John Kasich’s governor’s office currently has 34 staff members* paid from their budget: 17 women and 17 men.  According to the most recent state employee salary data published by the Ohio’s Department of Administrative Services (DAS), the average salary for women in his office is $1,946 per pay period. For men it’s $2,884.

This means the earnings ratio for the women in Kasich’s office is currently 67 percent of the men’s.

Things are about to get much worse.

As of last month, the highest paid employee in Kasich’s office was his chief of staff, Beth Hansen.  She currently makes more than the governor, and two or three times more than many of the other staffers.

But Hansen will be leaving the governor’s office soon to manage Kasich’s presidential campaign.  And when she does, that ratio will drop significantly.

Without Hansen’s salary in the mix,  the average salary for women in Kasich’s office will fall to $1659.32 – meaning the women in Kasich’s office will now be paid 58 cents on the dollar compared to the men.

This works out to a 42% gender pay gap in Kasich’s office- FAR below the average pay gap of 22% for Ohio.

According to, (non-female) Kasich Staffer Wayne Struble will take over for Hansen when she leaves for the presidential campaign, likely driving the Kasich pay gap numbers further downward.

In 2012 Kasich spoke at a rally for then-presidential candidate Mitt Romney where he mentioned that their wives were “at home doing the laundry” and “at home taking care of the kids.”

*This is analysis is based on the the state employees paid by the Governor’s office according to the most recent state employee salary list released by the Ohio Department of Administrative Services.   Our previous analysis shows that the Kasich Administration has other employees paid by other agencies, however they no longer release a full list.  The list we used is shown below.