From the daily archives: Monday, August 24, 2015

The latest Quinnipiac Poll, released Monday, is a good example of just how schizoid the American political personality has evolved to these days.

Voters in Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania were surveyed on a number of issues, with the findings taking on special significance since no candidate for president since Richard Nixon, in 1960, has been elected without carrying two of the three states. It will be 56 years ago next year that Richard Nixon won Ohio, but lost to John F. Kennedy.

Mish Mash

Now a year and one half away from leaving the White House following winning two […]

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Ohio state Rep. John Becker has made a career attempting to pronounce what others may or may not do with their reproductive organs. Throughout he tenure in the state legislature, nothing has been top of the mind for John Becker quite like what people should and should not be doing with their genitalia.

When his blood is really up, Becker has a thing for comparing homosexuality to sleeping with the house pets and livestock.

He’s also suggested Massachusetts be expelled from the Union for allowing equal marriage rights in 2003, that Alaska be allowed to secede, that condom-free zones should […]

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