From the daily archives: Wednesday, July 15, 2015

A new online advertising campaign kicked off this week for the Defending The American  Dream Summit to be held in Columbus, Ohio this August.  The event is sponsored by the Koch Brother-funded group Americans For Prosperity (AFP).

The ad campaign features many well-known governors who are running for the Republican presidential nomination in 2016 such as Marco Rubio, Rick Perry and Jeb Bush.

Ohio Governor John Kasich still appears to be off the invitation list, as we first reported back in May.

So why isn’t Ohio Governor Kasich joining top tier presidential candidates like Jeb Bush at an event that will be […]

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I see that Gov.Kasich has scheduled five more visits to New Hampshire next week , one short of qualifying him for dual citizenship in that state. That will come.  Among other things, it will permit him to establish residence there to run for governor when his second term expires in Ohio.  It also serves as his Pearly Gates for his presidential campaign until something better comes along.

Speaking of Pearly Gates, it is part of his outburst to the wife of Arizona Diamondbacks owner Ken Kendrick, a wealthy Republican,  at a conference sponsored by the Koch Brothers in California in […]

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In August 2013, the Kasich Administration announced it was hiring David Hansen for the newly created position in the Ohio Department of Education to be  the “state’s first executive director for the office of quality school choice and funding. The position comes with an annual salary of $105,000.”  The position was intended to improve the Ohio Department of Education’s oversight of charter schools and make them more accountable after a decade of nationally embarrassing headlines that Republican Administrations routinely ignored in favor of large campaign donations from executives of White Hat Management.

If Hansen’s name rings a bell, […]

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On my way to 68 years old, with a Medicare card with my name on it in my wallet and my monthly Social Security check of earned benefits showing up like clockwork on the fourth Wednesday of the month, I was well suited to be at the White House Monday to cover and report on the once-in-a-decade Conference on Aging [COA] started in 1961 under President John F. Kennedy.

For the hundreds who were in the East Room of the White House, there were many topics on the day’s agenda that were near and dear to their health, hearts […]

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