From the daily archives: Saturday, June 6, 2015

Snarking on going to Iowa, the first primary state where leaders can lose and nobodies become somebodies overnight, Ohio Gov. John Kasich routinely made fun of having to spend time in the Hawkeye State.

“Whenever they say something to me, I say, ‘OK — so you’re ready to go to Iowa?’ And then that’s the end of the conversation, and we move onto the next subject,” Kasich snarked to acolytes enthralled with his dream to out fox the circus of GOP hounds who already have or soon will enter the race to face off against Democrats next year.

Now it […]

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John Kasich is running his campaign for president just like he ran his two campaigns for Governor of Ohio. Lots of sound and fury signifying nothing. But there he was again making off-the-cuff attention-getting remarks about how to beat Democrats, specifically Hillary Rodham Clinton, next year.

Clinton, who leads all Republicans in virtually all polls, is widely expected to carry the fight to Republicans including Gov. Kasich if he should miraculously be the GOP nominee in 2016. Clinton started that fight on Thursday with a direct hit on Republicans, who she named by name, for all their efforts to suppress […]

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It’s said that “all things must pass,” and after 110 years it looks like The Columbus Dispatch will be passed to new owners. The tight grip on central Ohio media the Wolfe Family has held since it acquired the paper in 1905 won’t be as tight now with the loss of its flagship property that enabled the family to deliver on its political and civic plans.

New Media New Owners

It was announced Wednesday that The Columbus Dispatch will be consumed by New Media, a New York City-based whole vast holdings now include the Columbus paper and its sister print […]

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