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Two of the three “consumer” members Gov. Kasich appointed to the Ohio State Medical Board are involved with a business so predatory that it’s banned in many states.

Consumer member Donald Kenney Sr. owns the anti-consumer company; consumer member Mike Gonidakis lobbies on its behalf.

The company is American Power & Light which Kenney founded in 2003. Kenney also owns lots of apartment complexes and he buys electricity and water from the utilities, then jacks up the prices and saddles his renters with above-market rates and high late fees.

A 2013 investigation by the Columbus Dispatch told us this:


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Earlier this week the Federal Election Commission (FEC) sent a letter to the Trump Campaign requesting additional information about dozens of questionable campaign contributions that “could result in an audit or enforcement action.”

Four of the contributions came from individuals with foreign addresses, one came from a questionable limited liability corporation and over one hundred and fifty more contributions either exceed campaign contribution limits or broke in-kind contribution rules.

Trump has been facing criticism for the past few months over his campaign’s potentially illegal fundraising from foreign nationals.

The full letter and a list of the questionable contributions is […]

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According to their website, Represent Columbus’s proposed charter amendment will empower “everyday citizens” to “take back” their “government from big business and monied special interests.”  Their plan to achieve this goal: convert Columbus’s  council system with seven at-large seats to a ward system with ten districts and three at-large seats.

What the website doesn’t tell is that two of the key players in the push for a ward system are a failed former Republican candidate for Columbus mayor, and a current Republican candidate for state rep, both of whom have very tenuous ties to Columbus.

Republican Lawyer Bill Todd moved to Columbus […]

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The Plunderbund Podcast is back.  This week Lycurgus Group VP and General Counsel, and former prosecutor, Josh Engel takes over hosting duties.

We are joined this week by Professor Paul Moke.  In addition to teaching political science at Wilmington College, Professor Moke has been involved in a number of election law challenges to Republican efforts to restrict voting in Ohio.

We discuss the recent Supreme Court decisions on abortion and affirmative action, and try to predict where the Court is going next.  We then discuss the three (yes, three!) major ongoing lawsuits challenging aspects of Ohio’s election laws.

Let us know […]

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Plunderbund recently broke the news that ECOT, Ohio’s largest online charter school, “appears to have overcharged the state of Ohio for nearly 35 million dollars in the 2014-15 school year, one third of the school’s total funding for the year” by overstating its enrollment numbers.

A few days later we found out that House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger spoke at ECOT’s graduation ceremony this year, following a long list of prominent Republicans to fill that roll.

For example, John Kasich spoke at the 2011 ECOT graduation.  Republican Supreme Court Justice Terrence O’Donnell spoke in 2013.  In 2014, House Speaker Bill Batchelder spoke at the ECOT […]

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Shortly after being elected to the Ohio Board of Education in 2012, Sarah Fowler told the Education Action Group Foundation about her plans to combat the liberal conspiracy that had taken hold in Ohio’s schools:   “Gay rights, Marxist ideals, and other elements of the left’s political agenda have slowly crept into school lesson plans with the help of teachers unions and their allies… and it’s important to counter that influence to provide students with a proper education.” So when the Obama Administration sent a letter of guidance to schools last month directing them to allow students to use bathrooms that […]

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A visit to Senator Rob Portman’s website reveals the typical inoffensive slogans: spending is out of control, the deficit is unsustainable and taxation is sapping growth. But a new report released yesterday by Innovation Ohio reveals that during his tenure at the helm of the Office of Budget and Management, Portman exhibited an alarming pattern of fiscal irresponsibility and partisan gamesmanship.

While at the OMB, Portman was responsible for constructing the Bush administration’s 2008 Federal Budget. At the end of FY 2007, the year before Portman assumed control of the budget, the federal deficit was $160.7 billion. One year […]

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Back in 2012 we reported that Republican AG Mike DeWine and SOS Jon Husted were racking up tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees defending state laws specifically aimed at keeping certain voters from accessing the polls.   Not surprisingly, the targeted voters, like students and African Americans, tend to vote for Democrats.

That number now exceeds 1.5 million dollars according to a recent press release from State Representative Kathleen Clyde.

“It’s disappointing that we have a secretary of state who insults federal judges and wastes millions of taxpayer dollars in failed attempts to restrict voting,” said Clyde. “State records show the secretary has spent […]

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Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted announced yesterday that he would appeal the court’s decision in Ohio Democratic Party v. Husted related to the elimination of “Golden Week”, the time where voters can both register and vote on the same day.   In his press release related to the appeal, Husted falsely claims that groups like the NAACP and the ACLU have supported the elimination of Golden Week.  Husted writes:

“The elimination of Golden Week has enjoyed a broad coalition of bipartisan support, which includes the Ohio Association of Election Officials, the NAACP, the ACLU, the Republican controlled legislature and in 2009 the Democratic controlled House […]

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After months of waiting for the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) to release public records related to last summer’s charter school scandal, Plunderbund Media LLC has filed a lawsuit to force Governor John Kasich’s representatives at the ODE to turn over emails from David Hansen, Kasich’s hand-picked and now-disgraced Charter School Czar.

Hansen, husband of trusted Kasich adviser Beth Hansen, resigned from his state job back in July 2015 after it was discovered he illegally withheld damaging rating data from charter sponsor evaluations. Seven weeks later, the Ohio Department of Education (ODE) finally released some public records related to that charter school data scandal. […]

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The Plunderbund Podcast is joined this week by Catherine Turcer, Policy Analyst for Common Cause Ohio.

We discuss open records law in Ohio, including a new reform proposal and recent Ohio Supreme Court decisions that make some law enforcement records easier to access.

Plus, we make some big news.

Let us know your thoughts and ideas on Twitter.


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Plunderbund: @plunderbund
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