Can we all agree that the Republican battle cry, as shouted by the gang of impostors running for the White House, has upstaged gay marriage, abortion, religious liberty and President Obama’s birth certificate as the the key to success?

As wildly as Donald Trump wails of undocumented immigrants who are rapists, gang leaders and the parents of anchor babies, it has the same effect as Paul Revere’s “the British are coming.”

Historically, the melodrama at the Mexican border is another ugly chapter in America’s blurred reaction to a color-coded phenomenon that it doesn’t understand. There was the “Yellow Peril’ advancing to the 20th Century with fear of Oriental invasions, the “Red Scare ” sold by fear mongering Sen. Joe McCarthy of commies under your bed in the 1950s and now the “Brownish Peril’ exploited by the GOP candidates trying to out-Trump Trump.

And some, like Jeb!, aren’t doing it with much panache. When he was challenged for bringing up the nasty term, “anchor babies,” he said, gosh, he only used it in reference to “Asian people.” Holy God! And this frequently misspeaking guy wants to be your president?

And Trump, circuit-riding as face-twisting comedian Lewis Black, was at it again in Iowa with Ann Coulter, who brandished her wicked witchcraft before a curse-thirsty audience. She said Trump’s arrival was evidence that “God hasn’t given up”.

So now and probably well into the future, we are witnessing what the New York Times accurately called a “revoltingly xenophobic Republican campaign”.

Is this how The Donald plans to “make America great again”?

In the days before the internet , President Andrew Jackson came up with the Indian Removal policy that drove the hapless Cherokees west from the south on the Trail of Tears. But these mistreated Indians were a relative handful compared to the 11 million illegals that Trump wants to ship back to Mexico, a multi-billion dollar impossibility that would take years to accomplish if they ever find their human quarry at all.

But in his Iowa harangue, Trump set his audience on edge by huffing that illegals slip over our borders and instantly produce a child, which America will pay for over the next 80 years.