Ohio Gov. John Kasich is so full of BS that he might violate manure runoff rules designed to keep algae from blooming in the western basin of Lake Erie, a situation that polluted Toledo’s public drinking water system last year. The intrepid reporters and commentators here at Plunderbund take a critical look at what the governor says and does because other media generally don’t care to. The soil of critical analysis for Ohio’s Music Man governor is rich in half-truths, unfinished sentences designed to mislead, and outright deceptions.

Kasich PR handlers are expert at the practice of “stick journalism,” tossing out comments or media releases they know news outlets will dutifully chase and repeat in their reporting. These sticks are the equivalent of using red herring scent to throw tracking dogs off their real target. Needless to say, the Plundercrew doesn’t chase sticks and knows the difference between real and false scents. It’s our sense, therefore, that the Kasich Administration is one big red herring.

Scrub Ladies And Lady Housekeepers

Looking critically at what the governor says versus what he does is one of Plunderbund’s many strengths. So when Gov. Kasich recently trolled a response to his new-found position for shuttering the Export-Import Bank by appearing to speak for hotel housekeepers, he busted the hypocrisy meter yet again.

Out on the hustings to boost his near-zero national poll ratings—he’s scheduled to appear this coming Sunday on NBC’s Meet The Press—Mr. Governor of Ohio said he wants to get rid of the Ex-Im Bank. Mr. Governor probably knows but doesn’t care that even a “commonsense” conservative like Ohio U.S. Senator Rob Portman is for renewing it, and so are many other Republican Senators.

Dispatch reporter Jessica Wehrman, who I met when we both covered the Buckeye football team’s visit to the white House in April, quoted the glib governor saying of why he’s for shuttering it, “If a bank doesn’t want to make a loan to a big company, I’m not so sure that the lady who cleaned my room today should.” For good reason, the governor doesn’t want his past peered into, although he’s fine with doing that to anyone else. In classic Kasich style, his response to his two votes to support the agency before was limited to “maybe I did.”

Mr. Governor’s past shows he likes to pretend to be watching out for the poor and downtrodden when he’s identified with the wealthy and elite throughout his long and lucrative career as a performance politician. In his inaugural address back in early January in 2011, he invoked the image of another low wage worker, saying not to dismiss her because she might be an angel. Having narrowly won that election, he reminded his audience at the Ohio Theater that no one person is superior to any other:

“You know, sometimes I see the scrub lady, and I realize that in the next life, she’s likely to have a bigger crown than I could ever dream of. Don’t go past them quickly; you could be passing an angel. Quiet reflection is necessary every day so as not to get lost.”

John Kasich, the Preacher of Ohio, knows this religious hokum works, and he rarely fails to invoke God as his reason for doing what he does.

Using Scub Lady Bucks To Fund Crony Capitalism

A question for Gov. Kasich to answer is why, if the Ex-Im Bank isn’t supposed to lend to big companies because the lady who cleaned his hotel room might not like it, why is alright that he use her tax dollars to fund special interest tax loopholes, reduce income tax rates so rich people can get richer while she gets poorer, or for any number of grants and loans the Kasich Administration gives away? Why should she agree to legal bribery, the so-called incentives JobsOhio doles out to corporations who really don’t need help? Would the lady who cleaned after him, who’s probably working for minimum wage and would have to work longer if Kasich has his way with retirement reform, agree to give $81 million in incentives to Amazon to coax it to build a data center project in central Ohio?

Dispatch reporter Mark Williams reported that Ohio awarded tax incentives last August to an Amazon subsidiary that would create 120 jobs with an average annual salary of $80,000 a year. Mr. Governor of Ohio claims he talks with CEOs everyday, but no one for a minute thinks he consults with scrub ladies or housekeepers, who would pay more under his income tax reduction plan and have to take some of his bitter medicine to qualify for other government benefits because they can’t pay their way on their pay check?

In the meantime, Mr. Governor of Ohio is helping the scrub lady out by not supporting a raise in the minimum wage while making her life, and maybe the life of her daughter even more difficult by forcing elimination of Planned Parenthood, by scaling back healthcare coverage to pregnant scrub ladies and housekeepers who now have access to Medicaid coverage. A theocratic autocrat underneath it all, Gov. Kasich wants to scale back Medicaid coverage for low-income pregnant women. If permitted, it would exacerbate an already poor rate of infants dying before their first birthday.

For all those angels washing and cleaning his floors and rooms, Ohio’s so-called compassionate chief executive would reduce eligibility from 200 percent of the federal poverty rate to 138 percent. Scub ladies and lady housekeepers could get coverage on the healthcare exchange with the help of subsidies, that is, if the Republican Supreme Court doesn’t blow up those subsidies by ruling against the Affordable Care Act, a national health care law Mr. Governor of Ohio says is flawed and needs “reform that makes sense.”

It’s no secret that Ohio’s governor doesn’t really work for working women like the scrub ladies and women housekeepers that cross his path to fame and fortune. Troll on, Mr. Governor of Ohio. Someday, myopic media won’t chase your sticks anymore. And please, stay away from Lake Erie.