Political Cartoon by Matt Wuerker, Politico.

If Carly Simon gave us an anthem with You’re So Vain, maybe Good Charlotte’s Predictable provides the perfect lyric to help us define the dull and uninspiring Andrew Brenner.

I knew it all along
You’re so predictable
I knew something would go wrong

Yes, we knew all along that he was so predictable. But what has gone wrong for Brenner this election year in a big way is that he’s facing a formidable candidate who has a great chance of bringing him down in the otherwise reliably red territory of Delaware and Knox Counties.

In his search for enemies near and far, #ECOTAndy, aka Ohio Rep. Andrew Brenner, is easily distracted. But now that he wants the Ohio District 19 Senate seat, he is trying to make voters as distracted as he is with his tired, shopworn, and predictable antics.

Said another way, those less kind toward Brenner would say that we’re seeing his usual, predictable bullshit.

Rep. Andrew Brenner
Photo from ohiohouse.gov

In a campaign video, we see an over-the-top attack on his Democratic opponent, Louise Valentine. Brenner’s Facebook post reveals so much about his character, as he tries to distance himself from an attack ad while embracing the message itself:

This ad is not from my campaign, but it clearly illustrates with whom my opponent is aligning herself. Her style of socialism is not what the 19th State Senate district needs or wants!

There it is. The inevitable arrival of Brenner’s favorite pejorative is so predictable. Yes, it’s his threadbare magic word – socialism. In hearing the S word from him over and over again, one wonders if #ECOTAndy is running in the 19th district or the 19th century. Andy watchers know the answer to that question.

In addition to the socialism word, Brenner and his ad campaign drag out all of these predictable, hackneyed, shopworn phrases. Extreme radical agenda. Working to elect socialist candidates. Too radical for the state senate. Too extreme for us.

But the ad is not from his campaign. Snicker.

Radical. Socialist. Extremist. This from the guy whose top campaign contributor is still shown to be William Lager of ECOT on Votesmart, a popular campaign finance website. But he has no problem taking money derived from public funds that were diverted from those “socialist” public school districts. This from a guy who is the darling of the National Rifle Association, an extremist group that many believe fits the profile of a domestic terrorist organization through its indifference to the rising number of school shootings and promotion of a weapons culture in this country.

But Brenner has an even larger problem than hypocrisy. And it’s really starting to show as the campaign winds down and more people have met his very capable opponent, Louise Valentine.

Louise Valentine – Candidate for Ohio Senate

Recently, Brenner did not bother to make an appearance at a candidate forum in Mount Vernon and does not seem comfortable in sharing a platform for an opponent familiar with the issues and who has a positive message for voters rather than the tired clichés of Brenner.

The Mount Vernon News had this to say about the missing Brenner:

A representative for Brenner said he was “not able to participate” and did not respond to the question as to whether or not a different date would work better.

The paper did not leave the question there. Instead, here is the response which did not thrill the Brenner campaign.

“We have always heard positive responses from the candidates when we sponsor debates,” said News Publisher Kay Culbertson. “It is unfortunate that we have candidates who fail to see the value in addressing important questions in front of their constituents.

It’s refreshing to see that in this very crucial election year, the electorate and our free press are taking notice of those who have a tendency to hurl insults and pejoratives like socialism, extreme, and radical from a distance but don’t have the intestinal fortitude to slug it out on the platform with their opponent.

Andrew Brenner should take the advice of that notorious Hollywood socialist Woody Allen. “Showing up is 80 percent of life,” he supposedly opined to a colleague more than 40 years ago.

It’s amazing that Brenner, who is always on safari in his hunt for rounding up socialists lurking under every rock and in every public school district, would have heeded Allen’s advice by now. If Woody Allen is correct, Brenner might not be successful for his Ohio Senate run this year. Among his many major problems, Brenner just can’t seem to show up at all.

We’ve read about his views of public schools as examples of socialism. We’ve read that he thinks cursive writing is the most important skill that the socialist schools aren’t currently teaching. We know that he hasn’t returned that socialist public money that was given to him by ECOT. And we know that he loves the Second Amendment while dishonoring the First Amendment by blocking constituents from commenting on his social media pages.

Andrew Brenner must be willing to show up and answer these questions. He also needs to show his mettle and seeming command of the issues by debating Louise Valentine.

But don’t hold your breath.

A candidate who can hurl insults and tag his opponent as #LyinLouise but doesn’t have the courage to face her in front of an audience does not deserve your support. And like his hero, Donald Trump, there comes a time when you just run out of bullshit.

Andrew Brenner has reached that point.

On November 6, if you live in Senate District 19, please show up and be counted. Vote for Louise Valentine for Ohio Senate. By doing so, you’ll send Andrew Brenner to retirement so that he can have time to learn more about socialism, attend Jerry Falwell University, and work on becoming a realtor.

Um, there is one more thing. If Brenner acquires a public pension due to his time in the legislature, he would be submitting to socialism.


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