From the daily archives: Tuesday, June 30, 2015

What’s the poor governor of Ohio who hates competition but loves secrets to do when other GOP candidates eat his lunch on his best talking points?

Talking Tuesday from his high school in New Jersey, two-term Gov. Chris Christie, widely known for his girth and his bullying ways, said he’ll answer questions directly, not with talking points from his political handlers.¬†Gov. John Kasich, also a two-term governor like Christie, dislikes media so much so that he banned one reporter who isn’t afraid to ask him tough questions from covering him. It’s fairly certain the cranky governor won’t answer […]

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To anyone who half-way has followed the political antics and arch of John Kasich over his nearly 40 years of honing his political craftsmanship, the presidential opening-night show he’ll deliver on July 21st when he announces his second run for president, will sound like heavenly music to virgin ears.

For others who know his script, his formal announcement that he’s in the run for the White House will be the national installment of Kasich’s well-worn “Sermon On The Mount” addresses heard for the last three off-road State of the State speeches. The governor will braid together political rapture with right-wing […]

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