From the daily archives: Thursday, July 2, 2015

On July 21 Gov. Kasich’s Starship will touch down in the Student Union at Ohio State University. There, with word from the Lord, he will announce his intention to seek the presidency to rescue America from President Obama as well as the immortals who are already on the Republican list of first responders to the lure of the Oval Office..

Not a moment too soon. For months he’s been flying around the country with the itinerary of a Johnny Appleseed, planting his bountiful seeds for voters in such dog-eared candidate visits as New Hampshire, Iowa and South Carolina. Not since […]

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Ohio’s term-limited governor, John Kasich, who wants to be president, did not take questions Tuesday night when he signed over 4,000 pages containing some terrible public policy into law.

For the statehouse press corps, timid as it is, showing up for another razzle dazzle bill signing performance then being stiffed by a chief executive who routinely refuses to answer questions is par for the course with Ohio’s 69th governor.

Kasich Takes No Questions

“Here in this state, we’re minding the store,” he said, the AP reported. “We’ve got our eyes firmly fixed on the horizon. We know that we can be […]

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