From the daily archives: Friday, May 22, 2015

Employment data on Ohio job creation released Friday by the Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services was disappointing, as the state unemployment rate ticked up and job creation weak with only 6,400 of them created over the last month. The number of workers unemployed in Ohio in April was 297,000, up 3,000 from 294,000 in March, ODJFS reported.

Job watchers judged the numbers disappointing, finding comfort that of the 6,400 total, 80 percent or 5,200 jobs were in the manufacturing sector, which generally pay more than retail jobs. “That is just about the end of the good news,” […]

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An Ohio watchdog agency charged with enforcing state campaign finance laws not only didn’t bark Thursday morning, it went to sleep on the job. In a 5-2 decision, the Ohio Elections Commission dismissed a complaint filed in mid-April by the Ohio Libertarian Party [LPO] alleging collusion and coordination between a long-time friend and political operative of Gov. John Kasich, top officials in the governor’s campaign for reelection last year, and a powerful attorney whose law firm was paid $300,000 by the Ohio Republican Party [ORP] to represent a man whose embarrassing testimony in federal court showed he was […]

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