ATHENS – Democratic Ohio Treasurer candidate Rob Richardson wants to bring innovation to government and an end to politics that prioritize a privileged few over the many.

“What I think of as innovation is an approach to life, a rebellion against the status quo, not accepting things as they are but being willing to fight for a better future,” he told Athens County Democrats last week during their annual fall dinner. “If there was ever a time for that type of leadership, it is right now.”

Richardson pointed to the seven-year long attempt by Republicans to repeal the Affordable Care […]

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By two one-hundredths of one percent, Ohio’s streak of 57 consecutive months of job growth below the U.S. national average ended in September, according to 2017 data on employment and unemployment in Ohio, released by ODJFS and the US Bureau of Labor Statistics Friday morning.

Based on analysis by Ohio’s top number cruncher, George Zeller, Ohio’s year over year job growth rate not seasonally adjusted in September 2017 is 1.26 percent compared to the U.S. job growth rate in September of 1.24 percent. The good news is that Ohio has ended its old losing […]

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On Saturday night, Democrats and progressives from across Ohio will gather at The Renaissance in downtown Columbus to pay tribute to former governor and congressman Ted Strickland.

The event, “A Tribute to Ted Strickland,” is being presented by Buckeye State policy think tank Innovation Ohio Saturday, Oct. 21 at 7 p.m.

A reception prior to the dinner will be hosted by Cuyahoga County Executive Armond Budish. The dinner will include special guest Governor Jay Inslee of Washington.

“We will look back on the life and career of Governor Ted Strickland, acknowledging the man behind the public service,” an announcement from Innovation […]

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Mississippi Here We Come

On October 20, 2017 By

When Cuyahoga County Democrat Tim Hagan ran for governor in 2002 he was heard to lament Ohio’s poor standing in providing social services.

“Thank God for Mississippi!” he satirically declared to make his well considered point that the state ranked just above last place. Former highly-successful four-term governor Jim Rhodes, after all, had once shrugged off weak support of mental health services by noting that “mental patients don’t vote.”

The Buckeye State, with few exceptions like an OSU football team and the Cleveland Orchestra, would scarcely be considered a pace maker. Indeed, it is hardly even progressive but firmly in […]

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In a speech Friday, Ohio Attorney General candidate Steve Dettelbach criticized state politicians for failing to do their job overseeing the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow (ECOT)

Speaking to members of the Ohio Association of Public School Employees (OAPSE), Dettelbach noted that ECOT has been ordered to pay back nearly $80 million to the state of Ohio after it was determined that the school billed taxpayers for students it could not prove actually attended class over the last two school years.

Since ECOT began operating in 2000, ECOT’s founder and his associates have contributed over $2 million to state officials.

“And here’s […]

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The Ohio Association of Foodbanks is sounding the alarm over the budget bill and tax cuts currently being pushed by the Republican majority in U.S. Congress, saying they threaten longstanding, proven programs that serve tens of millions of vulnerable Americans.

A statement from Ohio Association of Foodbanks Executive Director Lisa Hamler-Fugitt Friday morning said that with the passage Thursday of the GOP budget bill Ohio Republican U.S. Sen. Rob Portman joined his GOP colleagues to set in motion a process for tax ‘reform’ that would give 80 percent of its tax cuts to the wealthiest 1 percent of households and increase […]

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Chris Brennan, staff writer for the Philadelphia Enquirer, covered the discussion Tuesday at the University of Delaware that featured former Vice President Joe Biden and Republican Ohio Gov. John Kasich.

Billed as “Bridging the Divides,” the event was promoted by “Kasich for America,” a PAC the governor used in his losing run for president in 2016, and hosted by the University of Delaware’s Biden Institutes’s School of Public Policy and Administration.

Biden and Kasich spoke during the afternoon about a popular topic these days: How to bridge the partisan divide that has so split America in the […]

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The week of October 15-21 has been proclaimed National Character Counts Week, and in celebration of this important annual event and its significance in the formation of young people, the President of the United States issued a Proclamation on Friday, Oct. 13 about the importance of character.

“I call upon public officials, educators, parents, students, and all Americans to observe this week with appropriate ceremonies, activities, and programs,” the president said.

The date of the issuance of Trump’s Proclamation was appropriate enough, and for those who are superstitious and believe that calamities can occur […]

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The likely Republican candidate running for the U.S. Senate from Ohio next year earns big bucks and endorsements from the wacko right and Trump-lovin neo-Nazi groups and people.

In stark contrast, Ohio’s two-term senior senator in Washington, Sherrod Brown, just won the endorsement of United Auto Workers Region 2B and its 150,000 active and retired Ohio members, who work hard for their daily bread and can tell the difference between radical rhetoric and real results.

“American workers are the engines of growth in our country, but their hard-earned wages don’t go as far as […]

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A Sicilian Tale

On October 18, 2017 By

On a sunlit morning in Sicily a vendor pushed his cart along the sidewalk, noisily singsonging indistinct words to the folks poking their heads out of the windows a few stories above the street.

Although I had studied the Italian language for several years, I couldn’t decipher a syllable from his cry. But as the ancient building’s residents lowered baskets to be filled by vegetables and fruit, I finally gave up trying to understand the communication between the wizened vendor and his customers.

“What is he saying?” I asked a disinterested fellow near me on the bench. “I couldn’t understand […]

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