From the daily archives: Sunday, July 19, 2015

As John Kasich plans to announce his official entrance into the 2016 Republican race for the White House on Tuesday, new and unfriendly numbers show Ohio has now under-performed the national average on job growth for 32 straight months, with previous month’s job gain statistics revised downward.

Ohio’s  Too Slow Growth

On the sixth anniversary of the start of the nation’s recovery from the 2007 recession, job stats show all too dramatically that the Buckeye State still struggles to regain jobs lost. The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services said Friday that 1,900 jobs were lost in June while […]

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David Hansen quietly resigned yesterday from his job with the Kasich administration after it was revealed that he broke state law by scrubbing data from an official state report on charter schools.  That report would have negatively impacted some large for-profit charter school operators who also happen to be big Republican donors.

This isn’t the first time Hansen has been caught altering charter school data to improve the image of these charter school operators.

Hansen was President of the Buckeye Institute in 2009 when they put out a report on Ohio’s dropout recover schools.  Similar to the current incident, Hansen’s group  altered data […]

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