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Ohio’s 69th governor has left the state again, this time to hop the pond for a few days to schmooze with German and English businesses. Odds are slim that the 64-year old supply side governor will learn anything about how important unions are to German companies.

Called co-determination, it’s not uncommon in Germany for unions to hold seats on corporate boards, which helps explain why German union workers have such high wages compared to American unions which are routinely denigrated by Republican governors like Mr. Kasich, who may have a chance to sign a right-to-work bill that guts […]

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For everyone who isn’t paying attention to the good news about how former President Barack Obama’s national health law, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act [ACA], is helping in Ohio, one million Buckeyes who didn’t have health care insurance before the ACA have it now.

Through a combination of a marketplace exchange and the expansion of Medicaid, the federal/state health insurance program for the poor under Obamacare [aka ACA], the rate of uninsured Ohioans is at its lowest level ever.

Before the rollout of the Health Insurance Marketplace in 2013, 1.3 million Ohioans or slightly more than 11 […]

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Pat Tiberi used to be John Kasich’s driver when the two-term lame duck governor was a congressman representing the 12th District Tiberi now represents. Kasich is destined to exit the political stage in two years, when he wanders off to speaking gigs or occasional pop ups on Fox News. Tiberi, who’s gained power in the new juiced up GOP congress, is rumored to be eyeing a run at two-term U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown, but he’ll have to defeat battle-hardened State Treasurer Josh “Boots” Mandel in the 2018 primary to do that.

Speaking from overseas in Europe, Gov. Kasich says he won’t […]

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Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown didn’t serve in the military. His likely challenger in 2018, the same candidate he beat in 2012, did serve in the military. State Treasurer Josh Mandel, who prominently features his eight years in the U.S. Marine Reserves on his campaign website, would likely privatize healthcare for servicemen if he could, putting them in harm’s way again off the battlefield.

Privatization would fail to provide veterans with the specialized care and services they need, and veterans groups overwhelmingly oppose privatization of their health care. For these two reasons alone, Sen. Brown, who apparently has commissioned himself a […]

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If hard-of-learning syndrome was a real disease, Ohio Gov. John Kasich would be the poster child for it. It’s sad if not tragic when a 64-year old man who’s been wrong so many times before refuses to give an inch when it comes to learning that what he believes in deeply is so deeply flawed.

But basic Kasich says stick to your guns even when they aren’t loaded anymore. In defiance of his poor record of creating jobs with massive tax cuts to those who need it least, scuttlebutt around the statehouse in Columbus says the confident quack governor is […]

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It’s just starting, so get used to it—the battle to determine who will represent Ohio in the U.S. Senate in 2019, that is. Will it be two-term Democratic incumbent Sen. Sherrod Brown? Or will it be two-term Republican Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel, his likely but not Republican-Party endorsed challenger?

Mandel tried but failed to unseat Brown in 2012 even though more than $40 million was spent on his behalf by the likes of the Koch Brothers and other Republican donors whose deep pockets had money to burn then, and will again this cycle.

“Sherrod Brown shouldn’t be a US Senator,” exclaimed […]

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In what’s become a regular weekly meeting with Ohio reporters each Wednesday when Congress is in session, Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown discussed a new, bipartisan bill he intends to introduce as soon as tomorrow that will codify sanctions on Russia and require Congressional approval before sanctions are waived.

Sen. Brown outlined the legislation that has three Republican senators as co-sponsors: Arizona Sen. John McCain, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio and South Carolina Sen. Lyndsey Graham. As ranking Democrat on the Senate Banking Committee, Ohio’s senior senator plays a key national security role in overseeing sanctions on Russia and other countries.

Brown […]

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The so-called billionaire from New York City, Donald Trump, won Ohio and the White House last year because poor rural counties, of which there are many among the state’s 88, voted in droves for him, hoping he would bring good jobs and prosperity where little of neither exist today.

The great divide between populated counties with dense cities and sparsely populated rural counties that haven’t seen good times for decades has again reared its ugly head in partisanship. Republican lawmakers in Columbus are continuing their attack on the Ohio Constitution and its Home Rule Authority amendment, enacted in […]

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The Big Orange Machine working out of the White House in Washington wants to get cracking on replacing anybody not supplicating themselves enough to the new American order with someone who will.

Donald Trump and his loyal lieutenants in arms on Pennsylvania Avenue are ready to roll over any bump in the road that stands between them and their agenda to take the nation’s capital by force if necessary.

Among the many barriers before them is a tough Buckeye nut who’s done yeoman work on behalf of consumers across the nation, by fulfilling the mission of the Consumer Finance […]

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Ohio’s corporate media has regularly swallowed at face value what Gov. John Kasich has said on creating jobs. Of late, it seems, they have woken up slightly that the governor’s alternate-world facts don’t jive with real-world facts on how poorly he’s actually performed.

When the former Lehman Brothers banker reflexively blurts out the number 400,000, jobs he said are back after the Great Recession tooks its toll on the state, he fails to mention that tens of thousands of workers can’t find jobs, especially good-paying jobs, because they aren’t being created fast enough, so they drop out of the […]

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Former Ohio House Speaker Larry Householder of Perry County was Jim Tressel’s personal escort this past Friday morning, when the former Ohio State University football coach spoke before 400 or more residents and students at Sheridan High School.

Before Tressel gave his talk on lessons he’s learned in life so far, Mr. Householder, who some Capital Square watchers predict may once again wield the speakers gavel, offered comments on Gov. Kasich’s recent budget and on whether the Trump revolution will fade away or continue as attention shifts to the midterm elections just two short years away.

Bow Shot To […]

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