From the daily archives: Thursday, June 25, 2015

Once upon a time, in the land of Milk and Money, it came to pass that a political man  of some note chose to lead his Republican  colleagues in a determined effort to humiliate the first African-American president into historic disgrace forevermore. So it was that John Boehner  (often pronouned Boner by his crude enemies) wore his title of Speaker proudly in presiding over more than 50 attempts in the House of Representatives to repeal the Affordable Care Act.  And in a clever maneuver to hang the measure as a millstone around the president’s neck, decided to call it Obamacare […]

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Cleveland State Senator Kenny Yuko introduced a workers rights bill on Thursday.   Sadly, the bill might be dead on arrival given the the track record of Gov. John Kasich and the Republican-led General Assemblies who have advanced his top-down, corporate agenda.

The bill, Senate Bill 25, raises the minimum wage and improves workers’ rights in Ohio. Even a drunk Las Vegas odds maker suffering from Alzheimers would give the chances of this bill getting a second hearing, much less find a worm hole out of committee, zero odds.

But as bad as the bill’s odds are of going any further, […]

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After the Ohio House removed language from the original version of the Ohio budget bill (HB64), Senate Bill 148 was created, proposing many of the long-overdue reforms to the charter school system that the House dropped.  SB148 received strong support from a diverse group of backers, including the Cleveland Plain Dealer editorial board, StudentsFirst Ohio, The Fordham Institute, and the Ohio Education Association.  Even Darlene Chambers, president of the Ohio Alliance for Public Charter Schools, expressed support for most of the components of the bill in a May 7 Columbus Dispatch article:

“It is […]

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The Supreme Court on Thursday upheld the provision of the Affordable Care Act that allows the federal government to provide subsidies to individuals who purchase insurance on a federally-run exchange, like in Ohio.

The Chief Justice, John Roberts, wrote for a 6-to-3 majority upholding the original interpretation of the law.

The real fun – and it is fun because the good guys won – is found in Justice Scalia’s dissenting opinion.  The short version:  Justice Scalia is pissed that the Supreme Court won’t invalidate the Affordable Care Act.

The highlight: Justice Scalia calls the arguments of the […]

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Buried deep within the Ohio Budget Bill (HB64), and as agreed upon by the Conference Committee working out the details between the House and Senate versions, is the following language:

Of the foregoing appropriation item 200597, Education Program Support, $2,000,000 in each fiscal year [of the two-year budget] shall be distributed to Teach For America to increase recruitment of potential corps members at select Ohio universities, train and develop first-year and second-year teachers in the Teach for America program in Ohio, and expand alumni support and networking within the state.

Teach for America already charges school districts taxpayer-funded dollars as a […]

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A swing state Senate race poll released by Quinnipiac this week shows Former Governor Ted Strickland with a six point lead over Rob Portman.

The same poll shows that Republican Senator Portman would beat Democrat P.G. Sittenfeld (49-24) if the election was held today.

According to Quinnipiac:

[Portman] has a 49 – 28 pethat rcent job approval rating and a 43 – 21 percent favorability. Strickland gets a 47 – 29 percent favorability rating, while 85 percent of voters haven’t heard enough about Sittenfeld to form an opinion.

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Sequestration as proposed by Republicans in Washington was supposed to be so awful and painful for purposes of budgeting that common sense would intervene to reverse it. If sequestration was to be as repulsive and hurtful as eating ground glass, it appears Republicans have acquired a taste for ground glass in their daily diet.

In a conference call with reporters Wednesday morning, Aviva Aron-Dine, Acting Deputy Director of the Office of Management and Budget Eric Schultz, White House Principal Deputy Press Secretary, discussed the House Republican budget bill they said would shortchange students, workers, health care and the economy.


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