One of Ohio’s four Democratic Congressman, 43-year old Tim Ryan of Niles near Youngstown, lost a widely watched bid to topple Nancy Pelosi from California in a House Democratic Caucus election held Wednesday.

Sixty-three Democrats went rogue by voting for Ryan, sending shock waves through Democratic leadership circles that a new message and a new messenger is needed to win back voters who ditched the party and its presidential candidate this year, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Nancy Pelosi, 76 years old, was favored to win, which she did by beating Ryan, who’s been in the House since 2002, by 71 votes […]

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Online schools have rendered the compulsory attendance law invalid for thousands of students by not monitoring attendance. Any responsible person involved in education realizes that attendance laws must be enforced. School officials have the responsibility to ensure that students attend school. But many online providers argue their only responsibility is to offer the program.

After 15 years of charter operators being paid for students not participating, the Ohio Department of Education finally decided to actually audit student participation in online charters. According to the Plain Dealer article, some of the online providers are currently lobbying the […]

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In September, seven Detroit school children filed a lawsuit claiming that the state’s neglect of Detroit’s schools has denied them access to literacy. Fox News in Detroit reported on November 25 that the Michigan Attorney General requested that a federal judge dismiss the suit. The Attorney General argued that in Michigan there is no fundamental right to literacy. Specifically, the Attorney General argued the Michigan Constitution only requires the state to provide a system of free public schools.

Without speculating on how the federal court might rule, there are at least four points that Ohioans should ponder:

1. The state […]

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A Lie Is A Lie Is A Lie

On December 2, 2016 By

There are lies.

There are Plato’s noble lies.

There are Hitler’s horrific lies.

There are the half-truths of toothpaste ads and political campaigns.

And there is George Costanza’s version on “Seinfeld” that “it’s not a lie if you believe it”.

And then there are Donald Trump’s reckless in-your-face lies that don’t need a professional fact-checker to prove them false.

This week, Trump, in need of another outburst of applause for his ego, returned to his campaign mode on his absurd victory lap that he has humbly cast as a “thank you” to the voters . In Cincinnati, the most conservative […]

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It’s a long road to Nov. 6, 2018, but what happens on that date may come to define to fate of the Buckeye State through at least 2031 and perhaps beyond. The campaign starts now.

All five statewide elected offices will be up for grabs. Three of the officeholders who win those seats – the governor, auditor, and secretary of state – will sit on the Ohio Apportionment Board. The other four seats come from the General Assembly with one majority and one minority representative from each chamber.

Democrats must win at least two of the three statewide seats to […]

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During the campaigns of 2016, Plunderbund was consistently denied press credentials to Repulican events like the RNC convention as well as to Trump events.  Not especially cool, but also not surprising since these were campaign events aimed at portraying their candidates in the best possible light.

But the campaigns are over, and Trump is now the president-elect of the United States of America.  So when Trump does a large appearance, like the one today in Cincinnati, we would expect not to be denied.   Sadly, Trump still appears to be in campaign mode, denying press credentials to PB Reporter John […]

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When a resident of Miami Township in Montgomery County went to fetch her mail five days before Election Day this year, stuffed in the middle of the day’s delivered mail was a threatening note that borders on hate speech that gave her great pause.

The unsigned note, printed in large font, didn’t leave any doubt about its tone and instruction.


The resident, who  asked this reporter not to identify for fear of reprisal or retribution, had a Hillary Clinton and […]

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ECOT went to court to block the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) from auditing student participation in the ECOT online operation. The Franklin County Common Pleas judge denied ECOT’s request for a preliminary injunction to block the audit. The Franklin County Court of Appeals upheld the lower Court decision on Tuesday. ECOT will likely appeal to the Ohio Supreme Court. Separately, ECOT filed an administrative appeal with ODE that will be heard December 5. Where does ECOT get the funds for this flurry of legal activities? Right out of deductions from school districts! Where is the […]

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Who needs licensed teachers anyway, right?

When last we saw Ohio Senate Bill 3, Valentine’s Day had just ended and stores were starting to stock the shelves with summer wear here in Ohio (though Christmas decorations weren’t far behind).  The bill had floundered for a while in the Ohio House and then appeared to be on the fast track for passage, though there did appear to be adequate time for hearings and public feedback.

And then John Kasich got in the heat of the presidential race and the Ohio Statehouse all but shut down and all committee meetings just […]

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Trump’s Education Secretary pick Betsy DeVos believes the public common school system is a failure. See a November 23 Edweek article.

All Children Matter Inc., once directed by DeVos, owes $5.3 million to the Ohio Elections Commission due to violations of Ohio campaign finance laws in 2008. (A campaign money laundering scheme) See November 24 Dispatch article. Also see the November 23 Detroit Free Press editorial by Stephen Henderson.

Edd Doerr, President, Americans for Religious Liberty, indicates that in 2000 DeVos and her husband supported a constitutional amendment […]

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