State Rep. Andrew Brenner took to Facebook this week to share his feelings about Planned Parenthood, effectively calling the entire organization a bunch of Nazis.   “Their complete disrespect for life and callous behavior is akin to how the Nazis spoke of Jews, disabled people, and others whom they killed,” wrote Brenner.

BrennerNaziBrenner appears to have been commenting on some highly-altered videos released by the anti-choice group Center for Medical Progress. The group claims the videos prove Planned Parenthood sells aborted fetal tissue for profit.  The group and their videos have been debunked by multiple sources.

It would be easy to excuse this as a one-time slip up on the part of the Delaware County politico. But Brenner and his family have a long history of saying dumb and outright false things online, much of it on the Brenner Brief, a website formerly operated by Brenner’s wife Sara Marie.

Brenner has written stories about fracking for the site that completely mix up many important facts, and the site received national attention when they ran a story suggesting that the massacre of children at Sandy Hook Elementary School might be part of a government conspiracy by President Obama to institute more gun regulations.

They Brenners were eventually was forced to sell off the website after Andy (a member of the Ohio House’s education committee ) embarrassed himself by writing a series of posts claiming public schools are “Socialism” and proposed that Ohio do “something that was done about 25 years ago in the former Soviet Union and eastern bloc.”  Namely, selling off all state assets to a small number of rich oligarchs.

With their website gone, it seems they have taken to Facebook to spread their right-wing drivel.

So let me clear it up for you, Andy:

Planned Parenthood of Greater Ohio is an organization that provides health services to over 50 thousand Ohio women each year. Less than 2% of the medical services they provided last year were related to abortion and none of the fetal tissue was donated because it is already against Ohio law to do so.

The Nazis were antisemitic, pan-German nationalists who murdered millions of people in their quest for world domination.

Any questions?