Even though it was early in the morning Thursday, Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, Robby Mook was more than fired up when he addressed the Ohio delegation, a full 12 hours before Mrs. Clinton made American history as the first woman candidate for president for a major political party.

Mook preceded other speaks who lambasted Republicans in general and Donald Trump specifically, for many of the party’s far-right platform ideas and for all of Donald Trump’s incoherent at best and what three-term Mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg, called insane ideas.

Maybe it was for lack of sleep over the […]

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Allen West and Joe McCarthy, where are you, now that we really need you?

In light of the Russian hacking of the Democratic National Committee website and the release of 20,000 emails by WikiLeaks on the eve of the convention, many progressives are thoroughly confused and might need help from the former Florida congressman and the ghost of the Wisconsin senator in sorting out and understanding some recent developments in Russia and Eastern Europe. As we sort out both geography and history, along with the role of the Russian government in being involved in an American presidential election, […]

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Being a jaded, cynical newspaperman in 21st Century America often harrows the soul. We witness the beast, in all of its manifestations, zoomed-in on graphic detail, often armed only with a reporter’s notebook, a pen, and a digital recorder. These tools, while perfectly suitable for the recording of history, don’t leverage much power against the darker forces at work in civilization.

While the use of a Macbook and a website content management system give voice to frustration, the fractiousness of our politics may often convince one it’s just so much screaming into the void. The void, by definition, is empty […]

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On Wednesday morning at its regularly scheduled breakfast meeting, the Ohio delegation’s special guest was HUD Secretary Julian Castro.

The former mayor of San Antonio, who at one time was on the list of possible picks for vice president by Hillary Clinton, offered remarks on the upcoming election and the nomination of the first woman president last night, Hillary Clinton.

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Before President Obama took the stage at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia Wednesday tonight, to again make his case to the nation that Hillary Clinton should be elected the next president, Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown had been scheduled to be among the speakers preceding the president’s scheduled address at 10 P.M. that included remarks by Vice President Joe Biden, and Mrs. Clinton’s pic for Vice President, Tim Kaine.

Sen. Brown told the Ohio delegation Wednesday morning at its breakfast meeting that he spent 90 minutes with Hillary Clinton, who had a list of vice presidential candidates to look over […]

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Hillary Clinton won Ohio’s Democratic primary in 2008, when she defeated her younger, long-shot challenger, Illinois Senator Barack Obama.

Eight years later, the former secretary of state for President Obama won Ohio again, this time defeating an older, long-shot challenger, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, who rallied to her side in a well-received address Monday night at the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, site of the 2016 Democratic nominating convention.

Ohio Democrats will help nominate Hillary Clinton tonight as having lived a lifetime of fighting for children and families. To help nominate the first female candidate for president, the official vote count […]

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The commotion at the Democratic convention’s curtain raiser distracted  from a possible Trumpian subplot that is of major concern to U.S. intelligence officials.  From all appearances the Russians hacked the DNC to expose an email cache that would make Hillary Clinton’s email troubles seem like no more than the hidden hole card in a penny ante game.

There’s now strong suspicion at the highest levels  of the FBI  that Russian president Vladimir Putin was behind the hacking because he wants his buddy-buddy Donald Trump to win.    Even the timing of the  disclosure on convention eve pointed to a Russian […]

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Philadelphia, the city of brotherly love, is blazing hot this week as temperatures on the street from protesters collide with cooler temperatures inside the Wells Fargo Arena, site of the 2016 Democratic National Convention.

Philadelphia officials estimate between 35,000 and 50,000 people, with some estimates ranging as high as 100,000, will demonstrate across the city each day, the AP reported. Groups planning to demonstrate include gun control advocates and the group Occupy DNC Convention and Trump supporters from Pennsylvania.

Heat On The Street

Meanwhile, more than 5,000 delegates—about 15 percent of which are superdelegates, mainly members of Congress and members […]

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Ohio’s lame duck governor refuses to back the official GOP candidate for president. In an article penned for Time Magazine, John Kasich makes a solid case to vote for Hillary Clinton this fall.

All Democrats, independents and thoughtful Republicans can agree with the term-limited governor’s assertions that disparage the Big Orange Machine and its new triumphant leader, Donald Trump.

This year Ohio’s 64-year old governor saw his second run for the White House flop fatally. His first try, in 2000, never got off the ground, crashing long before even the first test in Iowa. The political slap-fight with Donald Trump, […]

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Hate Week and it shorter daily version, the Two Minutes Hate, are opportunities to demonize the enemy of the day, real or not, in 1984, George Orwell’s iconic novel about a dystopian future of perpetual war, where thought police and Double-Think are societal norms as people rat each other out and believe whatever “Big Brother” tells them to believe.

For Plunderbund readers who have not read 1984, the Two Minutes Hate is a daily period in which Party members watch a film depicting the Party’s enemies and express their hatred for them for exactly two minutes, as Wikipedia informs us. […]

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