It didn’t take long for Gov. Kasich’s free ride as a presidential wannabe to get stomped by a national newspaper. As we have recently pointed out, the national media, from the New York Times to MSNBC, were so taken by his alleged moderate conservatism that they hopped on his bandwagon and said some nice things about his right- of-center confections without checking out his record back in Ohio.

The Washington Post stepped up with some of it own background research and concluded the issues confronting Ohio public education added up to a “mess”.

The bedsheet list included a “scandal-ridden […]

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“Now the sun’s comin’ up, and I’m riding with Lady Luck. Freeway, cars and trucks. Stars beginning to fade. And I lead the parade.” – Tom Waits

We’re deep in the muck of another American Presidential political season. Ted Cruz covered ground and won in Iowa over Donald Trump, who is Not A Loser. Hillary peeled off a victory from a couple coin tosses and grasped onto front runner status while leaving the Hawkeye State.

Then in New Hampshire, Bernie handed the front runner a 22-point drubbing, and walked away with the same number of delegates as her. I feared this. […]

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Not since his days as a student at The Ohio State University, back in the 1970s, has John Kasich lost an election that carried his name on the ballot. That streak ended Tuesday in New Hampshire.

Capturing only 16 percent of the vote in the very small and very liberal New England state, Mr. Kasich came in a distant second place to Donald Trump who blew him out by more than double with 35 percent. The New York real estate Titan running his first ever political campaign ended the day with 50,000 votes more than John Kasich, whose been a […]

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Gov. John Kasich received another gift from God last week. Instead of heavenly angel messengers like Gabriel delivering it, the gift came through a Federal Magistrate judge in Ohio.

Key members of Camp Kasich could have received court sanctions for unethical and likely illegal actions surrounding the 2014 dumping of The Libertarian Party of Ohio’s [LPO] candidate for governor. This kind of political muscling done to wreck a competitor’s chances to fairly get on the ballot was called “political espionage” by LPO’s plaintiff attorney.

Camp Kasich can breathe a short sigh of relief, at least in Ohio, that the blockbuster issues lurking […]

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We still must wonder why University of Akron President Scott Scarborough chose to deliver his standard denial of a churning campus before the Faculty Senate, in a near unanimous vote, convincingly pointed him to the gallows. I’ve been told there was nothing new in the one-hour talk when even he must have known that his fate was sealed in a 50-2 no-confidence resolution. Was it no more than an act of damage control?

Since then, several days have passed so quietly that you could have heard a diploma drop. When I checked UA spokesman Wayne Hill, he emailed that the […]

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By David Knox

Ohio Gov. John Kasich said something during Saturday’s presidential debate in New Hampshire that he didn’t say in the previous seven Republican debates.

“And we’ve grown jobs by 400,000 — that’s one of the fastest growing states in the country,” he told the audience at St. Anselm’s College and an estimated 13.2 million television and online viewers.

The first part of that sentence is true — Ohio has gained more than 400,000 jobs since Kasich took office in January 2011, according to the latest U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics data.

But those same figures don’t support Kasich’s […]

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We can’t stop, longtime Athens County labor leader Ted Linscott told a standing-room-only crowd at the local community center last Thursday night. Every day there is an effort to keep the working man down. Every day working people of Ohio need to fight it. And every day we will.

Linscott is the president of the Southeast Ohio Central Labor Council of the AFL-CIO and he played MC to an event sponsored by We Are Ohio warning labor supporters in Ohio of plans afoot to bring a so-called “right to work” law to the Buckeye State. The law won’t be introduced […]

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According to Google, the top trending questions asked about the seven Republican candidates on the debate stage Saturday night in New Hampshire was different for each.

For Ohio’s temperamental two-term governor, who’s refashioned his normally mean personality into the meme of the “Happy Warrior” and enjoyed, according to some, the best debate performance so far along with two other GOP governor co-rivals still in the race, searchers wanted to know some basics about Mr. Kasich.

Googling Kay-SICK

Plunderbund offers a handy voter guide of responses to trending questions and topics on John Kasich. Staking his political future on “doing […]

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It will be a great relief for Plunderbund readers, who have followed the long interment of Ohio’s crusty governor in the open grave he’s dug for himself over the past five years, to finally dance on it after he gets buried alive Tuesday by New Hampshire voters.

Move action hero and former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is backing John Kasich, calling him a “Terminator” because he “doesn’t feel fear or pain and can take a beating without stopping,” The Register-Herald reported. “This is you. You are the Terminator,” Schwarzenegger said by phone. If current polling in New Hampshire […]

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Of Mind And Mouth

On February 6, 2016 By

If reports about criticism Ohio Gov. John Kasich is directing at some of his challengers are accurate, he’s playing New Hampshire voters—and the reporters trailing him—for rubes who apparently don’t know enough about him to realize this is another case of the pot calling the kettle black.

As first-in-the-nation primary voting looms next Tuesday, a tracking poll released Wednesday by 7News/UMass Lowell shows Ohio’s governor has stumbled to fifth place. John Kasich’s mind and mouth are hitting on all cylinders as he tells whoppers to New Hampshire voters voters in Ohio know to be false.

Of Mind And Mouth


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