From the daily archives: Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Today we can add another item to Kasich’s “Painfully unprepared for prime-time”  list. Or maybe two.

complaint filed with the Federal Election Committee (FEC) this afternoon accuses John Kasich of illegally coordinating with his Super PAC, New Day For America.

The complaint, from the American Democracy Legal Fund (ADLF) , argues that both John Kasich and his Super PAC broke federal law by missing registration deadlines with the FEC.

New Day For America spent nearly $60K on advertising on July 8, 2015 to support Kasich’s presidential campaign.   The group then kicked off an online fundraising drive using videos of Kasich personally endorsing the group, even though […]

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Yesterday the Obama Administration will unveil the final version of its “Clean Power Plan,” a regulatory framework under the Clean Air Act designed to reduce the United States’ greenhouse gases by 30% in the next fifteen years.

You will no doubt hear conservatives and pro-coal advocates howl about a “war on coal” and engage in economic fear-mongering with  threats of power plant closures, blackouts, and utility spikes.  But that is complete nonsense.

Every single time there is any effort to demand more energy efficiency and more socially healthy forms of energy generation, you will hear these doomsday scenarios.  And every single […]

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Lock your doors. There will be a Martian landing in Cleveland Thursday night. In clown capsules. It must be the real thing this time because Orson Welles has been dead for nearly 30 years.

I refer to the arrival of the hysterically heralded Fox “debate” of the people’s choices for the Republican presidential nomination. These things used to be so simple. Lincoln vs. Douglas. Kennedy vs. Nixon. Obama vs. McCain. Blah blah blah. Today, anyone with a Photo ID can run in a Republican primary. Unfortunately, many do.

They’ll be at The Q., the great hall where LeBron James, who […]

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