Connie Pillich is a Democrat running to be the next Ohio Governor. A lawyer, Air Force veteran, former Member of the Ohio House of Representatives and a candidate for state treasurer in 2014, Pillich fielded questions from the press before the 2017 Legacy Dinner started Saturday evening in Columbus at the Expo Center.

Unscripted and in her own words, Mrs. Pillich talks about her race for governor.


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Ohio Democratic Party Chairman David Pepper fielded questions from reporters Saturday night before the 2017 Legacy Dinner held in Columbus at the Expo Center.

Mr. Pepper, who took the reins of the party in December of 2014, says that even though Ohio voters went for Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton by nearly nine percentage points last year, the current and likely crop of Democrats today have opportunities to regain voter favor in the 2018 mid-term elections. Mr. Pepper predicts Ohio voters will want change from the slate of out-bound Republicans, led by Gov. John Kasich, whose policies and programs […]

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Trump’s War On Science

On April 22, 2017 By

It was somewhat fortunate that the date for this year’s celebration of Earth Day drew so much attention around the world on Saturday with the March for Science et al.

And not a moment too soon, arriving as it did shorly after Donald Trump’s executive order that was another burst of his medieval fix on destroying our environment.

Purely opaque flat-earth stuff from the Oval Office.

New Yorker magazine’s terse headline neatly captured the narrative in its April 10 issue:


Considering the number of ways the president has decided to foul the air we breathe and […]

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The Ohio Democratic Party will hold its 2017 Legacy Dinner on Saturday in downtown Columbus. This year’s event will include a tribute to the late great Ohio born and raised U.S. Sen. John Glenn, the first American to orbit the earth. Ohio’s senior senator in Washington, twice-elected Sen. Sherrod Brown, will be the dinner’s featured speaker.

Also appearing and speaking at the event will be three announced Democratic candidates for governor: former state Rep. Connie Pillich, Senate Democratic Leader Joe Schiavoni and former U.S. Rep. Betty Sutton.

Ohio Leans Republican

Larry Sabato, the election guru at the Center for […]

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After Donald Trump pounded 16 other Republican presidential candidates last year, the only one of the losers landing any time on TV these days is Ohio Gov. John Kasich, who coincidentally has a new book out based on his second failed try to seat himself in the Oval Office.

“Two Paths: America United Or Divided” is on book shelves now, and it’s helped Ohio’s lame-duck governor stay in focus for beltway reporters like Anderson Cooper of CNN fame, who will hold a one-hour chat session with Ohio’s term-limited governor on Monday night at 10 PM.

To help CNN liven up […]

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Back in 2011 I analyzed Ohio’s EdChoice voucher program and determined that 93% of the vouchers were being used at private schools with a religious affiliation.  A new analysis by the Cleveland Plain Dealer shows that number may have jumped to 97%.

Donald Trump has proposed increasing spending on school vouchers in his budget, a plan fully supported by Betsy DeVos, his Education Secretary.  DeVos and Trump both attended private schools as children and neither have any experience with actual public schools or with education policy.

Our analysis from 2011 showed that there were only three secular private high schools in Ohio that […]

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According to a recent article by Diane Ravitch, the Walton Family Foundation spent $179 million on charter school activities in 2015 and they “are in the midst of a pledge to spend $1 billion to open more charters.”

The Walton Family foundation and other pro-charter foundations are spending billions in the campaign to charterize the traditional public system. Ravitch shared a list of organizations that Walton is helping to bankroll that includes Michelle Rhee’s StudentsFirst Institute ($2.8 Million) and Teach For America ($8 Million) as well as School Choice Ohio ($35K), the shady Ohio-based, anti-public school organization.

While […]

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Bill O’Reilly, one of Donald Trump’s biggest media pals and well-known womanizer, has officially been let go by Fox News after two decades of being the all-pro Republican media channel’s top talent.  The decision comes after news broke that Fox paid a minimum of $13 million in legal settlements to women who endured unwanted advances by their almighty messenger and purveyor of right-wing news.   A recent poll by Morning Consult showed, by a 2-1 margin, that American viewers wanted Bill O’Reilly to go away.

Maybe Ohio Gov. John Kasich has a life-after-governor career after all?

The Ohio leader known for his abrasive […]

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As Ohio Gov. John Kasich greases up for a one-hour CNN Town Hall event at 10 p.m. next Monday evening, I think of Dr. Israel Shahak, to whom we shall return momentarily.

Kasich is out to promote his new book, “Two Paths, America Divided or United.”


In addition to talking about the book, Kasich intends to give his take on primary rival Donald Trump’s first 100 days as president, offer his reflections on the presidential campaign, and discuss his hopes for the future, the CNN release stated.

Kasich has repeatedly waved off suggestions about running for president in […]

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I’ve built a pillow fort here under the National Affairs Desk as I know there will be incoming.

In 1972 I went in the next to the last draft. It was the only lottery I ever won. It seems America has always had a love/hate relationship with the draft.

In the first draft during the Civil War you could pay someone $300 to serve in your stead if you were drafted. This enabled  the wealthy and middle class to avoid conscription. In July 1863, there was a massive riot over the draft in NYC. President Lincoln had to deploy needed troops to […]

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