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Omnicare in 1998 moved from downtown Cincinnati to nearby Covington, Kentucky, the town literally across the Ohio River from Cincinnati, after receiving $4 million in economic development incentives to make the move.  After that economic development package expired (as in, Kentucky could no longer legally ask the company to repay the benefits it was given), Omnicare announced in 2011 that it was…. moving right back to downtown in Cincinnati after receiving $6 million in economic incentives from the State of Ohio under Governor Kasich.  Because the commercial landlord that owned the space Omnicare moved to ALSO was receiving economic incentives, the new […]

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This company Navient is quickly gaining a reputation as the Henry F. Potter of the U.S. student loan industry, and now one of Ohio’s finest public servants is preparing to drop the hammer on them.

Have I mentioned lately what a smart move it was for President Barack Obama to appoint former Ohio Attorney General and Treasurer Richard Cordray as the first director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau? Smart as a whip, I tell ye, as a whip.

As is Cordray, incidentally—smart, that is. And his efforts at the CFPB appear to be creating wounds that smart […]

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Thousands of working poor Ohioans qualify for an extension of federal food aid, but shall Gov. John “The Tenderheart” Kasich extend it to them, concerned as he is about his postmortem meet-and-greet with St. Peter?

In the words of Bishop Bullwinkle, Hell No, to the no, no no. Aw, Hell No, to the no, no, no.

From a new report by Policy Matters Ohio:

“Federal rules allow states to waive time limits in areas where working-poor adults cannot find enough work hours (without a waiver, recipients are restricted to food aid for three out of 36 months unless they work at […]

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When the FCI Academy abruptly closed this week, nearly 300 students and their parents were left in a lurch.  Many showed up for the first day of school on Wednesday to find a notice simply posted on the front door, with no one answering the door or the many repeated phone calls of parents looking for answers.  Some have even sought answers and assistance from the school’s sponsor, Education Service Center of Lake Erie West, located two hours north in Toledo, to no avail.

A parent we spoke with today expressed her frustration as she is now […]

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The formation of Danny, the first major hurricane of the 2015 season is significant for many reasons. But for all its wind power, Danny can’t out blowhard the most powerful political hurricane of the year so far, Donald Trump.

According to a Quinnipiac national poll released Thursday, the vortex known as billionaire real estate Titan Donald Trump has generated enough velocity to win him 28 percent support, with his closest competitor, Ben Carson, at a distant 12 percent.

Hurricane Trump

The other 15 Republican challengers, including Ohio Gov. John Kasich at 5 percent, are far behind Trump’s lead, up […]

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Can we all agree that the Republican battle cry, as shouted by the gang of impostors running for the White House, has upstaged gay marriage, abortion, religious liberty and President Obama’s birth certificate as the the key to success?

As wildly as Donald Trump wails of undocumented immigrants who are rapists, gang leaders and the parents of anchor babies, it has the same effect as Paul Revere’s “the British are coming.”

Historically, the melodrama at the Mexican border is another ugly chapter in America’s blurred reaction to a color-coded phenomenon that it doesn’t understand. There was the “Yellow Peril’ advancing […]

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The Wall Street Journal, in a rare moment of identity confusion wherein it apparently confused itself for Mother Jones, did a report looking at how much money the governors running for President have received (including their affiliated Super PACs) in donations from companies with state contracts or taxpayer subsidies.  In total, the WSJ found that the campaigns and Super PACs of the four GOP governors running for President have taken a total of $2.5 million from companies with state contracts or taxpayer subsidies.

You’ll never guess who the overall runaway winner of the race for corruption cash is.  Okay, since […]

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Ted Strickland is defying the laws of campaign politics.

Karl Rove’s group has spent money for ads in the Ohio Senate race.  The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has also been on the air as well.  The Koch Brothers’ Americans for Prosperity are on the air attacking Ted Strickland in a misleading ad about Wilmington, Ohio.  Portman’s own campaign has been attacking Ted Strickland in various digital ad buys since Strickland entered the race.  In total, it is estimated that over $9 million in ads have been spent to help Rob Portman already in […]

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We can now thank Donald Trump for one of the greatest waste of resources by an Ohio elected official.

Sheriff Richard Jones of Butler County has made not effort to deny his love of Donald Trump’s “deport everyone” approach to immigration reform.  (Jones does not, it should be added, love John Kasich.)

So we should not have been surprised when Jones announced on Twitter that he has assigned a detective to crack down on employers in his county who hire undocumented immigrant workers.

I am assigning one detective to take information from people who report on illegal […]

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A new Quinnipiac Poll released Tuesday shows that Ohio’s junior U.S. Senator, Rob Portman, after five years in office is losing to former Gov. Ted Strickland. The former Democratic governor of Ohio has been attacked at length by Republicans and their allies since he lost a narrow election to John Kasich in 2010, and remains a big target for outside GOP groups who are promising to spend millions to keep him from taking Mr. Portman’s senate seat.

In the 2016 U.S. Senate race, Quinnipiac says Ted Strickland leads Sen. Rob Portman by three points, 44-41, which is within the margin […]

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I hope my fellow Ohioans are as impressed as I am by the statesmanship and serious, somber reflection we’ve been enjoying as a nation throughout this Presidential Primary season thus far.

“Do we want nice people or do we want horrible human beings?” The Donald Trump is asking his audiences. “I want horrible!” is his answer. I believe him. He leads by example.

In New Hampshire, Ohio Gov. John Kasich has moved up to 2nd place behind Trump in the GOP primary, with an average of 11 percent according to Real Clear Politics, and taking 11 percent to […]

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