Donald Trump will be in Ohio tomorrow trying to energize Republican voters ahead of Tuesday’s special election.

But his venue accouncement today (Olentangy Orange High School) likely did more to energize Ohio Democrats, who are always eager to remind voters about the Republican ECOT scandal.

He will be joined by Troy Balderson (or Steve Stivers?) and our old pal Andy Brenner.

Brenner, a huge supporter of the failed online charter school ECOT, probably should have warned the Trump teamĀ  that their choice would stir up more than just a little dust.

“While President Trump rallies supporters at Olentangy Orange High School, students, teachers, and parents will remember that it was Education Committee Chairman Andrew Brenner and his fellow Republican lawmakers who allowed ECOT to steal over $600,000 from Olentangy Local Schools,” said Louise Valentine, who is challenging Brenner in Ohio’s 19th Senate District.

According to Valentine, “Brenner has received $28,189 in campaign contributions from the CEO of ECOT, Bill Lager.”

The rally kicks off at 6:30 pm on Saturday, August 4th, at Olentangy Orange High School.