Americans for Prosperity (AFP) recently announced its list of invited speakers for this year’s Defending the American Dream Summit.  The event will be held right here in Columbus, Ohio.

Interestingly, no one from Ohio made the list.

The Koch brother-founded organization (AFP)  always gets the cream of the conservative crop to speak at its events.  Last year they had Dr. Ben Carson, Senator Ted Cruz, Carly Fiorina and Texas Governor Rick Perry.

This year’s list is even more impressive.

According to its website, AFP has secured a bunch of well-known Republicans as speakers for the 2015 conference, many of whom are seeking the party’s nomination for U.S. President in 2016.

Indiana Governor Mike Pence, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, Florida Governor Jeb Bush, Florida Senator Marco Rubio, Georgia Senator David Perdue, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton and Iowa Senator Joni Ernst have all been invited to speak.

Ohio Governor John Kasich, who lives and works in the Columbus area, is not listed as one of the invited speakers.

Kasich continues to wait for The Lord to jump in and personally kick off his campaign for U.S. president.

Meanwhile, a couple of other old dudes ( Charles G. Koch and David H. Koch) seem to be pushing Kasich toward the back of the 2016 pack.


  • anastasjoy

    Tom Cotton? Joni friggin’ Ernst? It sounds like the Festival of Crazy.

  • dmoore2222

    Is it just me or is the appetite of the American voter for the lunatic fringe growing?

  • dman

    The probable reason Kasich and Bush haven’t declared they are running for president is because once they declare for president they can’t coordinate strategy with their PACs. But right now they can.

  • His invitation to the event might have gotten lost with his absentee ballot in the last presidential election:

  • Loretta

    Poor Kasich. He killed green energy growth in Ohio just for them and this is the thanks he gets?

  • Gene

    This traitorous Governor John Kasich is a Fox, Sean Hannity, Bill OReilly, Rush Limbaugh and the rest of his Fox friends conservatise.. They hate the public. To these, we’re lazy, stupid, to dumb to understand or know the Constitution and our rights, welfare slugs to lazy to work, laying around getting pregnant so as to have children and get and stay on welfare,, Communist, Socialists, Liberals, queers, homosexuals, wetbacks, sucking up the tax money the Conservatives hate paying taxes so as to pay for the users or public’s life style and every other filthy, vile word and term Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin can dream up to call everyone of the common man and public they hate, such also as the union, union leadership and public employees which is why John Kasich went after the public employees bargaining rights.
    So John Kasich has a hard time to be a hard -line conservative that promoted the Fox News Media conservative program to become Governor and now soften his tactic.
    but of course, , after the conservatives lost the last two Presidential, elections that they promised the Republicans and instead the Democrats won, the Fox conservatives suddenly love the public and the poor because they know like we forgot that John Kasich tried to eliminate Public bargaining rights and was foiled, the dumb , forgetful Ohioans forgot and voted for him a second time so he could keep money from the public schools, public workers, communities, towns and villages. and give it to the religious and charter schoos while cutting funds to the public schools.
    vote for this jerk again to become President so he can fulfill his dream to be President , so he doesn’t become a frustrated old man and failure.l

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