From the daily archives: Monday, August 10, 2015

When Ohio Governor John Kasich appeared on CNN yesterday morning to talk with Jake Tapper, he was faced with a question about  Donld Trump’s latest round of sexist comments.  Kasich stuck to his script, refusing to directly attack Trump while using the opportunity to talk about himself.  Kasich discussed the fact that his chief of staff is a woman, and hinted that hiring women is top priority. “I actively seek out and recruit women to be involved,” Kasich said.  “Because, uh,  like I say, they make things better.”

We took a look at the staff list for Kasich’s office and, to be fair, […]

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In the wake of last Thursday’s sometimes fiery Fox News debate held in Cleveland, where national Republicans will hold their presidential nominating convention next year, Ohio Gov. John Kasich appeared to score points for a couple answers. Some pundits applauded him for explaining why he accepted expanding Medicaid when his Republican legislature didn’t want to do it, and on declaring he has extended his “unconditional love” to gay marriage partners, which some of his closest advisers qualify for, even though he personally doesn’t agree with it.

Handling media as he does, which is to say he answers what he wants […]

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As Abe pointed out this morning, a new post-GOP debate poll conducted by NBC shows that Donald Trump has now grown his lead to 23 points while John Kasich dropped from 3 to 2 percent:

Donald Trump, 23 percent (up 1 point) Ted Cruz, 13 percent (up 7 points) Ben Carson, 11 percent (up 3 points) Carly Fiorina, 8 percent (up 6 points) Marco Rubio, 8 percent (no change) Jeb Bush, 7 percent (down 3 points) Scott Walker, 7 percent (down 3 points) Mike Huckabee, 5 percent (up 1 point) Rand Paul, 5 percent (down 1 point) Rick Perry, 2 percent […]

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The first thing you notice is all the news vans and then all the cops. After getting on Interstate 77 in Parkersburg, West Virginia, it’s a straight shot all the way to downtown Cleveland. And when you get off the highway, what I still call Jacob’s Field and then The Q are right there in front of you, with Cleveland’s Terminal Tower looming off to the left. Parked outside of The Q were dozens of news vans; standing outside, everywhere you look: hundreds of cops.

I skipped the $35 event parking at The Q for the first 2016 Republican Presidential […]

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