Ohio’s 69th governor has left the state again, this time to hop the pond for a few days to schmooze with German and English businesses. Odds are slim that the 64-year old supply side governor will learn anything about how important unions are to German companies.

Called co-determination, it’s not uncommon in Germany for unions to hold seats on corporate boards, which helps explain why German union workers have such high wages compared to American unions which are routinely denigrated by Republican governors like Mr. Kasich, who may have a chance to sign a right-to-work bill that guts […]

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For everyone who isn’t paying attention to the good news about how former President Barack Obama’s national health law, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act [ACA], is helping in Ohio, one million Buckeyes who didn’t have health care insurance before the ACA have it now.

Through a combination of a marketplace exchange and the expansion of Medicaid, the federal/state health insurance program for the poor under Obamacare [aka ACA], the rate of uninsured Ohioans is at its lowest level ever.

Before the rollout of the Health Insurance Marketplace in 2013, 1.3 million Ohioans or slightly more than 11 […]

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A scene in an Indiana Jones movie has Harrison Ford sinking in quicksand up to his neck. He’s rescued by a friend who pitches a long snake to him for a tow line. It works . The plot continues.

But then, it’s a movie when anything can happen. My literature prof in college would refer to it as calling for a “suspension of disbelief.”

The scene is revived in my memory every time Sean Spicer chugs up to the microphone at a press briefing . Did he bring along another symbolic snake to yank his boss from the quicksand of […]

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Presidents Day

On February 20, 2017 By

Happy President’s Day – the tribute of American democracy to our leaders from the one who would not tell a lie to the serial liar who is the current occupant. No whoppers from Sunday’s batch but we do know that on the seventh day he rests.

The sweaty campaign-like performance at his Florida misnamed “press conference” produced more than enough evidence to disqualify him for honorable President’s Day activities . I’m thinking of his torrential assault on the “dishonest press” that wouldn’t even show, he complained, the huge crowd that had found its way into the Melbourne hangar with cheers […]

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The Pretense Of Mar-A-Lago

On February 20, 2017 By

Let ‘s pretend.

Let’s pretend that you have $200,000 of loose change to join D. Trump’s luxurious resort, Mar-a-Lago. Let’s pretend that you are eager to hobnob not only with the President but also with his super wealthy members in the epicenter of the world’s most powerful oligarchy. Pretend that you will be an insider for Developers. Bankers. Lobbyists. Corporate chiefs. Moguls. Even Bill Belichick..(But only if it’s OK with him.)

Pretend that the head oligarch only won the election by a TKO whiile losing the popular vote by nearly 3 million . Pretend that as a part-time president who […]

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Last week we learned that State Rep. John Becker, of Union Township in Clermont County was introducing a so-called “right to work” bill intended at damaging Ohio’s public sector unions.

Now it looks like Republican State Rep. Tom Brinkman is planning to do the same for private sector unions.

In 2011, Ohioans overwhelmingly voted to overturn similarly overreaching anti-union measures in Senate Bill 5.

Brinkman’s cosponsor letter is shown below.



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Pat Tiberi used to be John Kasich’s driver when the two-term lame duck governor was a congressman representing the 12th District Tiberi now represents. Kasich is destined to exit the political stage in two years, when he wanders off to speaking gigs or occasional pop ups on Fox News. Tiberi, who’s gained power in the new juiced up GOP congress, is rumored to be eyeing a run at two-term U.S. Sen. Sherrod Brown, but he’ll have to defeat battle-hardened State Treasurer Josh “Boots” Mandel in the 2018 primary to do that.

Speaking from overseas in Europe, Gov. Kasich says he won’t […]

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Ohio’s members of congress are back in their districts this week, and a variety of local groups are trying to hold them accountable.

ProgressOhio has a list of the town hall meetings being held this week.  Here’s the email they sound out this afternoon:


Members of Ohio’s Congressional delegation are back home for their first week-long recess of the Trump administration.

It’s five weeks into Trump’s Presidency and constituents across Ohio have a lot they would like to talk to their members of Congress about: the Affordable Care Act, Cabinet appointments, the SCOTUS nominee – among others. Unfortunately, not […]

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Did you notice that D. Trump has recommended  another Wall Street  billionaire for his crusade to make America great again?  Yep, in this instance the plutocrat’s name is Stephen  A. Feinberg, the co-founder of a cash cow name Cerberus Capital Management and reported to be quite friendly with Steve Bannon (here we go again!),  the president’s thought-meister.

Trump wants him to  head  an investigation of the American  intelligence agency.  As you already know, Herr Trump has not  been pleased with the agency that is supposed to inform him of anything not in lockstep with his and America’s interests.  So now […]

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The February 11, 2017 Policy Matters Ohio research report, by Zack Schiller, pinpoints why multitudes of school district students are deprived of a high quality education.

State officials in Ohio seem more comfortable tolerating the school-to-prison and school-to-welfare pipelines than biting the bullet to appropriately fund a constitutional system of common schools. All the political rhetoric about career and college readiness is noisome twaddle without the provision of adequate resources directed to all school districts.

Policy Matters asked the Institute on Taxation and Economic Policy to analyze Kasich’s latest tax proposal. This is what they found:

• The middle fifth […]

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