and said it should be privatized. When some used vulgar language to criticize his comments, he quipped, “I’m guessing those people had a public education.”

It’s too bad that in his role as Chair of the Ohio House Education Committee, Andrew Brenner apparently never took time to learn about, let alone champion character education. In their work with students, educators who teach and promote character development in young people invite their students to examine through literature and other strategies about how the elements of respect, responsibility, trustworthiness, fairness, citizenship, and caring, among other traits, help students to become ethical, caring citizens. With his singular focus on cursive writing, constituents do not seem to be aware of Brenner’s interest in character education.

No, Brenner would never understand that even though a child might have some sense of cursive writing, it’s also important that we produce skilled, ethical, and caring citizens. A politician possessing those traits would not need to be characterized in a newspaper editorial in this fashion:

Sen. Brenner later issued a statement apologizing to Acton but claimed he didn’t say what was reported.

What was that word used a few years ago in that newspaper story about his denials regarding ECOT campaign contributions?


As a test to his current radioactive state in Ohio politics, Brenner’s comments have been labeled variously as “absurd, hurtful, and terribly inappropriate” by leaders in his own party.

Yes, when it comes to bashing socialists, public education, gun control proponents, and the liberal left, indeed anyone who opposes his arrogant, authoritarian, mean-spirited and condescending manner, Andrew Brenner and his wife don’t know when to quit. But then again, there are thousands who wish he would, including the Columbus Dispatch.

In the close of its editorial, the paper challenged his claim that his words weren’t reported properly:

That’s not true, and it’s not good enough, senator. It’s time for you, for once, to do the right thing and resign.

Can I second that recommendation? When you are so radioactive that such statewide officeholders as the governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general, and auditor – all Republicans, as well as the state Republican Party chair, have problems with your language and the over-the-top, radioactive temperament behind them, it’s time to prepare a certain kind of letter.

If it’s possible, Andrew Brenner, if it’s within your character, and if you do care about properly serving the public, check your Geiger counter.

Yes, there is something about Andy: your radioactivity and mean-spiritedness is a risk to others. And remember to respect socialist distancing.

For once, Mr. Brenner, do the right thing. Resign.


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