From the daily archives: Sunday, July 12, 2015

While Gov. John Kasich readies his presidential announcement, which will include his boilerplate call to rise above politics, new documents show that the governor’s team spared no expense last year when it successfully derailed the Libertarian Party of Ohio’s candidate for governor, Charlie Earl, from appearing on the ballot. Had Mr. Earl been on the ballot, he was guaranteed to take votes away from Kasich, who would have won anyhow but not by the thundering margin he crows about now.

Team Kasich Spares No Expense To Plow Field Of Competitor

A report by the Associated Press, based on a […]

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When the Ohio budget bill (House Bill 64) was finally adopted by the General Assembly and signed by Governor Kasich, it included a very specific provision prohibiting the use of certain value-added ratings in teacher and principal evaluations.  This was considered a victory as the ratings would have been based on the now-scrapped PARCC assessments from this past school year and the not-yet-created AIR tests scheduled to be administered this coming school year.

Our initial take on the provision was that it meant that teacher and principal evaluations over the next two years would not include any value-added ratings […]

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