From the daily archives: Friday, June 12, 2015

John Kasich is trying to sell himself as the compassionate Christian politician who rises above crass politics to “lift [people] up no matter their circumstance,” as he promised Ohio voters last year.   But that turns into bait and switch when people learn that Kasich is cranky, mean and dismissive.

And if your ego is so big that your path to victory relies on knocking others out of the race by engaging political operatives who willingly use Nixon-era dirty tricks to protect you, you won’t escape clear eyed criticism by saying you’re doing the Lord’s work.

Gov. Kasich’s multiple personalities may not be the […]

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The story lines in this season’s political discourse have been stranger than normal for a bunch of would-be achievers at the local and national forums.  For starters, the seismic effect on the Akron mayor’s race by Don Plusquellic’s  volatile departure after 28 years has dug deeply into the viscera of not only his opponents but also his supporters. Seismic?  Three Democratic  mayors  in a blink? Hardly time to change all of the official stationary at City Hall to bear the name of Jeff Fusco, Democratic county chairman until a moment ago who stepped aside for county Councilwoman Sandra Kurt.   […]

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