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State Rep. Stephanie Kunze is a “strong conservative leader” with “the heart of a mother”, according to her slick advertising campaign.

She was named an “emerging leader” by GOPAC—the Newt Gingrich/ Pete DuPont training program that teaches Republican candidates how to use certain types of repeated phrases and memes to establish their brand.

Stephanie Kunze has been rewriting her own history ever since. She’s come a long way from her run for Hilliard City council in 2009, when her eligibility to appear on the ballot was questioned because she was working […]

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There are laws against it now. The pain from bullying so many of us experienced growing up was something you survived, or you didn’t, depending. Jessica Logan didn’t. The bright young Ohioan who committed suicide after torment at school over texts is memorialized in a law against cyberbullying—House Bill 116, the Jessica Logan Act. For most of us, we survive, we grow up, we move on. Once in a while, some of us speak, like Representative Teresa Fedor who had the nerve and the grace to speak out about her rape and subsequent abortion. It’s like a balm for the wounds […]

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