From the daily archives: Friday, May 29, 2015

Ohio Gov. John Kasich is so full of BS that he might violate manure runoff rules designed to keep algae from blooming in the western basin of Lake Erie, a situation that polluted Toledo’s public drinking water system last year. The intrepid reporters and commentators here at Plunderbund take a critical look at what the governor says and does because other media generally don’t care to. The soil of critical analysis for Ohio’s Music Man governor is rich in half-truths, unfinished sentences designed to mislead, and outright deceptions.

Kasich PR handlers are expert at the practice of “stick journalism,” […]

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This is the true story of how John Kasich and JobsOhio got one of its own inaugural board members fired and left Ohio taxpayers with giving the company an $8 million subsidy to boast the stock price to benefit a Swedish billionaire.

In 2011, first term Governor John Kasich was desperate to change the subject. ┬áIn the first year of his term, Kasich already had approval ratings in the mid-30s after picking a fight he couldn’t win against working families with SB 5, a bill that would have essentially eliminated the right of police officers, firefighters, teachers, and government workers […]

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Like a chameleon changing color to blend into a new surrounding, Ohio Gov. John Kasich is venturing outbound to safe Republican venues to boost his near-zero national polling numbers enough that he won’t be embarrassed by not qualifying to be among the top ten GOP candidates who will stand on stage in Cleveland in August for the party’s first presidential debate.

Q-Poll Pegs Kasich At 2 Percent

A Quinnipiac University National poll released Thursday shows gridlock at the top of Republican totem pole to be president. There are five leaders – or no leaders – as Republican voters […]

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