As the 2018 cycle unfolds, pay attention to the progressive group Not One Penny.  According to Axios, the group has some deep pockets, and it will be spending a part of its cash on the race in Ohio’s 1st congressional district between Aftab Pureval and Steve Chabot.

With Vice President Mike Pence in Columbus today, Not One Penny’s spokesman Tim Hogan took the opportunity to remind Ohioans about the impact of the Trump administration’s policies.

“Thanks to Donald Trump and congressional Republicans, 433,100 Ohioans will lose their health insurance due to their continuous efforts to undermine the Affordable Care Act,” wrote Hogan.  “Passing a tax bill that prioritizes the wealthiest individuals and corporations at the expense of working families hasn’t helped Ohio families and Mike Pence should face that reality.”

Not One Penny also released the following “key facts on the impacts of the TrumpTax in Ohio”:

  • There have been 8,582 layoffs announced in Ohio since the GOP tax law passed.

  • Next year, the average tax cut for bottom 60 percent of Ohioans next year will be $420.

  • Next year, the average tax cut for top 1 percent of Ohioans will be $47,510.

  • 1,020,130 Ohioans will see no tax cut next year.

  • 433,100 Ohioans will lose health insurance due to Republican sabotage of the Affordable Care Act.