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The “Gorilla” of Wall Street and The Governor of Ohio were very buddy, buddy once upon a time. In the years preceding the housing bubble going pop, this Wall Street “Gorilla” made a fortune running Lehman Brothers before his name, as   Bloomberg News said recently about Dick Fuld as he reemerges from national ignominy over the meltdown on Wall Street, “became synonymous with the hubris that preceded the financial crisis and the chaotic years that followed.”

Known for his brusque style, Mr. Fuld found a kindred spirit and bosom buddy in John R. Kasich, whose similarly brusque style […]

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It took NBC Guru Chuck Todd and Ohio Gov. Kasich no more than a few minutes on Meet the Press Sunday to leave all of us with more questions than answers. It also heightened the shortcomings of national pundits who invite Kasich to their tables without much homework about who the guy really is.

Kasich told us that he liked Jeb Bush, loved his country,would pray for Vice President Biden in the loss of his son, hired John Sununu for Team Kasich because there was none better than the Cuba-born ex-Republican senator from New Hampshire, and…and (take a breath)… that […]

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Columbus doesn’t care, that’s the widespread impression among Ohio counties dealing with the repercussions of the horizontal hydraulic fracturing industry.

Concerns have been growing among activists and elected officials about massive amounts of oil-and-gas fracking waste being injected into Ohio ground with significant environmental risk, little economic benefit, and no local control.

Last week, representatives from a variety of counties across Ohio impacted by oil-and-gas waste injection wells met to discuss what can be done, with some suggesting a moratorium and changes to state law.

The summit took place at a Trumbull County Commissioners meeting in Warren, Ohio.

Recent Ohio […]

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Ohio Gov. John Kasich is so full of BS that he might violate manure runoff rules designed to keep algae from blooming in the western basin of Lake Erie, a situation that polluted Toledo’s public drinking water system last year. The intrepid reporters and commentators here at Plunderbund take a critical look at what the governor says and does because other media generally don’t care to. The soil of critical analysis for Ohio’s Music Man governor is rich in half-truths, unfinished sentences designed to mislead, and outright deceptions.

Kasich PR handlers are expert at the practice of “stick journalism,” […]

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This is the true story of how John Kasich and JobsOhio got one of its own inaugural board members fired and left Ohio taxpayers with giving the company an $8 million subsidy to boast the stock price to benefit a Swedish billionaire.

In 2011, first term Governor John Kasich was desperate to change the subject.  In the first year of his term, Kasich already had approval ratings in the mid-30s after picking a fight he couldn’t win against working families with SB 5, a bill that would have essentially eliminated the right of police officers, firefighters, teachers, and government workers […]

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Like a chameleon changing color to blend into a new surrounding, Ohio Gov. John Kasich is venturing outbound to safe Republican venues to boost his near-zero national polling numbers enough that he won’t be embarrassed by not qualifying to be among the top ten GOP candidates who will stand on stage in Cleveland in August for the party’s first presidential debate.

Q-Poll Pegs Kasich At 2 Percent

A Quinnipiac University National poll released Thursday shows gridlock at the top of Republican totem pole to be president. There are five leaders – or no leaders – as Republican voters […]

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Ohio Gov. John Kasich is now barely taking tenth place in the 2016 Grand Ol’ Party’s Presidential Primary Extravaganza, and the Columbus Dispatch is breathless.

Six stories on the Dispatch politics page today relate to J.R. Kasich’s presidential ambitions. The rest of us hotly await Yahweh to waive the green flag on Kasich’16.

Critics are calling the prospect of Kasich 4 Prez “sheer fun” and “pure entertainment.” I myself have been an outspoken advocate for Kasich wasting massive amounts of time and money on a doomed mission to slake his presidential thirst.

And he’s well on his way, doubling […]

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There are laws against it now. The pain from bullying so many of us experienced growing up was something you survived, or you didn’t, depending. Jessica Logan didn’t. The bright young Ohioan who committed suicide after torment at school over texts is memorialized in a law against cyberbullying—House Bill 116, the Jessica Logan Act. For most of us, we survive, we grow up, we move on. Once in a while, some of us speak, like Representative Teresa Fedor who had the nerve and the grace to speak out about her rape and subsequent abortion. It’s like a balm for the wounds […]

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Have you noticed that the old John Kasich is now the new John Kasich? Right.

The snap and bite in his words have disappeared. So have the swagger and metallic self-confidence. No more “bustin’ chops” with his friend Chris Christie before the awful bridgework. No more ill-humor that led to a blistering attack on a cop in a traffic stop. Not more warnings to lobbyists that if they’re not on his bus they will be run over. No more assaults on unions (he says he’s only against those unions that “don’t make things.”) He doesn’t ‘even feature his loony balance-budget […]

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In the last forty years, you cannot name a candidate with as thin of a resume to run for U.S. Senate in Ohio as P.G. Sittenfeld.  Even Josh Mandel had served several terms in the Ohio House of Representatives and was elected (the year before) State Treasurer before running.  Even George Voinovich had served as Mayor of Cleveland for 8 years before his ill-fated bid in 1988.

Sittenfeld recently gave a speech at the Ohio Statehouse, an august Greek Revival building designed to give gravitas to someone… who has never served a second in the Statehouse, to declare, yet again, that […]

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Americans for Prosperity (AFP) recently announced its list of invited speakers for this year’s Defending the American Dream Summit.  The event will be held right here in Columbus, Ohio.

Interestingly, no one from Ohio made the list.

The Koch brother-founded organization (AFP)  always gets the cream of the conservative crop to speak at its events.  Last year they had Dr. Ben Carson, Senator Ted Cruz, Carly Fiorina and Texas Governor Rick Perry.

This year’s list is even more impressive.

According to its website, AFP has secured a bunch of well-known Republicans as speakers for the 2015 conference, many of whom are seeking the […]

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