The Wall Street Journal, in a rare moment of identity confusion wherein it apparently confused itself for Mother Jones, did a report looking at how much money the governors running for President have received (including their affiliated Super PACs) in donations from companies with state contracts or taxpayer subsidies.  In total, the WSJ found that the campaigns and Super PACs of the four GOP governors running for President have taken a total of $2.5 million from companies with state contracts or taxpayer subsidies.

You’ll never guess who the overall runaway winner of the race for corruption cash is.  Okay, since we’re writing about it you probably know:

Who's got two thumbs and wads of taxpayer cash to give to donors?  THIS GUY, that's who.

Who’s got two thumbs and wads of taxpayer cash to hand out to get donors? THIS GUY, that’s who.

Yes, of the $2.5 million combined total the WSJ found the four GOP Governors have taken from businesses with contracts or collecting subsidies from their Administration, Kasich accounted for $1.5 million, or 60% of the crony cash alone.

That means more than 10% of Kasich’s Super PAC money is tied to companies Kasich has either given a State contract or special tax subsidies.  I’m sure it’s a total coincidence, and all the people from the Kasich Administration who just recently walked over to the Super PAC and campaign didn’t give their fundraisers access to their work contact lists.

The shakedown in Columbus has begun, folks.  And it’s being covered by the Wall Street Journal.  John Kasich, making America great… for the right bidder.


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