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UA: Take That, John S. Knight

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OK, class.  Whose dumb idea  was it for the University of Akron, a public enterprise, to withhold information from the media (read: public info)  about  the rebranding studies by four consultants  paid from  an unrestricted   foundation grant bearing the name of the late John S. Knight?

For the enlightenment of the campus newcomers on the block, no one was more  aggressive about press freedom than Knight, but  the $111,000 from the grant did just the opposite.  How ironic.  How dumb. (And we didn’t even mention those four presidents of northern Ohio public universities who strongly criticized  new UA president […]

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Should Scrutiny of Legislative Foreign Travel be Part of Needed Charter School Reform?
by Denis Smith

On May 14, the Columbus Dispatch carried a Washington Post story about a 2013 congressional junket to Azerbaijan that has come to light recently. According to the Post, 10 members of Congress and 32 staffers, part of a group of more than 300 well-connected Americans, received an all-expenses paid trip to this oil-rich former Soviet Republic and returned with exotic gifts.

In order to provide cover for the congressional junketeers, lest they fall afoul of (heaven forbid) law and regulation, some voodoo accounting […]

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People in Georgia and South Carolina, Ohio Gov. Kasich hopes, will take notice of him when he visits them next week. Continuing his travels out of state to boost his poor polling numbers higher than the two percent they are now, Ohio’s go-go governor is just another face in the crowd of Republicans fighting to be the GOP nominee for President of the United States next year. An outlier in the platoon of White House wannabees, Gov. Kasich will talk about his faith in god but probably won’t mention his repeated attacks on workers or his failure to launch on […]

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A media event was held at the Statehouse last week by U.S. Term Limits, an organization that takes credit for leading the charge in 1992 to enact the current eight-year term limits on elected officials in Ohio.  Reporters were told that a ballot issue committee is being formed to oppose easing these limits. In early May the group initiated a series of informative mailers to constituents of potential term limits foes in the General Assembly.

Holding their event in the George Washington Williams Room at the Ohio Statehouse in Columbus, speakers included Philip Blumel, President, U.S. Term Limits, Maurice Thompson, […]

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