From the daily archives: Friday, May 8, 2015

We should all be grateful to our global correspondent, Sen.Rob Portman, for returning from Israel this week with exclusive unbreaking news. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Portman informed us, is not pleased about a possible Iran nuclear deal.

Oh? Who knew?

The tag-along Republican senator, embellishing his foreign policy experience for his re-election campaign, shared his discovery of Bibi’s dark mood with Fox News, which was breathless to hear about it.

According to the Plain Dealer, Portman described his Israeli host as “worried”, adding: ”He’s concered about what’s happening in the neighborhood. It’s a pretty dangerous and volatile place.”

Praising Israel […]

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John Kasich continued to pretend he’s not campaigning for president this week while traveling to New Hampshire to campaign for president. And he apparently impressed upon everyone just how golly-gee nice he is by declining to attack Hillary Clinton.

A column in the Boston Globe titled, “Ohio Governor John Kasich’s positive politics,” came on the heels of two national magazine profiles that referred to Kasich as arrogant, prickly, rude and and off-putting jerk.

In the Globe piece, columnist Scott Lehigh was struck by Kasich’s failure to Obama thrash and Clinton bash.

“Indeed, he declined even when an audience […]

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