From the daily archives: Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The silence of the media lambasters is deafening. Donald Trump got rebuked Saturday when his campaign banned an Iowa newspaper from an event. When Hillary Clinton did it back in June, she, too, took flak for it. What about when Gov. John Kasich does it?

Camp Trump Bans Reporters

The Associated Press reported The Des Moines Register couldn’t get its reporters into a Trump event in the Hawkeye State last week. It appears its reporters were denied credentials to a Trump campaign event in Oskaloosa, Iowa. The newspaper published an editorial last Tuesday calling Trump a “feckless blowhard” who is “unfit […]

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Ohio Gov. John Kasich is not the Jon Huntsman of 2016. He is so much worse. Kasich is worse on nearly every issue than Huntsman has ever been. It’s actually rather insulting to Huntsman.

As soon as Kasich announced, we were treated to pieces like, “John Kasich has a Jon Huntsman problem,” from Salon, and “John Kasich and the Huntsman Trap,” from National Journal, “John Kasich: A Jeb Bush in Jon Huntsman Clothing,” from FiveThirtyEight, “John Kasich risks becoming the new Jon Hunstman,” from HotAir, and finally, “John Kasich enters race. Is he 2016’s Jon […]

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When P.G. Sittenfeld all but admitted that he lied to multiple senior Ohio Democratic Party leaders, elected officials, and activists that he would support Ted Strickland and drop out of the race if Strickland got in, some dismissed it as such “inside baseball” that it wouldn’t really hurt Sittenfeld to backtrack on his word with so many high profile Democrats (including Governor Strickland himself.)  When Sittenfeld’s publicly touted hire of a campaign manager walked off the job after only two months,  Sittenfeld’s campaign initially tried to play it off as all part of the plan (despite […]

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