From the daily archives: Friday, August 21, 2015

Another day, another policy stumble for Ohio’s go-go CEO governor, who once again wants to be on both (or more) sides of every issue as he competes to be the Republican nominee for president next year.  Today’s issue: Abortion rights.

Ohio Lieutenant Governor Mary Taylor blasted out an email today defending Kasich’s “strong pro-life record.” Speaking on behalf of Kasich for America, the governor’s presidential campaign, Ohio’s second-in-command said her running mate has signed more pro-life legislation than any other governor.   Ohio progressive groups point out that Kasich continues to provide conflicting answers on the topic.

Kasich Caught Conflicting Again


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The year 1968 could fill volumes citing  the troubled life on our seismic planet.  The war in Vietnam was going badly.  Lyndon Johnson dismissed himself as a candidate for reelection.  Alabama Gov. George Wallace’s wife Lurleen died.   She had been chosen as the interim governor when her uber-segregationist husband was limited by law  to two successive terms. (He returned later.)

America’s cities erupted in riotous protests when two icons of the civil-rights movement, Martin Luther King, and a few months later, Robert Kennedy, were assassinated.

It also was the year that a gentle African-American lawyer, Louis Stokes, from Cleveland’s […]

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The Washington Post‘s staff conservative lackey Jennifer Rubin is sometimes useful for taking the temperature of the Republican Party establishment, and her column this week on how “John Kasich is the un-Trump” is a brilliant example.

The Donald Trump—who hashed out a fairly successful three-decade business career by being a Class-A knucklehead and blowhard—has been giving the conservative establishment the howling fantods as he helicopters around the Iowa State Fair in that stupid mismatching baseball cap, generally degrading the Republican Primary into everything that is twisted about American Reality Television.

How to respond? Whatever is an Establishment Grand Old Partier to do?


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Exactly five full weeks ago, the day before David Hansen resigned from his post at the Ohio Department of Education after it was discovered that he withheld damaging charter school ratings from charter sponsor evaluations, we requested copies of his emails – both those he sent and those he received regarding the evaluations.

Despite the fact that those emails were supposedly reviewed internally at ODE, we have yet to receive a response.

Eleven days later, on July 28, we requested emails sent and received by Superintendent Dick Ross concerning the “Youngstown Plan” that he secretly (and illegally) […]

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For everyone who knows Gov. John Kasich well after following his long and lucrative career as a showman politician, and after all his glib declarations about how he single-handily turned Ohio around, he’s just a con man at heart. He needs an anesthetized media to cut him breaks so his story of giving people hope again sounds reasonable and compassionate instead of being the out right lie it is.

For all the lazy, elite national reporters whose work becomes the fodder for lesser reporters, some of whom work for Ohio’s biggest newspapers, their blindness, intentional or not to Gov. Kasich’s […]

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