From the daily archives: Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Continuing to campaign in New Hampshire, the early primary state he’s betting his presidential run on, Ohio Gov. John Kasich revealed his plan to fix Social Security, the most important social safety net program in the nation’s history that is celebrating its 80th birthday.

Trying to sell himself as a budget balancer, compassionate conservative, military expert and man of faith to Granite State voters who don’t know him like Ohioans do, recent polls show that after spending $3 million in TV ads to introduce himself, the Ohio governor has moved up in state polls. Mr. Kasich is now in third […]

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During my time on the State School Board I served on three search committees to find the next State Superintendent of Public Education.

Each time there was a representative of the Governor that served on the committee and that person had just as much input as any other member of the committee.

So now it seems that the Governor is not happy with the make up of the State Board, 11 elected members and 8 appointed members.

So why is the Governor upset? Because 7 State Board members want the Ohio Department of Education and the State Superintendent investigated concerning […]

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