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Governor John Kasich has long promised to improve Ohio’s weak job growth rates.  But new estimates of Ohio employment, released Friday by the Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services (ODJFS), show a very different picture: 60 consecutive months of job growth below the national average.

60 Months = 5 Years

According to an analysis of ODJFS’ job information, Economic Research Analyst George Zeller of Cleveland, seen by some as Ohio’s class-A digester and interpreter of such detailed information, said new October 2017 data extends Ohio’s “terrible sub-par job growth streak to 60 consecutive months,” including all months between […]

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On what was likely his last conference call of the year with Ohio media, Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown of Ohio said he and state-mate U.S. Sen. Rob Portman will safeguard the $50 million “Smart City Challenge” grant awarded to Columbus by former President Barack Obama’s department of transportation, should White House Budget Director Mick Mulvaney try to repurpose it.

Brown, running for a third term next year, told this reporter that he doesn’t worry the Trump Administration would try to take away the funding because he and Portman would shut it down.

This reporter’s […]

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If Ohio media had been investigating Gov. John Kasich and his administration with the same energy and vigor they’ve used to pursue far less important people who engaged in far less unlawful activity, Kasich’s plunderbund while in office would constitute a rap sheet of scandals that would paint a different, darker picture than the one reporters and editorial boards have delivered so far despite knowing better.

Since he won his skinny two-percent victory back in 2010, reporting on his serious screw ups has drifted toward fluff coverage that includes editorials written to defend his wrong-headed policies and […]

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In his conference call last week, Sen. Sherrod Brown of Ohio said the CHIP program (Children’s Health Insurance Program) in Ohio has been extended until maybe March with cuts Gov. John Kasich will take from other programs.

Brown said he talked to Kasich about CHIP, but didn’t offer detail about which programs might be impacted, or how much those targeted programs would be cut to keep CHIP functional for a couple more months, pending congressional refunding. CHIP in Ohio serves over 200,000 children each year.

For a glimpse of what would happen in Ohio if CHIP isn’t […]

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Term-limited Ohio Gov. John Kasich has mastered the art of pretending he’s not a career politician, when that’s exactly what he’s been for most of his adult life.

By most reputable measures, the 65-year old Kasich is an old-guard, establishment Republican trapped between his fixed past and a fluid future he’s afraid of, because he would have to flip-flop bigly on most issues to get in sync with young people who appear to have read their tea leafs and are bolting Kasich’s long-held yesterday-man beliefs and ideology for kinder, saner, more progressive Democratic fields of dreams.

Kasich prides himself of […]

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Ohio’s senior Senator in Washington, Sherrod Brown, told reporters on his weekly call last Wednesday that he won’t join with Democratic colleague, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand of New York State, in calling for President Donald Trump to resign.

Calling On Trump To Resign

Brown recently joined many of his Democratic Senate colleagues in calling for Minnesota U.S. Sen. Al Franken to resign in the wake of allegations about the former comedian-turned politician’s past inappropriate sexualized behavior. Meanwhile, some of President Trump’s sexual indiscretions over the years have become public after 16 women stepped forward to tell their tales […]

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It’s not too late for Ohio’s two-term Washington Senator Rob Portman to rebuild his sorry and sullied reputation as one of  Ohio’s many career Republican no-where men – misunderstanding all he sees. To get back on the path to saving his mortal soul, and his political backside in the process, Rob can become the unlikely last minute hero from Ohio.

The “commonsense conservative” has been out of his mind and divorced from the daily plight of real working Ohioans by helping the tax-writing Senate Finance Committee he’s a member of to construct the terrible tax cut bill Washington Republicans of […]

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The much-anticipated special election for U.S. Senator in Alabama, pitting ultra-right, God-fearing Republican Roy Moore against Doug Jones, a Democrat President Donald Trump and his former chief strategist Steve Bannon warned would be a puppet controlled by Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer of New York if elected, ended Tuesday night with a small but decidedly big bang for the underdog candidate.

The whimper many feared would happen if voters who turned out in overwhelming numbers to vote for Trump over Hillary Clinton last year decided to embrace their party’s scandal ridden choice to replace former Alabama U.S. Sen. Jeff Sessions […]

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Minnesota U.S. Sen. Al Franken goofed a golden-gopher opportunity bigly last Thursday to make a real difference, one that would have produced lasting effects had he not capitulated to the rush to judgement, forced by his Democratic brethren who saw no distinction between his behavioral transgressions compared to those committed by President Donald Trump, or the likely to be elected Senator from Deep South State Alabama, Roy Moore.

In a forced marched to his resignation that took about three weeks, made possible by Frankens Democratic Senate colleagues including Ohio U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown who called on him to resign, “Landslide” […]

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Now that Donald Trump, a registered Democrat as recently as 2009, has taken over the national and Ohio Republican Parties, old fashioned Republicans crying for daylight between them and the modern-day Donald are adopting silly semantics to confuse and misdirect.

Calling themselves conservatives, betting it confuses enough to hide behind what they’ve always thought and fought for and who they’ve always voted for, is the new razzle-dazzle ruse in the era of Trump fake news.

For all your Republican friends – and even I, believe it or not, have some – ask them to distinguish in meaningful terms the difference […]

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The raging age of technology has spawned new acronyms galore. Twitter has taken abbreviations like OMG, meaning “Oh My God,” to new levels of code speak. Emojis, a Japanese invention that adds a multitude of images that portray human emotions, have expanded today’s new-age lexicon to levels unrecognizable by the great writers over the centuries who relied on Daniel Webster or the Oxford English Dictionary for their word pools.

Two acronyms dating back to World War II military slang are little used today, but they are as relevant, maybe more so now than when first coined.


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