From the daily archives: Sunday, May 31, 2015

The “Gorilla” of Wall Street and The Governor of Ohio were very buddy, buddy once upon a time. In the years preceding the housing bubble going pop, this Wall Street “Gorilla” made a fortune running Lehman Brothers before his name, as   Bloomberg News said recently about Dick Fuld as he reemerges from national ignominy over the meltdown on Wall Street, “became synonymous with the hubris that preceded the financial crisis and the chaotic years that followed.”

Known for his brusque style, Mr. Fuld found a kindred spirit and bosom buddy in John R. Kasich, whose similarly brusque style […]

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It took NBC Guru Chuck Todd and Ohio Gov. Kasich no more than a few minutes on Meet the Press Sunday to leave all of us with more questions than answers. It also heightened the shortcomings of national pundits who invite Kasich to their tables without much homework about who the guy really is.

Kasich told us that he liked Jeb Bush, loved his country,would pray for Vice President Biden in the loss of his son, hired John Sununu for Team Kasich because there was none better than the Cuba-born ex-Republican senator from New Hampshire, and…and (take a breath)… that […]

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Columbus doesn’t care, that’s the widespread impression among Ohio counties dealing with the repercussions of the horizontal hydraulic fracturing industry.

Concerns have been growing among activists and elected officials about massive amounts of oil-and-gas fracking waste being injected into Ohio ground with significant environmental risk, little economic benefit, and no local control.

Last week, representatives from a variety of counties across Ohio impacted by oil-and-gas waste injection wells met to discuss what can be done, with some suggesting a moratorium and changes to state law.

The summit took place at a Trumbull County Commissioners meeting in Warren, Ohio.

Recent Ohio […]

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