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Ohio Representative Pat Tiberi has always opposed the Obamacare Medicaid expansion.  Even when Ohio Governor John Kasich took advantage of the opportunity to provide over 700,000 Ohioans medical coverage through the program, Tiberi stood firm in his opposition.

So why is Tiberi suddenly claiming he supported Kasich’s expansion in Ohio?

Last week Pat Tiberi staffer Rob Nichols told a crowd gathered outside a Worthington fundraiser that “the congressman supported the governor’s position to expand [Medicaid] in Ohio.”  (Click the link, we have the video)

And in today’s Dispatch, Tiberi doubled down on this claim personally claiming he “supported the governor’s […]

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Ohio Supreme Court Justice Sharon Kennedy spoke at an anti-abortion group’s event Friday morning, according to the Cincinnati Enquirer,  “even though the court is hearing a case that could close Toledo’s last abortion clinic.”

“Kennedy gave the keynote speech at Greater Toledo Right to Life’s annual legislative briefing breakfast.”

NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio quickly issued a response insisting Kennedy recuse herself from future abortion cases.

NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio calls on Justice Sharon Kennedy’s recusal

Participation in anti-abortion event inappropriate before upcoming cases

Columbus, Ohio — NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio is calling on Ohio Supreme Court Justice Sharon Kennedy to recuse herself from relevant […]

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Representative Pat Tiberi has claimed he is “the most accessible Congressman” Ohio’s 12th district has ever had.  Meanwhile he has been working very hard to avoid town halls and other public events where he might be confronted about his position on the repeal of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) – aka Obamacare.

Monday’s interaction between Tiberi and a small group of Ohio voters did very little to support his declarations of accessibility.

Around 6PM on March 14th, Rep. Tiberi was greeted by constituents when he arrived at a fundraiser in Worthington, Ohio.  After a few seconds of questioning about when […]

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JobsOhio released its annual report yesterday.  And the news was not good.

As the Dispatch reported, JobsOhio created “its fewest number of jobs since 2013” with a drop of “2,999 positions or 13 percent from the record set in 2015.” And “corporate investment in facilities and equipment declined $2.1 billion or 31 percent.”

JobsOhio took in a “record revenue of $1.075 billion last year” from liquor sales in Ohio.  But the jobs they actually claim to have created only “carried an annual payroll of $994 million — about $48,250 each — a drop of $106 million or 10 percent […]

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Politico reports today that Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton is planning to headline a fundraiser in D.C. this coming Monday for Ohio Treasurer Josh Mandel.  Cotton will be joined by Florida Senator Marco Rubio and a long list of Washington insiders and lobbyists.

Mandel lost his first bid for US Senate four years ago when he failed to unseat Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown.  In December Mandel officially kicked off his second campaign for the same seat by co-opting the same strategy that Trump used to win Ohio by 8 points last year.   In his campaign kickoff video Mandel vowed to […]

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Spicer Cancels On LaRose

On February 27, 2017 By

Over the past two days we have been writing about Republican State Senator Frank LaRose’s fundraiser featuring Sean Spicer, Donald Trump’s press secretary and the guy responsible for defending Trump’s claim that millions of people illegally voted in the 2016 election.

Funny story: Spicer cancelled on LaRose today.

According to Politio:

Spicer said he pulled out of the event on Sunday, but neither he nor other administration officials would say why he had agreed to participate in the first place.

 After the Politico story broke, LaRose spent the evening trying to “correct” reporters on Twitter with his own narrative… […]

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All of Ohio’s existing statewide elected officials are currently serving their second term, meaning new candidates from both parties will be vying for Governor, Treasurer, Auditor, AG and Secretary of State in 2018.   Potential Republican candidates for these offices will have a choice to make: latch on to the Trump agenda and hope to ride wave that carried the current president to an 8 point win in Ohio last year,  or shy away from the current administration and its alternative facts and damaging policies while making a bet that Trump’s approval stays in the 40s or below.

Republican State Senator Frank LaRose, […]

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Last week we learned that State Rep. John Becker, of Union Township in Clermont County was introducing a so-called “right to work” bill intended at damaging Ohio’s public sector unions.

Now it looks like Republican State Rep. Tom Brinkman is planning to do the same for private sector unions.

In 2011, Ohioans overwhelmingly voted to overturn similarly overreaching anti-union measures in Senate Bill 5.

Brinkman’s cosponsor letter is shown below.



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Ohio’s members of congress are back in their districts this week, and a variety of local groups are trying to hold them accountable.

ProgressOhio has a list of the town hall meetings being held this week.  Here’s the email they sound out this afternoon:


Members of Ohio’s Congressional delegation are back home for their first week-long recess of the Trump administration.

It’s five weeks into Trump’s Presidency and constituents across Ohio have a lot they would like to talk to their members of Congress about: the Affordable Care Act, Cabinet appointments, the SCOTUS nominee – among others. Unfortunately, not […]

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State Rep. John Becker has taken a short break from trying to legislate what Ohioans can and can’t do with their genitals in order to sponsor a bill aimed at killing public sector union membership in our state.

The bill is cosponsored by state reps Hood, Brinkman, Dean, Thompson, Vitale, Goodman, Riedel, Roegner, Merrin, Antani, Zeltwanger, Keller.

Here is the full text of the proposed bill:

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We called the White House multiple times this morning trying to leave a message for President Trump.   We were informed that the comments line is shut down until further notice and the only way to contact the president is through a web-based form at or via snail mail.

One operator told us we could leave a message via email.  When asked about that option, she transferred us to a recording that listed the mailing addresses for President Obama and Vice President Biden.  The recording also included a warning that it would take several weeks for anyone to look at our letter. […]

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