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What’s the poor governor of Ohio who hates competition but loves secrets to do when other GOP candidates eat his lunch on his best talking points?

Talking Tuesday from his high school in New Jersey, two-term Gov. Chris Christie, widely known for his girth and his bullying ways, said he’ll answer questions directly, not with talking points from his political handlers. Gov. John Kasich, also a two-term governor like Christie, dislikes media so much so that he banned one reporter who isn’t afraid to ask him tough questions from covering him. It’s fairly certain the cranky governor won’t answer […]

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To anyone who half-way has followed the political antics and arch of John Kasich over his nearly 40 years of honing his political craftsmanship, the presidential opening-night show he’ll deliver on July 21st when he announces his second run for president, will sound like heavenly music to virgin ears.

For others who know his script, his formal announcement that he’s in the run for the White House will be the national installment of Kasich’s well-worn “Sermon On The Mount” addresses heard for the last three off-road State of the State speeches. The governor will braid together political rapture with right-wing […]

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I’m heartily enjoying the emerging argument that now that the United States has equal marriage rights, gub’ment should “get out of marriage altogether.”

It puts me in mind of a child who doesn’t want a favorite toy any more because his sibling got the same one.

“Oh great, now The Gays can get married. Fine, we did’t even want marriage any more anyway.”

They’d rather take their ball and go home.

Lawmakers in Mississippi, Alabama and Oklahoma have now all played variations on this tune.

Republican Presidential Candidate Rand Paul put out this argument on Sunday, in […]

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President Obama, following the historic Supreme Court decision legalizing gay marriage in Ohio and every other state, said, “sometimes there are days like this, when that slow, steady effort is rewarded with justice that arrives like a thunderbolt.”

Republicans running for President have criticized this “thunderbolt” as the work of five unelected judges imposing a policy on America.  The main legal criticism has been to suggest that the Court should simply apply the Constitution as originally written.

The key to responding to your conservative friends, and understanding the Obergefell decision, is to recognize that the President is wrong […]

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Now that the Supreme Court has spoken grandly  on two issues so damaging to Mike DeWine’s holy war in Ohio, shouldn’t the attorney general’s friends give him a gold watch and send  his agenda down to a burial mound on the Ohio River?  It would be a major step in ushering the state into the  21st Century.

As you may have heard, the Supremes ruled that Obamacare was the law of the land and also decided that same-sex marriage was OK in all 50 states. Both meteoric decisions struck a fatal blow to DeWine’s own failed reading of […]

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Senator Sherrod Brown and Jim Obergefell held a conference call with reporters this afternoon to discuss the historic, game changing U.S. Supreme Court decision extending same-sex marriage to all 50 states.  Brown and Obergefell, the Cincinnatian whose loving relationship with his late husband John Arthur led to the decision, told reporters that opponents of today’s ruling can no longer stand in the way of committed partners who want to enjoy the benefits and privileges of marriage.

Republican candidates for president and other Republicans who hold high office did not embrace the court’s decision today. Gov. Kasich and others like him running to be president, clearly embrace the […]

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Billionaire real estate mogul Donald Trump, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie are among the recent arrivals to the growing stable of White House wannabees. Meanwhile, Ohio Gov. John R. Kasich delays the long-awaited declaration that he’s running for president in 2016.

The governor of Ohio now realizes the nomination won’t be handed to him, like his second term race for governor was last year. Doing well in New Hampshire, he quipped recently, can put a candidate on a rocket ship.

If Mr. Kasich hopes to get a ride on a New Hampshire rocket ship, the results […]

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Maybe Justice Anthony Kennedy was remembering the words of All You Need Is Love when he wrote his decision to extend same-sex marriage to all 50 states. Then again, maybe he just listened to the arguments, pro and con, and decided, based on his interpretation of the constitution, that it is high time to stop states from performing as laboratories of destruction when it comes to the privileges and benefits inherent in marriage.

GOP Smoked Again

For the second day in a row, Republicans like Ohio Gov. John Kasich and another baker’s dozen who want to be in the demolition derby called the […]

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“Does the governor agree with the ruling to day by the U.S. Supreme Court that upholds Obamacare tax subsidies continuing to go to everyone, in a state or federal run exchange, whose incomes fall 100-400% of federal poverty level? Or does he agree with Speaker Boehner’s statement, that it’s a broken law that kills jobs, increases costs and should be repealed, as he promised to continue to do? Does the governor have his own national health care plan? If he does, when will he release it? If he doesn’t, why not, if he wants to be president?”

That short question […]

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Once upon a time, in the land of Milk and Money, it came to pass that a political man  of some note chose to lead his Republican  colleagues in a determined effort to humiliate the first African-American president into historic disgrace forevermore. So it was that John Boehner  (often pronouned Boner by his crude enemies) wore his title of Speaker proudly in presiding over more than 50 attempts in the House of Representatives to repeal the Affordable Care Act.  And in a clever maneuver to hang the measure as a millstone around the president’s neck, decided to call it Obamacare […]

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Cleveland State Senator Kenny Yuko introduced a workers rights bill on Thursday.   Sadly, the bill might be dead on arrival given the the track record of Gov. John Kasich and the Republican-led General Assemblies who have advanced his top-down, corporate agenda.

The bill, Senate Bill 25, raises the minimum wage and improves workers’ rights in Ohio. Even a drunk Las Vegas odds maker suffering from Alzheimers would give the chances of this bill getting a second hearing, much less find a worm hole out of committee, zero odds.

But as bad as the bill’s odds are of going any further, […]

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